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Since its appearance in 2005, EGamingOnline software has been dominating the online casino software market. With its innovations and novelty offerings, it has established itself as one of the leading names in the gambling industry. The company also has a prominent presence in its native circuit in Prague. They have since opened out to the world as well – setting up in countries like Mexico, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, Macedonia, and Spain. Throughout the decade, they have mastered the gaming systems like Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) and Multi-lotto Server Based Gaming (SBG). Go through the review below for more information.

EGamingOnline services are available in the following categories.

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The provider has certain technical setups that host features like multiple bonuses and continuous server support across the gaming systems. The following types of systems are offered by this company:

  • Linked System. Based on the jackpot system, this totally operational Server Supported System is connected to three video arcade All the data management is performed by a local server that offers operators a great variety of management choices. It can employ a huge screen across which all the information regarding multiplayer quests and jackpot wins can be displayed.
  • Central Lottery System (CLS). This makes the use of Random Number Generation (RNG) and advanced logic to calculate results through a central server. Multi-lotto CLS can not only function within a small area connected over LAN but also cover several countries across the world. Users can easily switch between softwares without any noticeable waiting period while using this system.
  • Server Based Gaming System. This internationally popular gaming system supports both Multi-slot and Multi-lotto machines. This is the preferred choice of top casino software providers over the world. This has quite an attractive list of features to offer: loyalty schemes, advertising channels, cash-free transactions, ticketing services, and progressive jackpots.
  • Server Supported Gaming System. This platform is well-known for its versatility across its usage in legacy slot machines. It requires gaming machines to conform to SAS 6.02 protocols (available through third-party conversion) in order to operate. It includes tools like statistics and floor management programs, player trackers, and accounting.
  • Interactive System. The Multi-lotto Interactive System has made it possible to have casino games for both regulated and unregulated markets. Regulated markets involve games that can only be enjoyed with real money. On the other hand, options available in unregulated markets can be enjoyed for free. This system has expanded the range of offerings that are available across the globe.


In order to cater to a large number of audiences, the developer of the EGamingOnline games bases them on various interesting themes and designs. Their best casino software is prolific and has an easy learning curve. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there are games for all kinds of visitors. Their offerings can be widely divided into the following categories:

Video Poker

Based on the familiar poker cards, these games bring the casino experience to your homes. The clean and nifty interface displays all hands and the paytables. Listed below are some of the most enjoyed titles in this category:

  • Jacks or Better Poker: Also known as Draw Poker, this one requires a complete deck with 4 suits. The only single card can be replaced in each round. A win involves drawing a minimum of two Jacks.
  • Hunter’s Poker: This uses five columns and three rows with one row having five cards. You get twenty winning lines to score around. Two decks are used for a slot which is divided into stacks of four suits and 52 cards. A multipliers value of 2x is applied to one deck. Each column includes a bonus card which awards you fifteen free rounds, each being subject to further multipliers.
  • Deuces Wild Poker: Any card in this game with the rank 2 is called a Deuce or Wild. Wilds can replace all other cards in a deck to form a winning combination. A deck of 52 cards is split into 4 suits. Every card is replaceable but this is allowed only once for each round. Get three cards of the same kind, and you have a win.

Table Games

This category includes two hugely popular types played across casinos over the world.

  • Blackjack: In this game, you play against a dealer. You can select the number of hands between one and five. Each hand has a maximum betting limit.
  • Roulette: The mechanics and rules of the traditional roulette have been maintained. The design is extremely realistic. You will find certain extra features that have been introduced to extend the play like statistics, bet patterns, and autoplay.

Dice Games

They are very similar to the slots. Instead of playing card symbols, dice are used. They are based on different themes and designs like a party, the wild, underwater and so on.

  • Star Dice: Here you get four different slots in which you have to place the dice combination. Try and get three similar symbols on one of the five winning paylines.
  • 4 Spin: The paylines here let you form winning combinations both from the left and the right. Wins during bonus rounds are triggered across 54 paylines.
  • Big Show: This simple three reel slot features random cash prizes and a mystery round. The Wild Cabaret Dancer offers multipliers between one and three times the wins.


This company has been producing some of the best slots we have seen in a while. Each of them has equally captivated gameplay mechanisms. They offer a wide variety of bonus and free rounds.

  • Black Pearl: This aquatic-themed slot includes five reels and nine paylines. The Black Pearl symbol acts as the Wild that doubles your win. The Scatter pearl awards you a maximum of 25 free rounds with a chance of a mystery round.
  • Seasons: Using 5 reels and 50 paylines, this one features four kinds of bonus rounds that can be triggered by the “Bonus” scatter symbol. Regular symbols can appear in the form of a giant symbol which has added incentives for the visitors.
  • Yellow Dragon: You can win as much as 30 free rounds while enjoying this one. Just look out for the Scatter in the form of a b The 40 winning lines of this slot run across 5 reels.

EGamingOnline Software: Only at the Best Casinos

EGamingOnline’s titles are found across the high-quality and trustworthy gambling sites all over the world. These sites maintain international gambling standards and only feature software that is worth your time and money. Below are some of the top platform:

  • Scorching Slots
  • Pirate Spin
  • AHTI Games
  • Dream Vegas
  • Sparkle Slots
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Year Established 2005

Online Gaming at Its Finest

EGamingOnline as a casino software provider is very innovative with their gambling technology that has revolutionised the gaming industry like no other. When it comes to online gambling, EGamingOnline casinos and slot machines ensure that their services are the most consumer-friendly above all other features. These are the reasons why their gambling software is preferred by casinos developers.

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