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We do understand that our readers can be curious who write all the stuff on casinos-top-online.co.uk. So, meet our team of professional writers and editors who work to satisfy the most demanding readers. We are also gamblers ourselves and test everything we write about.

Except for games and casinos reviews, we also share our unique tips and strategies that every UK gambler can use. Be sure, we have tested them and highlight only the best.

Last but not least: We are for responsible gambling. Even despite the fact that our site is not a gambling establishment, and we cannot monitor those who might have gambling problems, we strongly encourage you to visit the website which is at the bottom of this page and check if you know anyone who shows the first warning signs.

Our Team

John Clarke

John ClarkeJohn is our truth-seeker and a regular contributor with a background in game development. Cold-blooded he never overlooks a single flaw of a game.

“Since my teenage frenzy over gaming, I managed to turn my hobby into a career path. Not only I like playing games set in imaginary worlds, but I like creating ones. I majored in Game Design and Development and contribute to this site by reviewing the latest product releases. I pride myself on being a part of this gaming community, and I am always happy to share my thoughts on games and do not shy away from scolding their weak points. So, you can count on my brutally honest reviews.”

Emma Coleman

Emma ColemanMeet Emma Coleman, our top content writer, who has a degree in journalism and is a diehard Marvel production fan. Emma never misses on anything bringing her favourite Marvel heroes closer to her, and when Playtech released the first Marvel-themed slot, guess what? She tried it!

“I started gambling, but I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to choose a good online casino. Oh, I did experience all the nastiness of slow withdrawals and “dumb” customer support. Later on, when job hunting, I welcomed the offer to join the team because what these guys were doing here had my heart set on it. It was like ‘Bingo! This is my Justice League!’ So, I decided to join these avengers and protect online gamblers from ‘Ultrons’ by telling the unvarnished truth about online casinos, their services, and everything connected with online gambling.”
We jokingly call her Capitan Emma. Capitan Emma is here to protect you with her shield. And her shield is unbiased content writing.

Katerine Lomi

Katerine LomiKaterine Lomi is our blog writer and casino games enthusiast. Her duty is to find and test all the new online casino games, and then write an honest review of her gaming experience. Favourites are the table and poker games, and as an experienced user, she can find every feature or an Easter egg that is hidden in the game by its developer.

“Honestly, I am not a big fan of betting; I am more interested in the math behind the game and its chances. Do you know how many roulette strategies are roaming around the internet? I mean, they are not working, especially with RNG-based games, but they are interesting. So I try my best to learn about every rule of a new game so that you can play based on solid facts”.

Owen Douglas

Owen DouglasOwen started his career as a graphic designer and now works as a 3D graphics artist in the game development industry. He’s a tech fan, so he likes to write about the new technologies in the online gambling industry. His favourite games are VR slot machines & table games and live casino games.

“I don’t care much about winning and money, so I pay more attention to the gameplay and graphics. I really like slot games cause you can find different topics and graphics technologies in these titles, and it is the best type of casino games for a newbie. I try to find the best live casino games and VR slots that can give a player the most interesting experience of gambling and interaction between players.”

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