12 Perfect Gifts for Gamblers
12 Perfect Gifts for Gamblers

12 Perfect Gifts for Gamblers

Everybody loves gifts and this includes gamblers too. Choosing a present for a gambler is actually not that hard but if you are โ€œnewโ€ to gambling, you may have a hard time while choosing best gifts for gamblers.
Casinos-top-online prepared this guide to help you: Whether you are looking for a novelty or funny present, you can be sure that we have a recommendation for you.
However, do not follow this guide letter to letter: Use our recommendations to get ideas for finding the top gifts and try to personalize the present regardless of its type. Remember that personalized presents are the best way to say โ€œyou are important to meโ€. Without further due, here are our tips and recommendations for finding gambler gifts.

Casino Gift Cards

Just like gift cards on shopping, food and spa treatment, wouldnโ€™t it just be a perfect idea to indulge a loved one, who is a healthy gambling enthusiast, to present with a Casino Gift Card? Just so we thought. So as your friendly alibi is in surprising a playmate, colleague, or anyone special with this exciting gesture, we have laid out the facts on this review, stating how it works, the best places to get it and some pro tips to make sure that your gift is a success. Read on!

How Casino Gift Cards Work

Gift Cards work like any other prepaid cards โ€” one has to purchase it from either the casino or its partnering entity. Typically, itโ€™s an eGift, sent to your entitled recipient over email or directly credited to the playerโ€™s casino account. The recipient will be able to use the voucher or play favourite games (like high RTP percentage slots) or purchase special privileges or gaming boosters.

Pro Tip: Make sure that the gift card is accepted by the casino where the player wants to use it. Players can use the money on this card to credit their casino accounts.

Top Online Casinos That Accept or Produce Gift Cards

Casino gifts cards are not only a nice way to make a gamble loving friend happy, but itโ€™s also a useful way to make simpler transactions. Among the top-rated UK casinos, sites like Sun Palace and Bet Online offer significant gift cards, while the Rizk Casino would accept prepaid cards. Other notable mentions would include, Jackpot Capital and Vegas Casino. For more knowledge, refer to the list of top UK Online casinos that accept or produce gift cards on our website casinos-top-online.co.uk

FAQ That Gamblers Ask About Gift Cards

Can I avail welcome bonuses with casino gift cards?
Some casinos allow it, while someย don’t. So itโ€™s a good start to check out which casinos your loved ones play at before you buy one of these for them.
How to know if the gift card is not a scam?
Be careful about the genuinity of partnering websites with the casino, call customer support to verify the legitimacy of such resources if necessary, and be 100% sure. Always ensure certain facts like expiry date of the card, whether or not that card is acceptable in the country, wherein your gift recipient is.
What do you mean by anonymous deposits?
Prepaid cards are the only method of making an โ€œanonymous financial transactionโ€ at a casino since you wonโ€™t be using any of your cards or eWallets at the casino platform.

Mugs – good gift for everyone

Nothing can beat the simplicity and beauty of a mug. They have a practical use and can be quite funny. Start with mugs especially your friend or partner loves drinking coffee.

They wonโ€™t cost that much and he will remember you on a daily basis whenever pours himself a drink.

There are companies out there who can print any type of message or slogan onto a mug. In other words, do not spend time for finding the best mug with the perfect message: Buy an empty one and print out any slogan you want onto it.

For starters, we recommend:

  • I have selective hearing. The only word I respond is โ€œcasinoโ€
  • Fueled by gambling and coffee
  • Keep calm and continue on gambling
  • Gambling makes me happy. You, not so much.

By using different font types and sizes, you can create a very cool image on mugs. Here are some examples:



gambling mug



Gambling T-Shirts

The best thing after mugs is t-shirts. Just like mugs, they can be used daily and contain any message you want. Again, you wonโ€™t find many t-shirts with a gambling related message on them. It is best to buy an โ€œemptyโ€ one and print out any message you want.

In fact, most of the stores offer this service. You buy a blank t-shirt, explain to the store owners what you want on it, and they print out the message in just a couple seconds. You should choose a personalized message but if you want recommendations, here are some ideas you can use for casino-themed Christmas party this year.

Prints for Gamblers T-Shirts

  • Worldโ€™s okayest gambler
  • It is only a gambling problem if I am losing
  • Slot Machine Queen/King
  • Mustโ€ฆ Goโ€ฆ Gambling

Here are some examples:

ย 3ย 4


Any product or service that is related to gambling and can be gifted. While the first thing that comes to mind is a โ€œfree trip to Vegasโ€, these gifts are not limited to real world gambling activities.

Even a coaster that resembles a casino chip can be a presents for gamblers. Be creative and let your imagination go wild. Gamblers love gifts that remind them their hobbies and this is your only limitation. As long as a product or a service is related to gambling, it can be turned into a gift.

Personalized birthday gifts for gamblers are the best, start with those. Personalizing a gift makes it unique and everybody loves unique presents.

Specialized Card Decks

Even if you are not a gambler, you know what a โ€œdeck of cardsโ€ is, right? It is possible to print any picture and/or logo behind of these cards. Use a picture of your buddy. Use a picture of a kitten that chews casino chips.

Let your imagination go wild. Personalized card decks will be one of the best gambling gifts, especially for male players. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of companies that offer this service.

Pick one, send your choice of image to them, and receive your card deck. The only thing left is to wrap it in a package.

shaffling cards gif

Mini-Roulette Table

Did you know that there are roulette tables out there which can fit into a pocket? No, we are not kidding.

They really exist. They are the size of a cigarette case and when you open them, a fully functional roulette table reveals. Your buddy will be able to play roulette whenever and wherever he wants, even on a plane. Moreover, you can print out a personalized message onto their cases.

Creative, functional, portable: This may be one of the best gambling themed gift out there. Here is an example:



roulette table gif

A Gambling Basket

Actually, the name of this present gives you a clear idea of its contents: It is a basket filled with gambling related things. And by related, we mean it: Anything that resembles gambling can be put in these baskets.

However, we recommend you to start with guides to various casino gift ideas, lottery tickets, and scratch-cards. In fact, you can create a basket for each of these items. Buy 50 scratch-cards, put them in a basket, and wrap it.

Or, buy guides for various games (poker, blackjack, slots, etc.) and do the same thing. Use your imagination and turn that basket into something unique. Take a look at these examples:

6ย 7


For male gamblers, we advise you to focus on card game related gifts. Poker and blackjack are the most popular in this regard. Roulette-themed gamblers gifts are also an option. Stay away from slot-related presents: The majority of slot gamblers are female and these games are not seen as โ€œmanlyโ€. If you cannot decide, remember that men are simple creatures: A gambling gift card can be a good present too.

Buy Some โ€œBlingโ€

Everybody loves shiny accessories. You can buy a bracelet for a female gambler which contains gambling related icons. Or, you can get cufflinks that look like casino chips. Dice necklace, chip keychain, a lottery scratcher that is shaped like a chipโ€ฆ Possibilities are endless. They are not that pricey either, you can find hundreds of gambling related accessories under 20 USD. We recommend these especially for female players but if you choose the right ones, male players can enjoy them too. Who does not like neckties that are made of playing cards, right? Take a look at the examples below:


ย 8ย 9

Get a Mini-Slot Machine

These are real working slot machines but they are pocket-sized. They are made especially for slot-players as can be guessed, but any gambler can enjoy them. Your buddy can put these machines on his table at work and spin the reels anytime he wants.

Try to choose the ones that are made of plastic. Metal ones rust over time and they have really sharp corners.

These are simple fruit slots so they do not offer any no deposit bonuses but they are very fun to play with. They even have jackpot rewards! Take a look at the image below to understand what we are talking about:10-1

slot machine gif


Buy a Gamble-Box

Gamble boxes are personal safes that can be used for safekeeping your hard earned money. The concept is simple: You leave the key at home, take the box with you to the casino, and use them to store the money you have won at the end of the night.

Without the key, they are impossible to open. Gamble-boxes are portable safes which you can only open at home. You use them while leaving the casino and store your winnings in them.

There are multiple companies that produce gamble-boxes, just Google it and pick one. They are simple, secure, effective and it is definitely good gambling present.

A Set of Poker Chips

This may be the perfect gift for male players. Every card player dreams of a poker chip set. They look like authentic casino poker chips and it is also possible to personalize them.

In fact, buy out the full set: It consists of a deck of cards, 250 chips with different colors, and a nice steel case to store them all. Note that every part of this set can be personalized. Print out the picture of your buddyโ€™s pet onto the chips.

Or, use his own picture โ€“ย  poker players love to see their face on top of chips. Here is an example of this set but know that you can find many other options:11


As can be guessed, start with slot-related presents. Female gamblers usually do not like card games such as poker and baccarat. Slot machines, keno, and scratch-cards are their first choice. There are tons of accessories that are gambling related and any of them can be the perfect present for a female gambler.

Get a Professional Guide

No, we are not talking about โ€œslot machine systemsโ€. If you are new to this, know that only card games allow the use of strategies and systems.

All other categories are based on pure luck, so they cannot have any guides. However, for games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat; there are many high-quality books out there which provide very precious tips and working systems to increase the chance of winning.

This present is perfect for every type of card player. Our recommendations are:

  • The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King by Michael Craig
  • Roll the Bones by David Schwartz
  • Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Synder
  • Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp

A Four Leaf Clover

Four-leafed clovers are considered as the symbol of luck in all over the world. They are usually rare but do not worry: There are a lot of companies out there who sell them.

In fact, they put the clovers inside a transparent and token sized box so you can carry them with you wherever you go.

Gamblers are usually superstitious people who believe in symbols of good luck. Instead of getting a rabbitโ€™s foot, go with a four-leafed clover. They are much aesthetic looking and donโ€™t start to smell after a while. Just Google โ€œfour-leafed clover pocket tokenโ€ and pick any of the results.

This is also the cheapest gift idea out there but it is valuable to gamblers.

four leaf clover


A Trip to A Casino

Ok, this is the priciest option out there but it is also the most fun one. Book a weekend trip to a casino and organize gambling holidays.

If you can afford it, pick a one in Las Vegas. If you cannot, pick any casino that is closest to your location. This present includes you too โ€“ You and your buddy are going on a weekend trip.

While it will cost more than all other options, you can be sure that this trip will be an amazing memento for both of you. You do not have to gamble, just accompany your buddy and cheer for him/her.

However, to avoid over-spending, allocate a budget for gambling presentation beforehand and never surpass that limit. Gamble, eat, drink, have fun โ€“ this will be an unforgettable gambling week, you can be sure of it.

trip to a casino


Google is your friend. We cannot give specific websites. Just Google one of the gift ideas for gamblers that are mentioned in this article and take a look at the results.

Know that there are hundreds of companies that offer personalized presents and any of them can be turned into a gambling gift. The internet is your friend, use it to find presents and order them.

These are our recommendations but as we mentioned at the beginning, gambling gifts are not limited to these options.

These are just ideas to give you a starting point. The rest is on you and your imagination. An ordinary present can be turned into a gambling-related one if you are creative enough.

Aim for something unique and that can be used on a daily basis. Take sex into consideration while choosing a present too.

For example, male players do not like slot and keno games very much. Card and table games are better for them. And do not wait for a birthday to give a present: You do not need a special day to make your buddy happy.


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