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Genii is a well-known iGaming developer that is making a big name for itself due to the high def quality look and feel of the games. Known for popular titles like Robin of Sherwood and Legends of Greece, Genii is making a big splash in the iGaming industry. After getting started in Eastern Europe, the company has expanded to the point where they can be considered truly global players in the iGaming sphere.

Genii is not one of those companies known for making risky choices when it comes to slot themes. All will likely be familiar to players who have experienced video slots over the years. However, the care and attention to detail provided by Genii casinos mean that the experience is always a high-quality and immersive one, allowing even experienced players to enjoy the slots from the provider again and again.

Genii games are led by some well-known names in the world of online gaming, and this strong personality at the top has helped it join and compete with the other players in the market in a successful way. They’ve also managed to partner up with some of the best that the iGaming industry has to offer which has given them a great starting point to produce high-quality content.

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What Sets Genii Games Apart?

When answering this question themselves, the Devs behind Genii casinos responded by diverting praise to the creative team who, the devs claim, combine the intellectual with stunning visuals and creativity to create a series of top of the line games that can be enjoyed by everyone. Their games certainly back this confidence with results and know-how though, and come with almost 15 years of market and industry experience, from their inception in the early ‘90s. From birth, the provider has aimed to bring something different to the table from what other online slot providers do, and this desire has carried with them throughout their successes. Whether designing a game with Genii one off or partnering with them to bring all their titles to an online casino, operators know what they’re getting from it and that’s something that won’t be found anywhere else.

Mobile Functionality and General Compatibility

A review of Genii’s main market would reveal that it is online casinos, both real money and free play options. However, they are not limited to this space and also design games for real-life gambling with land-based casinos. Their online functionality includes Mac and Windows desktop machines.

Additionally, like many in the iGaming space today, Genii has recognized the importance of mobile functionality and has produced a plethora of titles for IOS, Android and Windows Smartphone. The gaming engine underpinning the fabulous infrastructure was developed by Microsoft, Fushion-io, and Dell, and this extreme quality is telling. Today, Genii’s mobile stable mirrors its non-mobile games and, thanks to the cloud, ensures that the game’s look and feel as well as gameplay is not harmed by scaling.

More Than Just Games

Genii made its name with online slot machines, and these are still the titles most associated with the company, although they also produce Keno, Joker Poker and several other online casino games. Being known for their amazingly visceral casino games, they have also expanded beyond that into creating systems to optimize client relations. Chat and similar systems available on many online casinos are run using Genii systems.

Genii’s expertise has created a great product that works holistically with the other facets of the online casino UK experience to create an ecosystem that is enjoyable and rewarding for all parties.

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Most Popular Genii Games

Games are known for their individuality, with no two titles being the same. A lot of effort is put into the stylistic elements of games, creating beautiful products that are interesting for gamblers.

Some of the most popular online slots by Genii in the UK are:

  • Big Game
  • Elementium
  • Horn of Plenty

All in all, the provider has produced some 130 different titles, and these are available as a group or individually, depending on the particular operator. Some of the best casino software providers and casinos developers that carry these games are LeoVegas, Casino Dukes and iForium.

Exciting Innovations

Genii games come with some exciting features that you won’t see in all other casino software.

  • Elementium, for example, makes use of paylines that run in two directions, creating even more possible paylines and more possible ways to win. Additionally, the game allows the player to choose how the game’s 16 reels should rotate, increasing the skill and choice needed to win the game, something very important to modern gamers. Elementium forms part of one of the newest collections known as Spin 16.
  • Another particular innovative title from Genii is Arcadia i3D, a weirdly addictive amalgamation of complexities that is somehow also easy to play, even for the new players. The game includes 240 different winning combinations, which is impressively broad. Notwithstanding this, the rules are easy to follow, and the gameplay is fast and pleasingly deep. Graphically, Arcadia i3D is simply extraordinary and makes use of a combination of 3D symbols and game elements that enter and exit the screen throughout the game.

Genii – Known for Its Big Budget Casino Games

With over 130 titles under their belt, it would be easy for Genii to become significant over the years. Games from title one to title 130 attempt to enhance the number of times players interact with the game. The experience is always anything but passive and, for online casino software, this is particularly fresh and enjoyable. Spin16 technology is a huge coup in this regard, allowing players to specifically choose the way the reels of their slot machines function, giving players more choice. With slot machines, in particular, it’s easy to feel like game developers do nothing more than think of a title, and then apply it to their standard game design. This is not so with Genii who has clearly put individual thought into their titles, and the way they will be received by the gaming public.

The Genii System

Genii’s functionality is based almost entirely on its platform, which makes use of push technology to notify operators of any game problems should they arise. KPI is determined by the operator, who has complete control of the final user experience, all of which is built on a stable platform that makes them one of the most respected developers in the business.

An added feature inherent to Genii games is the real-time bonus system. This system gives gamers an up to date metric of how their game is going and what their performance has been like. Each game comes with its own bonus balancing features.

Today, Genii have a strong presence in browser gameplay, downloadable content, mobile gaming and 3D gaming. Wherever the industry pivots next, you can be sure that Genii will develop games in line with the latest accepted practice and will continue to function at the forefront of the iGaming space. Beautiful, well-thought-out games that work well, whatever your platform are what will keep them relevant for many years to come.

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Gambling is my second job. NO. I think, it is my MAIN job. Thus, I tried to play the slots of almost all well-known developers.Genii games attrated me mostly due to their cool system of bonuses and the variety of the gameplays. For instance, my first slot, The Last Pharaoh let me dive in the history of ancient Egypt. In 2 hours I managed to make over 200 pounds. Football Fever has become my favorite as soon as I am foobball fan. Trick or Treat seems the most charming and haunting game for my cousin, who is also a gambler. Try these videoslots, and you'll see their attraction.
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