Casino Themed Christmas Party Ideas
Casino Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Casino Themed Christmas Party Ideas

The festive cheer is already in the air, and before you know it, the season will be in full swing. Snow is already filling the streets, and Santa is no doubt getting ready to sleigh above rooftops, drop in some presents, and enjoy those baked cookies that make his mouth water.

One of the best touches of the Christmas season is all the party options that are laid out to attend. If you plan to be a host this year for the Christmas and New Year 2020 party but do not have any ideas on the direction to take, we get it. 

The festive season comes with a flurry of activities such as decorating, getting gifts, catching up on binge-worthy shows, and visiting all the magical places that transform into holiday wonderlands. The hustle and bustle of hosting your friends and office colleagues this year can be taken to another level with a casino themed Christmas party. December 2019 is an excellent time to give it a shot.
casino themed christmas party

What Is a Casino Themed Christmas and New Year Party?

Christmas office party means different things for different people, but it all bubbles down to celebrating the holidays and indulging in the spirit of giving. Throw in some gambling-related fun into the mix, and you have yourself and casino themed Christmas party. The casino niche embodies a lot of features that can be used as casino themed Christmas party ideas. Therefore, if you choose to tread down this path, you have a wide range of directions to explore that can be blended into countrified Christmas traditions for the grandest celebration yet.

How to Prepare a Casino Themed Christmas Party

The cliché saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ cannot be proved to be more accurate of a statement than when preparing for a party. Hosting a Christmas party demands a lot, but having a themed one requires even more commitment. Before heading out to gear up for the upcoming event, it is best to understand what is required to make the casino party a success, and some of these aspects include:


The invitations you send out for your Christmas party theme for office mates can tell a lot about whether the event will be fun-filled or people will be begging to leave as soon as they arrive. Proper planning with the invitations is the first step to making your party a winner from the word go. It also provides an idea of how and how much of the casino you will be bringing to the venue.

The best invitations for office casino parties revolve around items that are used in gambling establishments. 

  • If you are sending physical invites, consider taking a minimalist and practical approach by using playing cards. You can glue small texts to one side of the items stating essential details about the party. 
  • Another option is simply mailing gaming chips and extra coloured ones for those who want to bring plus ones. 
  • If the invitations are sent online via email or platforms like Instagram, include cards, dice, and chips to the prints so that your invitees have a clear idea of the theme being focused on this year.


The décor of a Christmas party casino night is dictated by the vibe you want to create. Decide if you wish to recreate a sophisticated modern look that revolves around the contemporary upper gambling class or aim for a classic speakeasy vibe inspired by casinos of the olden days. 

You can also go mafia-style and create an underground feel where players can lounge in the risqué vibe of fake-breaking the law like gamblers did during the prohibition era. The online platform serves as tools to help achieve any of these decoration routes, which can be done with giant dice, chips, Las Vegas signs, and Christmas trees made out of cards. If you are taking the luxury route, consider an added touch of a red carpet complete with a photographer or two along with fully set tables and tons of sparkly items.


Games are to casinos what coloured horns are to unicorns – you cannot imagine one without the other. Therefore, your Vegas themed Christmas party cannot be considered complete without a couple of games rooted in the niche. The choice of games for office party influence how well it goes, so be careful with the options you lay for your guests. 

During such events, choose Christmas casino games that are easy to learn and quick to conduct. Some games you can consider include blackjack, roulette, craps, and poker. Simplified versions of these games can be purchased online or local stores, so you do not have to go all out and buy sets similar to those found on professional casino floors. You can go even further and hire skilled dealers to conduct the games or have some of your pals trained on how to do so. You can also play the games in some of the best UK online casinos that are powered by revered casino software providers.

Dress Code

The dress code also plays a crucial role in bringing the casino Christmas theme together. The last thing you want is to try and replicate a Las Vegas gambling scene only to end up with guests showing up in their knitted holiday sweaters. Specify the dress code you would like your pals to abide by in the casino Christmas party invitations that you send out. This event should be heavily influenced by the theme direction you decide to take. If luxury is your go-to choice, request your male guests to pull out their tuxedos while the ladies adorn ritzy gowns that go with the flashy element of the holiday party.


Merry your friends’ Christmas by offering gifts for gamblers. The ideal option would be to have chips that can be changed for cash, but that would be illegal. Therefore, you can have them exchanged for raffle tickets that can then be used to collect random prizes. Have your guests bring different gifts that are then matched to a raffle number. If you are working with a big budget, you can purchase the presents yourself.

Casino Themed Party checklist

Best Ideas on a Casino Royale Themed Christmas Party

Narrow down your list of casino theme options by choosing a Casino Royale event. This film is considered one of the best gambling-based movies of all time, and it still serves as an ideal office themed party for the holidays even thirteen years after its release. If you plan on bringing James Bond to life this Christmas, some of the elements that can help get you on track for your Casino Royale Christmas party include:

  1. Film-inspired invitations – you can use famous lines from the film in the invitations and even give guests agent numbers that begin with the legendary 00.
  2. Lookalikes – you can hire models to pose as James Bond lookalikes and even perform some famous lines from the film.
  3. James Bond cutouts – if hiring models or actors is out of your budget range, have large cutouts of the spy with his gun or martini in hand.
  4. Serve the James Bond Martini – the famous Vesper Martini that the spy sips in the movie should be a part of the food and drinks’ menu.
  5. Be keen on hues – lean towards whites, blacks, and reds for the décor, which are the luxurious tones of the film.
  6. Casino chip bites – replace macarons and ordinary cookies with casino chip-decorated bites.
  7. Dice cubes – have small to large dice cube decorations scattered around the venue to push home the idea of the theme. You can be inventive and have dice lollipops or jelly shots.
  8. Gangster hats – offer gangster hats to your guests, which make frequent appearances on the villains’ heads in the film.
  9. Have poker tables – this film replaces the original Baccarat classic in its predecessors with Texas Hold’em Poker. Therefore, set aside a table to run the game.
  10. Casino straws – make even the functional items casino themed such as straws with poker suits printed on them.

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As you and your office pals indulge in a fine dining Christmas night, you can also claim some bonuses and promotions tabled by the best casinos online in the UK. These offers that are on our website can be used to play slot machines for free and collect payouts that can then be cashed out. Claiming bonuses and playing slots can also be incorporated into the night to add a unique touch to the celebration. 


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