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Mini Roulette is a game published by NetEnt. It is a European version which means it only has one zero. The good thing about the game is that on top of the betting table, it has another oval that allows you to bet on pre-determined positions.

Mini Roulette
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The Mini Roulette video roulette game is free to play online in casino review websites. It has no bonus round or jackpots but it offers the standard roulette payouts.

Steps to Play

The roulette is made of two components: the wheel and the betting table.


The wheel has 37 pockets. One pocket is green and it houses the number 0. The rest are alternating black and red pockets and each one has a digit between 1 and 36. No number is duplicated in the wheel.

Betting Table

This is a table that lays out the different digits, colours, and combinations to give you an overview of the available betting options. This is where you put your chips.

To start gambling in this video roulette, click on the chip value at the bottom right. Then, click in the area on the betting table for your desired digit, colour, or a combination of these.

Next, click on the Spin button found at the bottom. Once you do, the wheel will turn and the ball will drop. If it lands on your selected number, you win.

Rules of the Game

Playing roulette is not complicated but you need to understand the different bets allowed and how much they pay out.

  • Even Bets – these are bets in which you only choose one out of two possible outcomes. These are:
    • Red or Black – you are guessing that the ball will land on a number that is red or black. It pays 1:1.
    • Odd or Even – your guess is that the ball will land on a number that is either odd or even. 1 is odd, 2 is even, etc. It also pays 1:1.
    • Low or High – numbers 1 to 18 are low numbers. Numbers 19 to 36 are high numbers. If you stake your money on Low, you will win for as long as the ball happens to land on numbers 1 to 18.
  • Column – this is the area where you see the words 2 to 1. That is a column comprised of 12 numbers. If the ball lands on any of those, you win 2:1.
  • Dozens – the table is split between three one-dozen groups. Each group has 12 numbers. If you bet on one group and the ball lands on a number belonging to that group, you will be paid 2:1.
  • Straight – this is a straightforward bet on the number that pays 35:1. If you bet on number 30 and the ball lands there, you win. You lose if it doesn’t
  • Split – this is a wager split between two numbers. They must be positioned side by side on the table, not on the wheel. If the ball lands on any of the two, you win 17:1.
  • Street – this is a stake where you wager on three side by side numbers on the table. It is an outside bet. If the ball lands on any three, you win. 11 to 1.
  • Corner – a kind of wager placed on four side by side number. They must form a square on the table. You win 8 to 1 if the ball lands on any of these four numbers.

Features of the Game

One key feature in this Microgaming roulette is that it has another betting table. It is an oval that has a pre-determined combination of wagers. It also allows you to wager on neighbour bets. A neighbour bet is a wager where you are wagering on five side by side numbers in the wheel.

The game has no jackpot or bonuses.

Tricks and Tips to Win for Better Odds

A good trick to use here is the Martingale Strategy. It is a betting system where you keep on doubling your wager if you lost and then go back to the original amount if you won.

It is also of note that you need to be consistent with what you are betting on. Do not keep on changing your bets randomly.

To develop a strategy, look for a site where you can play it free. There are review sites where you can test the game without download and without registration requirements. Practice first before playing with real money.

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I really liked this mini roulette online game, most of all cause it was really easy for me to understand how to play. Ha-ha, and I got split in my first game, and corner in the second one, was so surprised and happy in the same time! I guess I'm lucky one. Or that's so easy to win here for everyone? hm...
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