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Endorphina is a casino software provider that is based in the Czech Republic and is renowned for being providers of online casino software that utilizes the full functionality of the flash system to create some of the best-loved casino UK games on the planet. Given the wide reach of Endorphina games, you are likely to have come across Endorphina at some point in your gaming experience.

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The Roots of Endorphina

Endorphina, according to its online mission statement, strives to provide exciting and thrilling games for players around the world. It goes on to say that its goal is to develop profits and growth for its clients, which are casinos.

For such grand promises, Endorphina is not one of those companies that can be accused of being just talk – their performance over the years has backed up the big claims. This has led to Endorphina being rewarded with a number of awards since their inception a few years ago. They were named as the best online slot software developer in 2015 whilst two of their most popular games, Satoshi’s Secret and The Ninja – were named as first and second in the Slot Game of the Year award in 2015 too. Whilst 2015 was clearly a good year for Endorphina with reviewers; it’s clear that the company is being run well and delivering on the promises made in their mission statement.

Endorphina designers are known attendees at iGaming and ICE Totally Gaming. They never miss out on an opportunity to speak about their company and what’s coming next. But again, what’s more impressive than their willingness to speak is their ability to deliver.

What Games Does Endorphina Produce?

Endorphina produces casino software – slots in particular – has developed a considerable stable considering the relatively small period of time they have been in operation. They currently stand at over 30 unique slots games, with more promised over the course of the next few years. The games themselves are very much traditional video slot fare, riding on themes of adventure and fantasy quests, of knights and dragons and maidens in castles as well as sports and the more old-school fruit-based slot machines. However, as you may have gathered from their awards, the games are expertly delivered with panache and attention to detail that sets them apart from their contemporaries. Endorphina games are particularly popular with gamers in the UK and can be enjoyed by betting real money or can be played for free if gambling isn’t your thing.

Game Design

Endorphina games are known for their stellar looks – and the graphics are indeed picture perfect. However, the care and attention to detail shown in creating such a visually pleasing series of games are not limited to the looks. Each game comes with a tailored audio experience, and the soundtrack is perfectly balanced and selected to match the theme of the game. The autoplay setting can help players who enjoy tackling more than one game at a time to stay on top of things, with a number of visual and sound settings to enable them to create the perfect game environment for them.


Endorphina games can be used and enjoyed on desktop pcs, smart phones and other mobile devices, tablet pcs and smart TVs. Thus, regardless of where in the world or in your day you are, when the slot craze strikes, you can power up slots and get your fix.

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Endorphina, at this stage, is a purely slots games developer. The slots, though, are varied and have a myriad of pay-line variations that range from a low of five to a high of fifty. Here are some of the features that the slots by this developer have:

  • The slots themselves all feature five reels but what Endorphina games are really known for is the number of unusual and fun bonus features that come standard with their games. Whilst there hasn’t been an indication from slots as to whether they plan on expanding into other avenues of casino gameplay, at this stage their fans are customers are just happy with them to keep doing what they’re good at.
  • Ease of control. Standard with Endorphina games is the intuitive player controls, allowing players to cater their experience to their needs. The game screen can be scaled up or down on your browser, allowing you to choose to keep additional options open or to simply play in fullscreen.
  • Autoplay – a feature not uncommon to online casino software experiences – is another area where Endorphina casinos It allows players to play multiple slots at a time, and the specifics of the autoplay can be tweaked to your preference.
  • You can alter the sound balance of your games too, so as to ensure that you don’t miss the winning moments that require your input, even when busy with autoplay.

Fan Favourites

  • The Ninja. The Ninja is one of the most well-known and celebrated titles in the Endorphina wheel-house. It was recognised as the best slot machine in 2015, and it contains their trademark animated touches and is based around a theme that is fun and appeals to many play
  • Blast! Boom! Bang! – This cartoon themed superhero title features amazing graphics. It makes use of classic comic book styling that perfectly nails the theme.

New Player Experience

It’s not uncommon for a game developer in the iGaming space to prioritize the profits of their clients – the casinos – by narrowing the RTP and creating games with the bare minimum in player rewards. Endorphina slots have created a beautiful balance between the casino’s interests and those of the gamers, creating a gaming experience that meets the needs of all interested parties. This is not just true in comparing players with casinos, but also in comparing players with different experiences. Whilst some offerings can appear technical at first glance, the controls and rule set are extremely user-friendly creating for a really inviting new player experience.

Safety and Security

Endorphina games have their RNG (random number generator) tested and certified by iTech Labs, who are known for testing the best casino software in the industry today – ensuring that fairness standards match those of the industry as a whole. The developer is known to be rigorous testers of all new titles with algorithms put through the full gamut of consistency and objectivity. What this means is that players can rest assured that when playing an Endorphina title they are enjoying an experience that is purely based on equal chance.

Endorphina – What Sets Them Apart

The company creates the perfect marriage between style and function, between world-class industry leading graphics and a gameplay experience that is intuitive and stimulating. Its games look amazing, with the themes always perfectly represented by the slot’s symbols, backgrounds and other visuals. However, the games themselves are always perfectly balanced. What’s more, the bonus content is dense and interesting and makes the experience of playing an online slot more than simply clicking a digital lever.

Endorphina has employed some of the most highly decorated online casino developers in the industry. This experience and skill shows in the way the titles are structured – the games and themes feel familiar yet, somehow, always fresh and novel.

Endorphina games are chock full of Bonus features, and it is this that really keeps players coming back for more. It’s fair to say, given their recognition and awards, that the provider is the cream of the iGaming crop. Don’t delay – go and experience these games for yourself as soon as possible!

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