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Pontoon Professional Series is a unique video poker online game that is a variant of the British version of blackjack. It is NetEnt’s take on this popular genre, but unlike the original version, this one has no official rules apart from its own specific ones. Although the basics are somewhat the same and implicate a participant waging against the dealer, there are multiple duplications of the game thereby providing a rather modified set of rules. Nevertheless, just as is the case in Blackjack, the 21 pontoon always wins.

Pontoon Professional Series
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How to Play the Slot

NetEnt has provided this card game with the HD graphics and wagering limits up to £500. To play, you need to place a bet on one, two, or three of the available boxes that will conclude the number of rounds you will be allocated with for that first round. Once you have done that, click the ‘Deal’ button (green colour) at the bottom of the table. Similar to blackjack, you can play three hands at a time. All the actions are same, and you are dealt two cards with an aim to achieve 21 pontoon without starting over and beating the dealer.

One main difference between Blackjack and this game is the use of terminology. In Pontoon:

  • Standing is called ‘Sticking’;
  • Hitting is called ‘Twist’.

The payout for getting 21 pontoon is 2:1. However, there’s a 5 card Charlie scenario where a player makes 21 pontoon using five cards, which also pays 2:1. Another difference is the ability to split Aces. The capability of hitting (twist) after a double takes it to a whole new level. On the other hand, the dealer must ‘twist’ on all 16s and soft 17s. Lastly, the biggest difference between the games is the tie. In Blackjack, all ties are a push whereas, in this game, a tie means the dealer wins.

Rules to Follow

  • The dealer deals and starts by giving one card face down to the players.
  • The players have to wage anything between the lowest and highest agreed amounts.
  • Next, the dealer gives out the second card that leaves the players with numerous choices.
  • If a player achieves pontoon, he/she will turn the ace face up and pass the turn by placing it on top of the other card. Otherwise, the player may Split, Buy a Card, Twist, or Stick.

Bonus and Extras

The players can take part in the free versions of this type of games at most NetEnt casinos without registration. Although free versions will not earn you any bonuses or tips, you will learn more about its rules and become familiar with its strategies and terminology before moving on to play the full version for real money online.

There are three coloured chips that include Real money:

  1. Blue £1;
  2. Red £5;
  3. Yellow £10;

These can be stacked to reach up to the maximum of £40

Tricks and Cheats

  • Always split Aces;
  • Try to stick with scores of 17 or above;
  • On 15 or 16, don’t buy but twist;
  • Some say it works to split the eights as well;
  • Beware of the kings, queens, jacks, and 10s – they are more dangerous.

Our New Slots

Employees of NetEnt presented to the attention of all their fans slot machines Pontoon Professional Series, representing an interesting card game. Testing the game is free, but in order to win prizes, you must make your bets. For playing in the gaming machine, six decks are used, each of which has 52 cards. The game here begins from the distribution of two cards, while the dealer's cards are hidden from being viewed by other players. To win, you need to collect more points than the dealer, but it should not exceed the amount of 21 points. If the number of points scored by the dealer and the player is the same, then the dealer goes to win. I wish you all a great success.
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