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Amigotechs software joined the realm of online casino software development and has set up base in Panama. The entity is known for the provision of not only casino games but also platforms on which the sets can run in gambling destinations. It also provides sports betting solutions as well as servicing poker enthusiasts. The online software developer is mainly focused on meeting the needs of the North American gaming market. The name of the company has been changed on several occasions over the time it has been in operation to names such as ThrillX and AST Gaming, before finally settling on Amigotechs.

Going by numerous reviews, Amigotechs has not managed to build a good rapport among online gamblers. It appears that the downsides of the establishment heavily outweigh the upsides. Therefore, players should be keen when engaging in sets by this online gaming software provider. Among the numerous complaints that have been brought forth is the outdated appearance of the games that they provide. Considering the massive strides that the online gaming scene has made in the past few years, players expect the provision of sterling sets that are up to date. However, that is not the case with Amigotechs games, which carry lower than standard graphics and animations.

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On top of appearing outdated, the games have been accused of being niggardly in the provision of winnings. Most players and watchdog sites have accused the entity of developing their games with casino software that places the gamblers at a great disadvantage. A 2012 review by a reputable game analyst from Certified Fair Gambling tried out a set of Jacks or Better offered by the company to see if there was any truth to the claims. After engaging in more than fifty hands, he ended up with no winnings, and his chances had not improved even once. Even with the use of Random Number Generators to run games, such results are impossible to acquire in a fair play session. Not long after that Amigotechs was declared to be using unfair software to run its Video poker sets, and a similar incident was repeated three years later.

Gameplay downsides are topped by the fact that the sets take long to load on both desktop and mobile devices, which is discouraging for players who would like continuous play. Additionally, the online game developer fails to include crucial aspects about the rules of play in the help information they enlist alongside their sets. Moreover, their Return To Player rates is indicated to have unreasonable fluctuations. For instance, the video poker category comes with an RTP range of between point two and thirteen point one nine percent. Amigotechs has over the years kept its licensing and vetting information under wraps, which has made gamblers even more skeptical about their services.

Such a stale reputation has caused Amigotechs games and casinos to land on numerous blacklists with gamers being advised against engaging them in play. The online casino developer boasts of a small fan base with slow improvement to this situation.

Game Collection

Amigotechs has managed to release games in numerous categories as demanded by the online gaming platform. The game collection amount to around one hundred options, which is significantly less in comparison to those of the industry top dogs. The games that have been developed by this casino software provider are:


Slots are the biggest game collection by Amigotechs, and they are provided in forty-three variants. The games carry a classic development of both three-reeled and five-reeled options, which have done little to impress most gamblers with their standard artistic value. Additionally, like it’s the norm with some of the best casino software developers the likes of Net Entertainment and Microgaming, the Return To Player rates are not provided. This means that gamblers cannot gauge the amount of money they are bound to end up with at the end of a gaming session, making it less trustworthy to engage in the first place.

  • Scuba View is one of the slot machine games by Amigotechs. The game is placed on a playing grid make to look like a scuba screen submerged in the depths of the ocean. The title of the game is placed at the top of the grid in blue print. Some of the icons used include starfish, sharks, goldfish, puffer fish, and many more. The game control icons are simply placed at the bottom and include Auto On, Spin, Bet One, Max Bet. Players are provided with fifteen set win lines for use.
  • Halloween Howls is another slot game that has become popular within the Amigotechs fan base. This slot appears to be the best work by this online software provider, but it still does little to compete with other top brands. The game is placed in three reels and ten bet lines. Gamers can choose to engage either one, five, or ten win lines for play. The playing grid is developed like a brick and mortar casino slot machine from the lever age, complete with a lever at the side of the screen. It is set in a dark room that has cobwebs here and there that surround the slot name as well. Even with such a presentable status, the game does not come with stated odds.


Blackjack is among one of the most played table sets in online casinos, so it is no surprise that Amigotechs have a collection of their own. Most reviews, however, have criticized this game developer for using a six to five single deck as opposed to the popular two to one or three to two. Such an arrangement reduces the gambler’s chances of winning significantly, which has discouraged most from engaging in the game. The game carries a house edge of point three nine percent and carries the surrender option. Gamblers can choose to play a single hand or as much as three of them.

A blackjack switch option is also included, and most of the rules are basic. The set uses six decks of cards, and the dealer stands at seventeen. Gamblers are allowed to double two cards of their choice and splitting afterward is allowed but only once. However, gamblers are stripped of the surrender option.

The blackjack category features Double Exposure as an extra option, and it has some lenient rules in comparison to those of other games. Like in all other options, six decks are used, and the dealer stands at soft seventeen. Players are allowed to double on the values nine and eleven only, and a split is only allowed once. If the gambler and the dealer tie, it is considered a push. The odds for this game stand as point nine nine percent.


Roulette is offered by Amigotechs in three variations: American, French, and European. The rules vary for each option, the most conducive being those of European Roulette.

Other games that can be found in Amigotechs’ portfolio include craps, red dog, poker, etc.

Year Established 2002

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Amigotechs Casinos

Amigotechs casinos are a rare occurrence on the online platform. Most gambling destinations have shunned from working with the game provider seeing that it has not built a good name with gamblers. Those looking to engage in the developer’s sets can visit Skybook Casino.

The Bottom Line

Amigotechs can see better days according to the reviews it has gotten thus far from online gamblers. The developer’s sets have been provided on the mobile platform, but their slow-loading nature has not worked to make them any popular.

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