Double Exposure MH Online

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Double Exposure MH blackjack is a multi-hand variant. Developed by Play N’Go, it is an online game with a computer dealer, not a live person. It is popular because of the 99% RTP and the simplicity of how it operates.

Double Exposure MH game does not offer free chips or bonus rounds, or a jackpot amount. You play it in the same way you play blackjack with no bonuses attached.

Double Exposure MH
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This is a blackjack version that is highly similar to multi-hand blackjack. Double Exposure MH changed some game rules for the benefit of players.

How to Play the Game

To start gambling, select the value of your chip and wager it. All wins pay 1:1.

The dealer will give you two cards initially. You need to add the numerical values of these and try to get as close to 21 as possible. If you exceed 21 you bust and you lose. The value of the different card pieces are:

  • Ace – 1 or 11
  • 2 to 10 – face value
  • J, Q, and K – 10

The dealer also gets two but only one is shown. You need to decide if you want to hit. A hit means you want another card whose value will be added to your first two cards. If you decide to stand, you can no longer draw a card.

After you stand, the dealer will draw cards. If your card has a higher value, you win.

Rules of Double Exposure MH

Here are some important reminders when playing.

If the dealer draws a 21, also called a blackjack, on the first two cards, the dealer automatically wins. The exception is if you have also drawn the same. In that case, the game is a push. It means no one won or lost.

  • The dealer will keep on drawing cards until it hits a soft 16.
  • Cards are re-shuffled on each round so you cannot count cards.
  • You can play up to three hands.
  • The game is played with six decks.
  • Dealer wins for ties.

Bonuses and Game Features

Here are some odd features of the game.

  • The dealer losses if you have blackjack even if they also have a blackjack. Two cards amounting to 21 on without drawing. Typically, this results to a push.
  • You lose in case of a tie. In a typical blackjack game, this should result in a push.
  • If two more of your cards constitute the number 21, it is considered 21, not a blackjack. This means you do not automatically win.

Tips to Improve Winning Odds

The key to succeeding in blackjack is knowing when to stop drawing. Most pundits advise players to stop drawing when you already hit 15. Some will say you should hit at least 17.

To manage your bets, bet on three areas to get three sets of hands. Make sure that you wager equal amounts so the wins will offset our losses and you come out at break even.

You can test the game for free on websites that review blackjack games. Play it free without download and without registration. Decide how you want to strategise before playing for real money.

Our New Slots

One of the popular categories of online entertainment are card games, and the most interesting is Black Jack. Play’n Go has developed one of the fascinating types of blackjack called Double Exposure MH. The gameplay takes place against a green gaming table, as is customary in the best specialized gaming establishments in the world. In addition, the graphics of the game displays a variety of thematic elements. It should be noted also fascinating soundtrack, with which the game for each user will seem more interesting and unforgettable. Here, gamers need to collect a combination of cards to make an amount of 21. The payout in case of a blackjack loss from the first two cards is equal to the bet. Also, this Black Jack differs from other similar entertainments by having a doubling function, which can be used to increase the chances of winning. I wish you all good luck!
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