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For gambling establishments to operate online, their owners have to put in place online casino software that enables users to access their platforms with ease. There are gaming providers who have dedicated themselves to providing quality software that allows gamers to interact with casinos easily. One of the companies that provide this software is Cryptologic. This review takes a close look at the features and games offered by Cryptologic.

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Cryptologic is a casino software provider that develops games, software, and gaming platforms. Their software comes in two forms: download and instant play software. The download version allows players to download and install the casino software in their computers while the instant play version is installed in the player’s browser. Some players argue that the downloaded version has a more interactive interface compared to the instant version. Cryptologic develops exclusive online games. They have over 300 games hosted by different online casinos.

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History of Cryptologic

The provider began its operations in 1996 as a software developing company specializing in encryption technology. When Cryptologic recognized the potential in the online gaming sector, the company started developing software for online games. In 1997, cryptologic launched their online casino: InterCasino. In 1998, it was the first company to make multiplayer games a reality in the online gaming scene. Their early involvement in this industry makes Cryptologic one of the godfathers of online casinos along with Playtech and Microgaming.

In 2012, Amaya Group of Companies bought Cryptologic. Under Amaya’s umbrella, it continues to give its clients quality software to help them get the best out of online gaming. Today, Amaya Group of Companies goes by the name The Stars Group. This name change happened in August 2017.

Games From Cryptologic

Cryptologic has developed over 300 online sets. The most popular Cryptologic games are the branded slots. These games are designed with themes that heavily derive their plot from Marvel stories. The company entered an agreement with Marvel to provide slots dedicated to their superheroes and villains. If a slot game borrows its plot from Spiderman, for instance, the characters on display and the background music will be from the Spiderman movie. Spiderman, Hulk, and The Punisher are some of the games popular in this category.

They also offer casual games and regular table games. Casual games have the same principles as other online slots; the only difference is that they have innovative structures. Regular table games are standardized. They have the same rules and structure as the others in the gaming scene.

Cryptologic Game Categories

Even though Cryptologic casinos have well over 300 games on their platforms, all the sets can fit into four categories. Players who have identified a particular type as their favorite can check out other titles in the same group to spice up their gaming experience.

  • Slot machines
    One of the things that set Cryptologic apart from the rest of the casino software providers is their usage of themes from popular movies. Their slots mostly use themes from Marvel movies. One of the top slots played by gamers is derived from Thor, one of the gods in the Avengers series. The themed slots have proven to be favorites not only of gamers but also movie fans.
  • Progressive jackpots
    These are quite similar to regular slots. To win the gamer has to get a certain symbol matched in a line. The only differences are that progressive jackpots offer payouts of up to 8 million dollars and the wins are influenced by the number of people betting.
  • Table games
    Players who do not like slots can play the games in this category. Unlike slot machines, table games do not derive their themes from popular movies. They are standard regarding structure, rules, and appearance. Some of the table games offered by Cryptologic casinos include blackjack, poker, and roulette.
  • Video Poker
    Cryptologic offers several variations of video poker. Video poker is one of the most skillful online games and has long been deemed one of the gamers favorite. Some gamers may argue that video poker is one of the few games that have the best winning chances. Many players believe that the high chances of winning are because the house has a smaller edge compared to the other games.
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Cryptologic Features

Every casino developer has special features that set their work apart from other developers. Having developed their gaming platform from scratch, one thing that sets Cryptologic apart from other developers is their experience. The company ventured into the online casino scene in the early stages, and it has had the privilege of providing casino software to many casinos. Here are other features that set the provider apart from the rest.

  • Robust Software Development and Support
    Cryptologic has had the perfect opportunity to test and hone its software development and support skills in its online casino. Having built Inter Casino from scratch, Cryptologic brings its knowledge and experience in building successful platforms in helping other casinos develop strong and reliable gaming platforms. As a result, casinos powered by Cryptologic software are easy to use and efficient.
  • Different real and play money accounts
    Cryptologic offers a feature that allows players to separate their real money and play money. This separation allows players to try out different games before committing to one freely. It also allows new gamers to play with real money before depositing in a casino. As a result, players are relieved of the pressure of having to sign up and deposit money before being able to play any game.
  • Huge Progressive Jackpots
    Jackpots are famous for their big wins. Compared to other casino games, jackpots offer higher pay and are more exciting because of their random structure. Progressive jackpots are influenced by the number of people playing it and the amount of money they wager. Because of its progressive nature, the wins are not the same. The biggest jackpot win was from the game Millionaire Genie. The player who won walked away with £ 4,671,110. This gave the other players hope of winning a larger if not the same amount. Some of the slots that are popular for big wins include Bejeweled 2, Emeralds Isle, and Millionaire’s Club.
  • Ease of use
    The casino software is meant to be installed either onto the desktop or the browser of a player. To ensure that all players have an easy time using the software, the developers made it compatible with all browsers. The software can be installed on any browsing platforms: Safari, Mozilla Fox, Google and even Internet Explorer. It is also compatible with most if not all games.

The software’s ability to work with just about any game on any platform has made it one of the best casino software. Casinos now have wider audience access.

In as much as Cryptologic no longer operates as a sole entity, it has maintained its uniqueness. It still develops themed slots for its audience and supplies the masses with efficient software that enables them to enjoy the best of online gaming. Their merging with a bigger company only means more financial backing. Gamers now have a hope of new better slots by the provider.

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