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Have you ever played online blackjack before? If no, then you should give it a go. There are numerous benefits of playing online unlike gaming at a land-based casino, starting from saving the time and money you spend travelling to the casino among many other benefits.

The very first step to getting started is signing up with an online casino. There are so many blackjack online casinos out there.

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Our best online blackjack casino list

To save you from the difficult task of looking for the best one, a much quicker option is to select one from our list of recommended blackjack casinos plus a quick brush through the perks of playing there.
888 Online Casino

  • Classic blackjack games with stunning graphics
  • Amazing bonuses for card games
  • A trusted name in the business.

William Hill Online Casino

  • Well-structured and high paying blackjack bonuses
  • Live blackjack option
  • Great variety of classic table games

Betway Casino

  • Good bonuses and promotions for table games
  • Numerous cash blackjack games
  • Reliable software and lifelike visuals

Blackjack Ballroom Casino

  • Mobile blackjack casino
  • Amazing bonuses
  • Certified for fairness by eCogra

Free Blackjack: Online Blackjack for Fun

Enjoy the Game for Fun to Master the Rules, Then Go For Real Money!
With its potential for massive payouts, simple rules, and easy-to-employ strategy, casinos online blackjack is currently among the most popular table games globally.

Owing to its popularity, this classic card game has even been featured in a couple of exciting movies, such as ‘21,’ featuring Kevin Spacey. In case you have never tried going head to head with the dealer before and would like to experience all the glamour and glitz associated with it, you can experience the thrill of playing in demo mode which won’t cost you a penny.

The aim of free blackjack is similar to the goal when playing casino blackjack for real money. It’s to obtain a blackjack hand faster than the dealer without busting, make dealer bust or get cards which add up to a card value that’s as close to 21 as possible.

Real Money Blackjack

Real-Money-BlackjackAre you eager to start winning some cash betting on blackjack online for real money? Have you already rehearsed its simple rules and are completely comfortable with fast-paced real money gameplay? Maybe you’ve played at a casino table or perhaps even examined a strategy. You might have even enjoyed it for fun with family and friends or even experimented with gaming via the internet for real cash. Maybe even your level of gaming has developed to a point where you feel ready to load some cash into your account. Even so, before you start wagering real money, spare a few minutes to read and learn more about this classic casino game in today’s exclusive online casinos’ blackjack review.

Online Blackjack Bonuses

Most of the reputable casinos’ online blackjack providers offer a variety of blackjack games that can be relished for real money. To reward gamers and attract them to play on their platforms, these gambling sites will normally offer a range of promotions, where you can grab free gaming money to use on the different blackjack variations. With such bonuses at hand, you will have the opportunity to play more and win more.

To gain more from blackjack casino promotions, you will typically have to register for a real money account, then load a deposit to claim the present offer. Among the many promotions offered, the most popular are matched rewards and cash-backs. They give you a golden chance to boost your bankroll so that you can enjoy more casinos online blackjack sessions.

Why Use Our Bonus Suggestions?

  • They offer the most cash.
  • The wagering/rollover requirements are fair and achievable.
  • You can use the bonus cash on different variants of the game.
  • All the suggested online casinos are licensed and regulated.

How Online Blackjack Promotions Work

You can only enjoy the benefits of bonuses once you’ve registered for a real cash gaming account. A matched bonus which is also known as a deposit bonus is the most popular type of promotion associated with this game. It is where the casino will provide a percentage equivalent based on the amount you’ve deposited. Even though these bonuses normally have amount limits, they often offer a few hundred dollars in free betting money. But then, you must bear in mind that blackjack casino bonuses are not offered in all online casinos. This is why you need to find sites that reward those that spend time at the blackjack tables, or rather save yourself the hassle and play in any of our recommended blackjack casinos.

Before you opt to redeem a bonus, there are a number of aspects to mull over. These include:

  • The required deposit amount and the exact value of the bonus.
  • The rollover requirements. These conditions essentially come as part of the package of all real cash bonus promotions at online casinos.
  • The validity period of the promotion.

In short, while every online casinos’ blackjack bonus offers free cash which you will profit from, they will come with a fine-print that you must adhere to.

Observing the Wagering Requirements

The wagering conditions are a critical feature of blackjack bonuses. This is the amount of money that you must wager on blackjack games (for some other included table games) before you can be able to cash out or withdraw your bonus winnings. Many online casinos have wagering conditions based on the amount of buy-in alone, while others also add the value of the bonus you earn as part of the rollover requirement. The solution to getting the most lucrative rewards is to search for those that provide the highest amount of cash and have the least possible wagering requirements. This will let you instantly clear the bonus and profit from the earnings without breaking the bank.

Basic Blackjack Strategy and Tips

Like poker, blackjack is among the few internet gambling games where proficiency really counts, unlike the likes of slots and maybe even bingo or lottery games. Thus, it’s vital for you to try out various strategies and tips and start integrating them in your gameplay. However, before you try out any systems, there’s one fact that you have to bear in mind- all valid online blackjack strategies are based on logic and math. For that reason, the best strategy you can take on straightaway would be to leave your fallacies behind, wipe clean your winning misconceptions and only confide in the numbers. With all that out of the way, let’s brush through best tips you can employ to help you become a winner.

  1. Choose the Right Online CasinoGamers normally tend to overlook this vital step and decide to exactly begin with it. We can’t lay enough emphasis on how massive of an aspect choosing a good online casino is for your success at outdoing the game. And that procedure is not that difficult; the trick is choosing a trustworthy site featuring lots of substantial bonuses and games that you can wager on.But then how exactly does your pick of an online casino influence your winning opportunities? The reality is that not all casinos are secure and reliable. Furthermore, even if you’ve won fair and square, some may even decline to pay out your rewards. By picking a certified and regulated online casino like the ones we suggest, you guarantee yourself a fair winning chance and, most vitally, secured payouts.
  2. Choose the Right Blackjack SpinoffThis is another significant aspect of an all-inclusive online blackjack gameplay strategy. The most significant factor you should consider here when picking the blackjack online casinos variant is the house edge. The lower the edge of the house, the higher your chances of walking away a winner.
  3. Know Your Preferred Spinoff Inside OutNot all variants have the same rules. In fact, there are barely any two blackjack variants that have completely similar rules. Hence, employing the same basic strategy for various games just won’t help you succeed. Every single slight detail concerning the game counts as it affects the house edge. You can discover more about the particular rules of every spinoff from the game’s help section. To come up with the best strategy for your chosen offshoot, you should pay attention to the following:
    • How much a blackjack pays.
    • The number of decks in the shoe.
    • Are you able to double on any two cards in the game or just with a given total?
    • When do the rules permit the splitting of hands and how many times can you do it?
    • Can you double after splitting a hand?
    • Is hitting the Aces you’ve split allowed?
    • Is there the surrender option and in what circumstances?
    • Does the pit-boss hit a soft 17?
    • Is there a five-, six- or a seven-card Charlie?

    When looking for an ffective strategy, you must be aware that some casino blackjack titles have similar names, but they bear different rules and, accordingly, different house edge. This happens because different software developers create different games. For instance, Classic Blackjack by Net Entertainment has a 0.35% house advantage while the game having a similar name developed by Microgaming has a house advantage of a mere 0.13%. A large difference indeed!

  4. Use a strategy cardBy now, we hope that you’ve understood out tips for betting on the online variants of blackjack and have now picked a title you can take on, where to play and you’ve acquainted yourself well with all the rules. Now, you could benefit from using a strategy card particular to the game you’ve chosen. The cards help you make the right move under any gameplay circumstance.

How to Play Blackjack


Knowing how to play blackjack in a casino is simple. For a beginner, who wants to play blackjack online for money, you must first understand that house has a slight advantage, and a basic understanding of the strategic elements of the game is vital at the table. Read on for a complete breakdown of anything you may want to know about how to deal blackjack.

Blackjack game rules are not as complicated as many of us think. You’ll, however, require an exhaustive grasp of all of them before you start playing. The main aim through your gameplay is to beat the hand that the dealer has by having a higher score without surpassing a total count of 21.

Blackjack Card Values

As a gamer figuring out how to play blackjack in a casino, it’s of great significance that you understand the worth of every card in the deck. Cards numbered from 1-10 have a face value, whereas Jacks, Kings, and Queens have a value of ten points. All the other cards maintain the value that’s printed on them.

Aces are the wild card. They can be worth a point or eleven. Both give you better winning chances. For instance, if your ace is worth 11 points, this is referred to as a hard hand, while if the ace is worth 1, you have a soft hand. During the round a hard hand might turn into a soft hand, this relies on the cards that are dealt afterwards.

Basic Blackjack Gameplay

  • After making your initial bet, you’ll be dealt 2 cards and the same goes for the dealer. Only one will have the face side up. Resting on the worth of your hand, plus the worth of the dealer’s hand, you will choose what action to take next: Stand (receive no additional cards, thus ending your turn) or hit (ask for one more card from the dealer).
  • You can also pick to double down, i.e. double your bet and then get only one more card. And if your hand is weak or too risky, you can pick to surrender, giving up 50% of your initial bet, which is actually better than losing everything. If you’ve been dealt 2 cards of the similar value, you can choose to split the 2 cards to form 2 hands. Each hand will be dealt another card, and you can then carry on playing your 2 hands as usual.
  • Next, the dealer will disclose his cards, and the one whose worth is nearest to 21. In case the worth of your cards is exactly 21, you’ll win irrespective of the dealer’s cards. You’ll receive a payout of around 3:2.
  • If the worth of your cards goes beyond 21, you’ll ‘bust’ and lose your wager. But if your card’s worth surpasses that of the dealer’s hand while being less than 21, you’ll get an even cash payout of 1:1. And if the worth of your cards and that of the dealer’s are similar, you’ll get back your wager.

United Kingdom Blackjack Strategy Chart


Using Hand Signals

Awfully used hand signs are among the reasons why players end up incurring losses at the tables. Before heading to any of the blackjack online casinos to take part in a game, ensure you take keen note of the various hand signals used in the game. That way, you can easily avoid messing up as you play. In case you’re not sure, you can sit down and observe how other players do it before you can start using the signals yourself.

The appropriate hand signs rely on how the game is being played, either ‘Face Up’ or ‘Face Down.’

  • ace UpHit – Tap the table or point your cards.Stand – Gesture your hand over the cards from left to right, without repositioning your arm.Split or Double Down – Make a second wager in a different pile adjacent to your initial bet. Here, you aren’t supposed to lay a finger on the cards. You can only touch the cards in games that are played ‘Face down’. Raise a finger to double down and two if you want to split.
  • Face DownHit – swipe the table, a light signal normally made with the index finger.Stand – Gradually slide your cards beneath your chips. Don’t move your chips.Split or Double Down – Flip your cards ‘face up’ and add another wager to the initial stack of chips. To double down raise a finger and to split, raise two.
  • SurrenderTo surrender there is a button for you to hit to signal your intention. However, when playing live blackjack, you may express your intention to surrender via live chat.

Blackjack Side Bets

In an attempt to persuade more gamers to play the game in a more interactive and rewarding surrounding, numerous online blackjack casinos have started to initiate a variety of side bets in the course of the game. With blackjack having a low house advantage and a rather simple-to-learn gambling strategy, you can also quickly understand when and how to take advantage of these side bets.

Usually, a player who has examined the game can use a few extra side bets in a bid to improve their odds of winning. These side bets are normally made of small wagers and have high payouts that are often much better than the standard blackjack win. The following are some of the popular side bets:

  • 21+3This kind of a side bet is founded on your first two cards and the up card of the dealer. If a straight, flush, straight or a 3-of-a-kind, you win. The initial 21+3 side bet for every winning was 9:1, which leads to a house advantage of 3.24%.Moreover, new paytables with a higher house advantage and higher volatility have also been introduced. There have been numerous varieties of 21+3 variations, some having house advantages from just 2.79% all the way to 13.39%. 21+3 payouts will rely on the hand that the croupier deals you. In theory, the RTP here is 95.38%.
  • Over/Under 13Here, you can either win or lose the same amount of money if you can correctly predict whether the sum of your two initial cards will be more or less than 13, with the Ace counting as one.In most variations, the sum of thirteen will always lose; bear in mind that the house advantage for Under 13 bet is roughly 10% while the Over is 6.5%. Even though this kind of side bet is remarkably popular, with its high advantage to the house on either side, you could find yourself losing more cash without raking in any profits. The typical payout is roughly 10:1.
  • Royal MatchThis type of a side bet is provided at both single-decked and multiple deck tables. In case you make this wager, and the first two cards you receive from the dealer are well-matched (easy match) the payout will be 5:2.If you have Royal Match, a well-matched King and Queen, the payout will be 25:1. This possibly the most secure wager to place. The payouts are more favourable, especially when you consider the fact that the house advantage is at 3.7%. In the variant with a single deck,  payouts stand at 3:1 for an Easy Match and 10:1 for a Royal Match.
  • Super SevensHere, the idea is getting as many sevens in your hand as you can. Generally, Super Sevens is based on luck. If your first card is 7, the payout will be 3:1. For a scenario where your first two cards are 7s, on the other hand, the payout will rely on whether the 2 cards are well-matched or not. Cards that are not well-matched payout 50:1, and well-matched cards payout 100:1. If the third card is also a 7, suited cards payout 5,000:1 while unsuited cards payout 500:1 depending on the table.
  • Pair SquareHere, you’ll win if your first two cards are of a similar rank, for instance, a pair of 6’s. A suited pair will pay 15:1, while an unsuited pair will pay 10:1. The house advantage here stands at a high of 10.6%.
  • Lucky LadiesIn this wager, you predict that the first two cards are going to have a sum of up to 20 in value, and the ‘Lucky Ladies’ referred to here are 2 queens. If you manage to get the queens, and the croupier holds a blackjack, the payout ratio is a cool 1,000:1. There are numerous payouts depending on the cards you receive, and the house advantage stands at 17%. The good thing here is that the Hi-Lo count could possibly help you get the upper hand on this type of side bet.
  • Blackjack InsuranceThis is possibly the most popular kind of a side bet. Essentially, it protects you in case the dealer gets a blackjack. With this kind of side bet, you’ll put down 50% of your initial wager as the insurance, and in case the dealer hits a blackjack, you will get paid on a 2:1 ratio on the insurance bet.

Blackjack Online Money Management


Money management is a must for countless reasons in all spheres of life. The right money management strategy can actually work wonders. Fundamentally, every bettor has a different bankroll, and therefore, it will be most valuable for everyone to create a plan as they know best there needs and expectations.

Money management prevents you from being reckless with your cash and helps you make better choices during the game. It works just as other strategies. It gives you the opportunity to strategize your expenditure earlier and determine your wagers in line with your bankroll.

Money management is all about the funds you bring with yourself and the most effective way to wager in a given circumstance. Generally, you should divide your cash depending on the number of rounds you want to play. After you are done playing those rounds, cash out whether you win or lose and walk away to prevent spending extra.

Online Blackjack Variants

Being amongst the most played table game enjoyed by gamers of all ages, plenty of online casinos blackjack variants have been unveiled to give the classic game a fresh and exciting twist.

  • Progressive blackjack online – is a variety of the game which gives you the chance to win a huge amount of cash. The name comes from the progressive jackpot payout tied to it.
  • Multiplayer blackjack- this is a type that lets gamers play against other players over the internet. Normally, it offers up to 5 seats.
  • Face up 21 – here, the game that lets you see 2 dealer’s cards. Both participants (you and the dealer) receive their cards ‘face up’ so that the rest of the participants can view them.
  • Pontoon- this is a spinoff that hails from Great Britain, but it’s also popular in America and Asia. Pontoon’s primary twist is that you won’t see 2 of the dealer’s cards. For that reason, you must not build your gaming strategy on the hand that you receive.
  • Blackjack 5 hand- this is a variant that has rules similar to the original 21 game, the only difference being that you can enjoy playing 5 hands at a go. It gives you more winning chances.
  • Classic blackjack- this is the plain old-fashioned variant of the 21 game enjoyed by numerous players.
  • Blackjack single deck- this is a type of the casino classic using only a single deck of 52 cards. This variant offers you the advantage of having a rather low house edge.
  • Free bet blackjack online- this is a version of the classic game which was developed by Geoff Hall, though, it came into existence a couple of years after the Blackjack Switch variant. In designing it, Geoff integrated on a twist to the game; any cash wagered while splitting or doubling wouldn’t be risked by the gamer. Free Bet Blackjack online lets you split and double more than the original version of the game. The only catch to this casino classic similar to its predecessor (the Switch version) is that, if the dealer receives a twenty-two, any naturals will be paid in even cash, and all your wagers will push against the non-busted hands.
  • Blackjack switch – the difference between this version and the original 21 version is that the dealer deals out two hands and not a single one. In the course of the game, you can switch or exchange the top two cards, and naturals are paid out on a ratio of 1:1 rather than the usual 3:2.
  • Blackjack Surrender – this is a variation that also allows you to surrender 2 of your first cards if you realize you have an awful hand.
  • Live casino blackjack – this is the most immersive variant of the 21 game that you will enjoy live. You’ll get the thrill of watching live croupiers deal out your cards rather than an automated computer program. Live Blackjack will normally feature 7 seats.
  • Mobile Blackjack – this is very similar to the regular game that you access via desktop computers. The only difference is that mobile blackjack can be played on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, across different operating systems.
  • European Blackjack – this is a spinoff of the table game commonly played in European casinos.
  • Match play 21- this is a version of the casino classic that’s played without any 10s.
  • Caribbean 21 – in this challenging variant any Aces you obtain are going to be valued as a ‘hard’ rather than 1 to 11.
  • Super Fun 21 – this version of the classic game integrates rules from blackjack in its original form plus numerous rules unique to the game. Here a gamer’s natural blackjack will always beat the dealer.
  • Spanish 21 – Don’t let the name fool you, it’s of American origin and comes with plenty of twists that add to the thrill of playing.

Blackjack History

Blackjack-HistoryAs one most well-known table games in the world played by many gamers in both online and land-based casinos on a daily basis, it boasts of a rich history. Here’s a quick look at the rich history of this table game:

  • 17th centuryThe very first mention of a game like blackjack was depicted in a Spanish tale referred to as Riconete y Cortadillo. Some people also think that the game could have origins that are way older than the 17th century.
  • 18th centuryAmong the numerous theories to the origins of blackjack, the most supported is that it started in France with a game called Vingt-et-Un (1891, Baxter Wray – Round Games with Cards)
  • 19th – 21st CenturyIrrespective of where blackjack first began, it progressively spread around Spain and France, from where it started to move to US casinos where it was called 21, a name still commonly used to date. After the rise of online gaming in the ‘90s, plenty of variants of the classic hit started being developed, and you can find them across different online platforms.


  1. How can I find a trustworthy online blackjack casino?The first place to look in our recommended list of top online casinos. We exhaustively look into every casino to ensure it has amazing bonuses and favourable payouts in a range of game variants.
  2. What must I have to start playing online blackjack?All you need is a PC or a mobile gaming device and a proper internet connection. Depending on the casino, you will either have to download the casino software or just enjoy the browser-based instant play flash version.
  3. Where can I download blackjack software for my computer?You get every online casinos’ software from the casino site.
  4. Can I enjoy online blackjack games for free?Of course, most of the finest gaming sites allow you to play blackjack games without spending any cash so that you can learn the ropes, develop a strategy and have fun without risking any cash.
  5. Can you use strategy to better your winning chances in blackjack?Yes, even though luck is involved, there are several strategies and tips you can use for playing blackjack to lower the house edge and increase your winning chances.
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