The Biggest Betting Wins of All Time!
The Biggest Betting Wins of All Time!

The Biggest Betting Wins of All Time!

It is always thrilling to hear about people who successfully attained the biggest monetary rewards in the field of web-based wagering. While it may be considered carelessness, luck, or perhaps both, there is indeed a cadre of gamblers who put a ton of their money on the line, in the hopes of acquiring enormous wins.

In some scenarios, their hopes come to pass, with payouts being so lucrative, that they are life changing. Hence, they convert regular bettors into millionaires or multi-millionaires in a matter of minutes.

Some of the most lucrative casino wins in history

A profusion of the most lucrative rewards in world gambling history has occurred to the most ordinary players, with an abundance of them being a tad bit unlucky, prior to winning.

Archie Karas – Craps alongside Poker

Commonly referred to as the “ruler of casinos,” Karas is known for turning $50 into a substantial $40 million. In December of the year 1992, he had lost $2 million in a high-stakes poker game in Los Angeles. With only $50 left to bet with, he decided to take his chances, and little did he know that it was all he required to encounter mind-blowing winning streaks.

At Binion’s Horseshoe Casino, he borrowed a loan and placed a wager of $10,000 in a game of Razz, whereby the lowest hand is the one that wins. Upon competing with some of the top-notch poker players in the globe (Johnny Chan, Stu Unger, Puggy Pearson, and Chip Reese), he walked away with millions worth of earnings at poker, before attaining even more millions under his belt, when partaking in Craps.

Once he attained $17 million in total from playing craps and poker, his run came to a halt. Fortunately, he was able to reimburse the $10,000 wager he had accumulated, with an interest rate of 50%.

He was on a winning streak for two consecutive years, having gathered a total of $40 million, as mentioned earlier. In his duration of playing, he converted $7 million into a breathtaking $17 million through playing poker in Vegas. Secondly, he amassed more than $1 million from delighting in a pool game of nine balls, regardless of the occasional losing streaks.

However, as they say, “all good things come to an end.” His streaks of attaining huge wins eventually came to a sudden halt in 1995 when he lost $11 million at games of Craps, $17 million at baccarat, and $2million at poker. Shortly after, he lost what was left of the $40 million he won, despite being able to take a loan of $40,000 and achieve a win of $1 million.

While his luck may have come to an end in a remarkable fashion, his streaks of winning remain legendary and serve as living proof that the possibilities are endless in gambling.

Elmer Sherwin – The Megabucks Slot Machine

In 1989, there was a man by the name of Elmer Sherwin cropped up as the lucky winner of nearly $5 million while relishing in the Megabucks slots, at the Cannery Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. He not only beat the odds twice on the same gameplay option. Upon the acquisition of his earnings, he continued pushing his luck in the same game, until he won $2.1 million in the year 2005, when he was 92 years old, regardless of the winnings odds lying at 1 in 50 million. It took a total of 16 years of playing this game to duplicate his initial win. He is indeed an ideal example of the saying, “patience is a virtue.”

Other big champions of Megabucks include a retired cabin crew member who made a gamble of $300 in the year 1998 and attained a phenomenal monetary prize of $27.5 million.

Peter – Online Slot Machines

A Norwegian man called Peter successfully acquired one of the top online casinos Wins, through delighting in a progressive jackpot web-based slot called Arabian Nights. Thus, he managed to walk away as a stoked champion of EUR 11.7 million, which is equivalent to 38 million NOK. He indulged in the renowned Betsson Internet gambling parlour that has the motto “Anything is possible!”

Mike – Roulette

Currently, a multi-billionaire and owns the popular Newcastle Football Club, Mike Ashley had already garnered fame when he became the lucky winner of 1.6 million GBP (one of the biggest Roulette wins) within three hours of gambling at a London gaming platform. His lucky digit was seventeen, with his betting strategy being focused on each probable combination of that figure.

As fate would have it, the dropping of the small roulette ball into the 17-pocket automatically converted his initial stake level of 480,000 GBP into approximately triple that figure. Ashley then made the decision to give it another try. Nonetheless, little did he know that “lightning does not strike the same place twice,” and therefore, he incurred a loss of 1 million GBP within two hours.

Sean C. – Roulette

Commonly known as James Bond the ‘super spy,’ Sean Connery was immensely lucky on choosing to wager on the number seventeen. While at a gambling parlour in the Alps in Italy, Sean decided to put his luck on the figure 17. Despite missing the slot a couple of times, the roulette ball finally landed in the desired pocket. Leaving his earnings there, the dealer then took another spin of the wheel and surprising enough, the ball landed on 17 for the second time. What is even more flabbergasting is that he decided to live his monetary winnings in place. Unexpectedly, the ball landed on the slot ‘17’ for the third time consecutively, against the unbeatable odds of 50000:1.

In a James Bond manner, and as cool as cucumber, Sean gathered his rewards worth 10,000 GBP, which in today’s market, are worth nearly 200,000 GBP.

While some participants may encounter good fortunes with number ’17,’ it does not automatically mean that all other gamblers will have the same luck. Therefore, if you have lucrative digits, the challenge is to figure them out, since it goes without saying, in it is not all scenarios whereby they come neatly wrapped in a profusion of ‘good luck’ cookies.

Charlie W. – Roulette

Upon delighting in a crazy number of rounds of Roulette for eleven hours in a row, Charlie Wells cropped up as the elated winner of $1 million and thereby became the gentleman who ‘broke the bank’ at the famous Monte Carlo Casino, whose inspiration was a renowned music hall track by Gilbert. In this case, ‘breaking the bank’ meant scoring wins of more chips than those on the table, and Charlie did so, not once or twice, but twelve times, in the duration of one night.

Upon the achievement of 1 million francs, he returned to the same land-based wagering parlour twelve months later and attained 1 million francs, in a period of three days. Using the current value of the USD, his 1 million francs are worth more than $20 million.

William – Roulette

Originating from Illinois, William delighted in Roulette at the land-based Monte Carlo wagering parlour, attaining one of the biggest casino wins of $500,000 over a seven-year period from 1904, up until 1911. Without a doubt, his $500,000 is quite a substantial amount in the current market.

He was a professional player who played this captivating table game in the USA at prohibited casinos that functioned inside saloons. Furthermore, there were rumours about him keenly observing the wheel and could predict the slot on which the ball would land.

Don – Blackjack

He had a unique technique regarding blackjack. As such, it entailed negotiating the rules with the aim of acquiring an edge, for instance, splitting a lucrative hand into four unique ones. Moreover, he pinned down croupiers who stopped the procedure of drawing cards upon stumbling on a hand which had the value of 17, thereby bettering his chances of achieving a better one. Whenever the opportunity arose, Don would double his stake level with the aim of scoring the biggest bet win ever, and to his surprise, he did.

Luckily for him, some gaming platforms provided high-rollers with 10% reimbursements, which in turn meant that he would get to keep a full win while still retaining some bankroll after a loss. Through negotiations of the ideal wagers of up to $25,000 on each hand, he had the flexibility of multiplying his earnings at a faster rate.

Despite the fact that he mostly relied on luck as much as most bettors, he ended up walking away as happy as a lark, with a mind-blowing $15 million within six months.

Antonio – Poker Match

At the WSOP Charity Poker Match in the year 2012, Antonio who was already an expert in poker decided to take a risk and wager $1 million, after which the odds were in his favour, thereby resulting in him walking away as the stoked winner of nearly $19. Regardless of the fact that 11% of the earnings went to charity, Antonio still took home a staggering monetary gift.

Ashley R. – Roulette

In 2003, she sold all her assets in London worth approximately $135,000 and traversed to Las Vegas where she decided to risk it all in a game of Roulette at the Plaza Casino and successfully scored a major win. She is currently the owner of an iGaming Recruitment company that specializes in assisting staff wagering firms.

Kerry Packer- Baccarat and Blackjack

He is a billionaire who could afford the luxury of placing high stake levels. During a vacation at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, he emerged as the winner of $20-40 million in Blackjack, as well as Baccarat. It is said that Kerry played as many as eight consecutive hands on several tables, gambling up to $300,000 on each hand. Within forty minutes of placing his initial stake level, he had already gathered $25 million, hence completing $20 million more than when he began.

From 2010 up until 2011, with ‘Lady Luck’ on his side, he triggered a payout of $6 million at the renowned Tropicana Casino in less than 12 hours. Additionally, he won millions of dollars during his holiday at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

Patricia D. – Craps

As you know, Craps provides participants with the opportunity of either attaining substantial rewards, or painful losses. For Patricia however, she seemed to have magical streaks of luck. Having played Craps once, traversed to Borgata in the Atlantic City, where she would never have imagined being the winner of 154 throws in a row within only four hours, and twenty minutes. While she chose not to unveil her precise winnings, she placed a wager worth $10 and won more than half a million dollars from placing consecutive bets. It is worth noting that her odds of emerging a winner were 1:2 trillion, and surprising enough, it happened in one night of playing.

Other Lucky Bettors

Without a doubt, there are plethoras of substantial casino cashouts on a daily basis. For instance, an anonymous gentleman who was waiting to watch a basketball game decided to try his luck at gambling and won $40 million at the Excalibur Casino. Secondly, there is a woman who won $680 when relishing in the Wheel of Fortune game at the Palace Station Hotel after which she scored a whopping $28 million in the Megabucks progressive machine.

Thirdly, there is a homeless lad who made a cash-in worth $400, only to wager and turn it into nearly $2 million at the increasingly popular Treasure Island wagering parlour.

The Verdict

All in all, the above players are a living testimony that it is possible to walk away with lucrative monetary wins that are worth hundreds of thousands, or even millions of USD, EUR, or GBP. Hence, it is through partaking in the gameplay thoughtfully and with immense smartness, that you could change your life for the better, in a heartbeat.


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