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Online casinos are what they are today because of casino software providers. Different providers focus on different sectors of the industry. There are those who focus on enhancing the players’ experience, those that focus on making the casino owner’s work easier, and those that major in developing online games. There are a few companies, like 36Gaming, who focus on all the three.

36Gaming is one of the youngest online casino software developers in the gaming scene. Despite being founded in 2008, it has developed a professional framework that can match companies founded years before it. 36Gaming offers players interactive and a competitive number of games. Its framework enhances the player’s online gaming experience by making the gaming interface interactive and easy to use. They also provide an array of games exclusive to their companies.

Before venturing into the online gaming scene, 36Gaming offered its services to land-based casinos. It used its 36Gaming system to enhance the players’ gaming experience and help casino owners better monitor the gaming activities in their casinos. The company’s physical location is in Malta. Since its foundation, players have found their games to be fun and interactive.

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Features of 36Gaming Casinos

Game developers have special features that set them apart from the crowd. These special features cut across all games developed by the company in question. 36Gaming sets itself apart as a game developing company that mostly focuses on slots.  Here are other special features that set this company apart:

Iconic slot choices

36Gaming casinos offer their players a wide variety of games that are exclusive to their platform. Their creations cater to all kinds of players ranging from those looking for naughty games to those looking for the traditional thrill. Their popular slot machines are mostly three reel and five reel games, but they also offer four reel, six reel, seven reel and nine reel slots. Each game has a unique theme to keep players interested.

Apart from slots, 36Gaming offers its players an opportunity to play some of the industry’s favorite games. They offer two types of video poker, European Roulette, French Roulette, and blackjack.

Uniform bonuses

The casino software offers casino owners a solution that minimizes their workload. Apart from providing the games, they provide a promotional section. Regardless of the casino, their games offer the same match in welcome bonuses and give the same amount of money in the subsequent bonuses. Since casinos differ in the promotional services they employ to entice customers, the cashier is set to allow individual casinos to choose bonus codes. Customizing bonus codes allow players to redeem specific promotions set for the different games offered.

Instant and Downloadable play

Initially, all games provided by 36Gaming software were downloaded from the 36Gaming website for one to play. Today, all 36Gaming games are available in both instant and downloadable play. Players no longer have to download the casino’s software to be able to play. However, instant play does not give the player the full gaming experience. The downloadable version has a better user interface.

Guaranteed fair

All games offered by 36Gaming are certified to be fair. The developers of 36Gaming games have gone to the trouble of having each game independently and randomly checked. The Quantum Random Number Generator does these tests. This means that the games have gone through the most rigorous tests in the industry. Players can see the results of these tests in any casino powered by 36Gaming. To view test results, players need to click on the RNG seal at the bottom of the gaming screen.

Products and Services by 36Gaming

36Gamning software ensures gamers get the best gaming experience by making casinos easier to use and giving the owners tools that help them manage their games more effectively. Their services can be categorized into three: games portal, casino portal, and back office portal. Casinos seldom use one software provider. To ensure that every front is covered, one casino will use at least two software providers. Each service offered by 36Gaming integrates well with other software making it easy for casinos to operate their games.

The games portal

36Gaming provides a variety of games to both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. The casino software can easily be customized by the casino to make the pay levels suit their clientele. The company provides a cashier that allows the casino to choose promotion codes they can use to entice customers. Each game offered by 36Gaming can easily be controlled using the QWERTY keyboard. The game designs are simple and easy to play. Each game comes with a unique theme that is not available on other platforms.

The casino portal

The casino portal is a gaming server that can be kept anywhere; the office, at home, or in an actual casino. The casino portal server controls the 360 platforms. It allows a casino owner to monitor all gaming activities from one place. It also has special features that allow for payments to be made in different currencies. The casino owner does not have to make changes to the settings to allow the system to accept different currencies.

This casinos developer makes it easy for casino owners to build a community on Facebook. The casino portal also comes with a White Label Facebook application which helps in building online communities.

The back office portal

The back office portal is meant for casino owners’ use only. It runs on the gaming program and grants the owners all the control they need to run their business. It makes it easy for them to monitor the gaming activities in the establishment.

The back office portal uses Javascript. Since it uses Javascript, it is compatible with multiple platforms. For this reason, casino owners find it easy having control over the games played on different platforms in their casinos.

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Website 36gaming.com
Year Established 2008
Casino Type Video Slots

Top Games Offered by 36Gaming

36Gaming offers over 50 game titles on its platform. Here are the top 3 games offered by this game developer:

  • Bachelor Party Slot – Bachelor Party Slot works like regular progressive slot where the player can win the jackpot at any point. Players can also use the multiplicator to multiply their bets and potential gains. To learn how to play this slot, players can activate the autoplay option. This option activates the game to play by itself thus giving the player a chance to watch and learn how to play.
  • Play for Boys Slot – Play for boys shows women in different postures showing a part of their bodies. The game shows pictures of four ladies at once. It requires a keen mind and observative eyes to win. Gamers can win up to $5000, and there are ten different pay lines.
  • European Roulette – European Roulette is slightly different from American Roulette. Instead of having 38 pockets, it has 37. The game rules are standard making it easy for those familiar with other variations of roulette to catch on fast.

36Gamning has excelled in creating one of the best casino software that focuses on the players. Reviews indicate that their user interface is interactive and easy to use. The friendly user interface contributes greatly to the achievement of their goal; to give gamers a high-quality framework that enhances their gaming experience.

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