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Those who thought card games could be played only in land-based casinos probably have never played about Baccarat piece coming from Playtech.

This software developer is one of the leading manufacturers of various online games, including standard table products, like blackjack, poker, and of course, Baccarat.

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Sloty Casino
100% up to €300
General Information More Details
Released by Playtech
Number of Decks Eight
Side Bets Possibility Yes

The Basic Play Rules

Basic Play BaccaratIn case you expect standard jackpots, free spins, and bonus Scatters take a step back while this is a classic card table game.

There are a few basic rules you need to learn before you play this one. The first thing is to place your bet. Bettors can choose several amounts including so-called progressive side bet. This one is activated with a click on a particular button.

Basically, there are three main ways to stake:

  • Bet on the banker – this one can bring you potential win of 95% of the wager you had previously made. Note that you always have to leave a certain amount to the gambling house, usually around 5%;
  • The Player/yourself – even amount of money will be paid here;
  • A tie – this one will pay 8:1

What are these actually mean?

Basic Play BaccaratAfter you place a bet dealer deals two cards. One pair to you, player, and another for the banker. The person who has a card amount closer to nine wins. The goal of the game is to guess the card price. Something like an upgraded version of gamble game in slot machines.

When the Progressive is Coming?

In order to activate the highlight of this popular online game, there are a few conditions you have to fulfil:

  • Both dealer and banker should have A plus eight on the table;
  • All cards have to have the same suit (this is possible while there are eight decks of 52 cards in the total overview).

Play Real Money from Side to Side

As much as these look attractive remember one tip if you are new in the world of Baccarat – skip side bets. They can often cost more than they can bring. However, in case you consider yourself brave enough there are a few options available:

  • Pair Side Bets;
  • Smaller and Bigger Side Bets;
  • Progressive Side Bets.

The Baccarat Game Conclusion

Considering the fact this piece was created by Playtech, it is normal that main functions are of high-quality. Great graphics, high potential amounts and a useful interface of the base game are more than a good reason for you to test this one out.

Find it in almost any casino, activate it without registration and try it out for free. The RTP is great 98.94% but remember to always read additional gambling house terms and conditions. For any question or information about the game, you may contact the software developer itself.

Our New Slots

In online baccarat there is a virtual dealer, so the cards are dealt automatically. Face cards, like dozens, do not matter in baccarat, and suits also do not matter. Cards with values ​​below 10 are counted at face value, and the aces are evaluated at 1. Only single-digit cards are used. If the score reaches two-digit numbers (for example, 8 and 7 for 15, the left digit is reset (15 counts as 5). The player’s goal in baccarat is to bet on the hand which, in his opinion, will lead to the greatest overall value. This online entertainment has elements of risk, but there are big winnings, so I recommend everyone to try their hand here.
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