best online craps casinos in the UK

List of best online craps casino in the UK

Choose the best UK casino for playing craps, try to play for free or for real money. Bonus: Learn best strategy for craps!

Sky Bet Casino Deposit £10, get up to £60
SlotoCash Casino 100% + 300 Free Spins
Sportingbet Casino £10 back-up bet After first bet
Casino Classic 100% up to €500
Casino Action 100% up to €1 250
Mega Casino 100% up to €500
Betfair Casino 100% Up To £200 + 100 Extra Spins
Lucky Red Casino 400% up to $4000
Luxury Casino Up to £1000
Golden Tiger Casino Up to €1500
Casino Room Up to £1,500
Karamba Casino £200 +100 Spins
Bwin Casino 100% up to €200
PartyCasino 100% up to $500
InstaCasino 100% up to £200
Hippodrome Casino £1,000 Welcome Bonus
Gala Casino 50% Deposit Match up to £200
Dunder Casino 200% First Deposit Bonus up to £50 + 180 Bonus Spins
CasinoEuro 100% up to €150
Slots Magic Casino €100 + 50 Free Spins
BetWay Casino Welcome Package up to £1000 + 75 Spins on Temple of Tut
LadBrokes 100% Match up to £500 Bonus
Europa Casino 200% up to $/€ 200
Casino Splendido 100% up to £120 on 1st deposit
888 Casino Up to £1500 Welcome Bonus + £30
Sloty Casino 100% First Deposit Bonus up to £300 + 300 Extra Spins
PlayFrank Casino 100% Welcome Bonus up to £100 + 50 Extra Spins on Starburst

Online Craps Guide, Strategy & Tips

The Best Craps Online Casinos

Casinos Rating Welcome Bonus
  • 888
9.5/10 Up to €1500
  • Karamba
8/10 Up to €500
  • Eurogrand
8.5/10 Up to €1000
  • Winner
9/10 Up to €5000
  • Spin Palace
8.8/10 Up to €700

Online Craps in the UK

Web-based Craps is immensely popular, not only in the UK but also across the globe. Additionally, the recreation of this game and similar dice games is nearly impossible in the CGI format for two reasons. For starters, it is a bit challenging to recreate the mechanics of craps in a web browser or on a PC. Secondly, it is difficult to re-generate the communal encounter which a myriad of players values immensely. Fortunately, for fans of Craps worldwide, gambling technology has evolved significantly over the last few years and will inform you of the best casinos offering craps.

The Ground Rules of Playing Craps Online


The table for playing Craps has a complex outlook upon first glance. There are various bets in the game, with the table being marked with the various betting outcomes. The online table has the same design as the one you will find in a brick and mortar casino. All punters (also referred to as ‘shooters’) place wagers on the last digit that is rolled on 2 dice.

Below are the simple steps to get started:

  1. Set the bet that you wish to place and select your chips accordingly. The players require placing the lowest possible wager on either the Pass or Don’t Pass lines. Other shooters at the Craps Table also have the option of making their bets.
  2. The participants then take turns to roll the 2 dice, and their initial roll is known as a ‘Come Out’ roll.
  3. The player continues to roll the dice up until a losing sequence is attained whereby: Instances where a ‘Come Out roll’ is 11 or 7, then the Pass wager wins. Therefore, shooters who gambled on the Don’t Pass wagers lose, and the round comes to a halt.When a ‘Come Out Roll’ is a 12, 3, or 3 (known as Craps) the ‘Don’t Pass’ line wins, consequently, then the Pass Line does not win, and hence, the round comes to a halt.
  4. For players that roll a 10, 8, 5, 6, 4, 9, or 5, on a ‘Come out’ Roll, the respective number that is rolled is automatically the Point Number.
  5. The participant keeps rolling the dice and only stops when either a 7 or a point number is encountered.
  6. Upon the rolling of the Point Number, the Pass Line gamblers score a win and for Don’t Pass gamers, it is vice versa. If the number seven is rolled, then this means that the Pass Line Bets incur a loss, and consequently, the Don’t Pass Bets attain a real money win.
  7. Upon the shooter losing out, the participants alternate, and a new player gets the opportunity to roll the ‘Come Out Roll’ after which all shooters place the lowest possible bet.

The Top-notch Craps Betting Strategies


Before you make the decision to ante-up and relish in some online gaming, the Craps strategy certainly needs some careful thought. While it is impossible to gain control of the motions of the dice upon their release, you can indeed boost your chances of success with not only easy wagering techniques (as outlined below), but also an advanced craps betting strategy.

  • Acquire Sensibility – When it comes to playing at a Craps online casino, you will realize that Craps is a game exuding unpredictability with a multitude of twists of fate at any instance. Therefore, you will require having a solid bankroll if you wish to avoid gambling all your funds, alongside the implementation of a winning strategy. If you are playing conservatively, then it is recommended to have a minimum of fifty bets if you do not wish to play with fear.
  • To Buy or Not – Buy bets are seemingly attractive as they permit shooters to wager on particular Nevertheless, this alternative comes at a premium. The craps casino is essentially granting you the opportunity to place a wager that is not in its favor, and in turn you get charged a certain commission each time you acquire a win. Thus, while the odds of the gameplay may be too lucrative to turn down, the mandatory commission will eat into your overall returns.
  • Taking the Odds – The ‘odds’ bets which shooters make behind the pass line are not the most obvious on the table. However, they can be quite profitable. Upon combining them with the Pass Line Bets, these types of wagers offer the best possibility of covering all but three probable totals. To place an Odds wager, you ought to put chips which have an equivalent of double your Line Pass bet behind the pass line. Once a point is established, then you will not only recoup your initial investment but also make a profit.

Advanced Craps Gambling Strategies

Once you have known on the best way to utilize the types of wagers whereby the casino in question has the lowest possible edge, you can proceed to get acquainted with the advanced gambling strategy, as discussed below.

It needs you to place a bet of $3 three times simultaneously with a Pass Line Bet that has the responsibility of protecting you from the sevens. The $3 on here-way stake level would be for the digits 2, 12, and 3 ($1 each). The cashout for 2 and 12 is 30-1 whereas for 3 it is 15-1. If either a 12 or a 2 comes out, then you will receive $30. However, if a 3 comes out, then you will receive $15.

Tips for Winning Real Money in Online Craps

  • Tip the dealer – You should always give tips to the dealer, more so when you are on a winning streak. Doing so leads to the creation of a superb playing environment which is quite essential to someone who is partaking in a game of dice. What is more is that it will give you the confidence that you require to utilize Craps, as well as the occurring winning streaks.
  • Know when to quit – The problem with many participants is that they fail to know when to stop playing. Thus, this ends up costing them an astronomically high amount of bankroll since, when they do not feel like playing, they get angry or upset which causes a bad gameplay session that begins to spiral out of control. With that being said, you should refrain from chasing losses. It is only upon feeling at ease that you will have your best rounds of playing.
  • Your bets should be at par with your resources – During a game of craps, it is quite crucial for every participant to be aware of the status of his/her respective resources and how to effectively utilize them. A shooter should never place large stakes when he/she lacks sufficient funds to proceed with the gameplay during losses. For instance, if you have set aside $1500 for playing Craps, you will require placing particular wagers which range from $20 to $30. In doing this, you will attain the chance to stay in the game longer, more so during losing streaks. If you have a balance of $200, then you ought to place wagers of $2 to $3.

Money Management in Craps

Money-Management-in-CrapsExcellent bankroll management should always be a priority irrespective of the casino game that you decide to indulge in. Nevertheless, when it comes to craps, money management is unavoidable. The reason for this is the quick-paced nature of the game where punters can either lose or win money in the blink of an eye. Shooters are in competition against the house, and some categories of stake levels which they can place during the gameplay have a significant house advantage. With any seven bets, for example, the casino’s edge is almost 17%. Given that Craps is among the gameplay alternatives with an anticipated negative value, more often than not, the gaming sites end up winning in the long run. However, for shooters that have a knack for this game of luck, they can boost their chances of acquiring profits through not only excellent money management but also being disciplined.

Good Wagers in Online Craps for Real Money

  • Pass Bet – It is a wager that is not only quite popular but also the most vital in Craps. Bearing a house advantage of 1.42%, it is indeed of the most ideal stake levels among the abundance of games found in casinos (land-based and online). The Pass Wager is placed on a ‘Come out’ Roll, as well as on the section of the Craps table that is labeled as the Pass Line. Players score a win when the shooter rolls either eleven or seven, and consequently, you incur a loss if the shooter rolls a 12, 2, or 3. If a 10, 8, 6, 5, 4 or 9, is rolled, then the point number is identified and the round proceeds. However, if the rolling of the point number occurs prior to a 7, then the Pass Bet wins, and if a seven is rolled before the point number then the ‘Pass’ bet incurs a loss.
  • Don’t Pass Bet – It is vice versa to a Pass Bet whereby instead of gambling that the shooter will attain a win, you are wagering that he/she will acquire a loss instead. In a Live Gaming platform, this is referred at ‘Gambling against the Craps Table. What is more is that you are usually gambling against the other participants. Players place their chips in the parts that are labeled with the number ‘2.’ You win the wager if the shooter happens to roll either a three or two. It becomes a stand-off upon the shooter rolling a 12 and no one wins. You lose upon the shooter rolling out an 11 or 7. Pertaining to any other digit, the point number is made, and the shooter then requires rolling a seven prior to the point number to win the wager. However, if the point number is rolled and precedes the 7, then you lose.
  • Come Bet – It functions similarly to a Pass Bet. However, it is placed when the gameplay is in session and after the point number of the ‘Pass Bet’ has been placed. You make your wager in the ‘Come’ part on the table. The next roll upon placing your stake level then turns out to be your individual ‘Come out Roll’ where you can either score a win or encounter a loss. Alternatively, a point number for the Come wager is established. If the rolling of 11 or 7 by the shooter with the Come Out roll occurs, then automatically the wager wins. If the shooter rolls a 12, 3, or 2 then you lose the Stake Level. If any other digit is rolled, the point number is immediately set. The point number does not depend on the Pass Line wagers alongside the Pass Bet point number. If the Come Bet point number is rolled by the shooter prior to the 7, then the wager wins. The returns from the bet are based on the point number that is rolled.
  • ‘Don’t Come’ Wager – As seen with the Don’t Pass Bet, this wager functions oppositely to the Pass Bet. Additionally, the Don’t Come wager functions opposite to a Come Bet. It is made when the gameplay is in session after the Pass Line point number. After placing the Don’t Come bet, you lose, attain a win, or the point number is made with the proceeding roll (the Come out Roll). You win upon the shooter rolling out a 3 or a 2. Moreover, you win if the shooter happens to roll either 11 or a 7, not to mention the wager being tied if a 12 is rolled. With any other digit, the point number for the gamble is made and if a seven is rolled prior to this digit then this means that you achieve a win.

Bad Bets in Internet Craps

  • Field Bet – It is placed on the vast sections at the center of the table and refers to a one-roll stake level. Players win if the proceeding roll is 12, 4, 10, 2, 9, 3, or 11. They attain a win of 1:1 upon the rolling of 11, 9, 4, 10, or 3 and more for the 12 or 2. You lose your wager if an 8, 6, 7, or 5, is rolled.
  • The Big 8 or Big 6 – These bets are paid even cash, yet they are synonymous with the Place Bets with the only significance being that they contain worse odds. Hence, it is advisable to relish in the Place Bets.
  • Horn High or Horn – It is a proposition stake level that functions as 4 bets compiled in one, and you gamble one unit on every number. Nevertheless, the Horn High is usually delighted in with five as opposed to four units. If you are gambling $5 for instance, a single unit would contribute towards the 12, 3, 11 or 2, and the 5th unit would be extra on one of these numbers. The cashout is 4:1 for the 11 or 3 or 7.5: 1 for either the 12 or 2 and you incur a loss with any other digit.
  • Box Cars/12 or Aces/2 – These two bets have a payout of 30:1. If a 2 is rolled, then Aces wins. If a 12 is rolled, the ‘Box Cars’ wins. When any other number is rolled, then this leads to a loss.
  • Any 7 – You attain a win upon rolling a seven and lose with any other digit. Furthermore, then cashout is usually 5:1.

The Combination of Good Stake Level with Even Better Ones

The house advantage of the craps wagers is already quite decent for a casino gameplay option. However, there is a stake level which you will not find indicated on the Craps table; the Odds Bet.

  1. The Odds Bet– It is a side wager which players can place in combination with their initial wagers as they please upon making the Point Number. Punters get to ‘take odds’ after placing a pass, ‘lay odds’ or ‘come bet.’ Nevertheless, this is on the condition that they place a Don’t Come or Come Bet, both of which are not indicated on the table. The Odds Bet is placed behind the Don’t Pass, Come, Pass, or Don’t Come wager, and the real money deposit that you make is on whether or not a 7 or the point number will be first rolled, based on your initial bet. Participants win if this initial bet wins. They also have the flexibility of lowering, increasing, or removing the odds bet during the gameplay as they deem necessary.The Odds Bet has a payout of 2:1 on the points of 10 and four, 3:2 on a nine and five, and 6:5 on 8 and 6. Typically, the odds bets have limitations to thrice or twice your initial bet. For instance, if a player makes a pass bet of $10, then he/she has the option of wagering an additional $20 as an Odds Bet of two times. Therefore, this lowers the house advantage to 0.6%. Nevertheless, once in a while gaming websites, run bonuses which facilitate greater Odds Bets, thereby bringing the advantage strikingly closer to zero.
  2. The Best House Advantage– For the reduction of the house advantage to the absolute minimum when playing craps is to partake in either the Don’t Pass or Pass bets, in addition to following up with the greatest possible Odds Bets.

The History of Online Craps


Essentially, this game is a simplified variant of the classic English dice game known as Hazard, dating back to the 1400s. It quickly gained popularity in France during the middle ages. It was then introduced to the USA courtesy of a renowned French aristocrat in the 1900s, during which the name was converted to Crapaud, which is a French name meaning ‘toad.’

Currently being referred to as Craps, it became even more well-known with the advent of online casinos during the 21st century.

Free Gameplay

Free-GameplayPlaying web-based craps for free is the best way of getting acquainted with the game before risking a coin of your hard-earned cash. Rounds of Craps at a live gaming site are immensely exhilarating if you are prepared. Additionally, this game has unique lingo. Thus, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the various terminologies for the full comprehension of what is taking place at the table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. In which casinos can I participate in Craps for real cash? – Online Craps is usually available on various gaming sites, more so those that are in operation in the European markets. You will generally have the ability to delight in Craps at a UK internet casino since it is one of the most popular table games.
  2. As a player, where can I partake in the most renowned web-based craps real cash wagers?- Without a doubt, the most ideal monetary craps bets that you can make are Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, Pass, Come bets. Moreover, punters have the option of adding the Odds wager for the further reduction of the house edge.
  3. Is it possible to practice Internet craps for free?– Playing online craps for free is a phenomenal way of gaining practice with the seemingly unbeatable craps systems before putting real money on the line. Hence, the free gameplay serves as a tutorial to get acquainted with the ground rules.
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