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Developed by Microgaming UK, American Roulette is a video roulette. Like the live roulette, the online version has a zero and a double zero. The online game offers the standard payouts that you will find in land-based casinos. You can play it free and without registration requirements if you will access the demo version. It does not offer bonus rounds.

american roulette
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How to Play American Roulette

The game offers an overview of both the table and the wheel. To start playing, you must choose the size of your chips. You can do this at the top section of the screen. The next thing to do is to place that chip on the betting table.

Once done, you need to click on the Spin button, found at the bottom right. Wait for the ball to drop in the wheel and land in a pocket.


American Roulette Game Rules

To win in roulette, the ball must land on the spot where you placed your wager. There are several types of bets in this game, and the payout for each kind of bet varies from one another. Here are the rules and the payouts.

Betting Name Pay Out Wager Meaning
Red or Black 1 to 1 This is a bet in which your guess is that the ball will land in a pocket of the colour of your choice.
Odd or Even 1 to 1 A wager where you are guessing if the ball will land on an even or odd number.
Low or High 1 to 1 The low numbers are 1 to 18. The high numbers are 19 to 36. If you bet on low, you will win if the ball lands on any of the low numbers.
Columns 2 to 1 There are three columns with a dozen numbers each. These are the areas that say 2 to 1. If the ball lands on any of these numbers, you win.
Dozens 2 to 1 There are three dozens called 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. Choose one and place your chips there. If the ball lands on a number that belongs to your dozen, you win.
Straight Up 35 to 1 This is a straightforward bet where you win if the ball lands on the number of your choice.
Split 17 to 1 A split bet means you are splitting your chips into two adjacent numbers.
Street 11 to 1 A street bet is a wager on three side by side numbers on the betting table.
Corner 8 to 1 This is a wager where you split your chips among four numbers that form a square on the table.

Bonus Rounds and Extras

This game does not have bonuses or extra features except for pre-made betting groups. You can use these by clicking on Expert mode. It has no jackpot except for the 35:1 payout.

Tips to Win in the Game

Roulette is an easy game if only the player has the right discipline. Before gambling real money, you must develop a strategy to manage your betting style. There are many styles out there, but the most popular ones are the Martingale and the Paroli.

Play free with the demo version and test your skill. You can play as much as you want without download. Once ready, you can start gambling real money.

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