Happy Birds Online

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Happy Birds is a video slot launched by iSoftbet. You can play this online game for free. There are three reels, and you can win in 243 different ways. This game has a bonus round and free spins. There is also an autoplay feature.

Happy Birds Online
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How to Play

First, you select the amount of money to put at risk, and you can bet as little as 1p or as high as £1 per line in a single spin. The actual amount of money the game uses depends on how many lines you enable.

You spin the reels by clicking on the spin button. If you get tired of manual spinning, you can select the auto spin mode. In this case, you select the number of spins from five to 1,000. You can stop the autoplay mode when you win or lose a certain amount of money.


Some Control Buttons and Hotkeys

There are some neat keyboard hotkeys as well though. Here is a list of the hotkeys:

  • You can press the space key to spin the reels.
  • You can start auto spins with A.
  • Pressing the X key does a full bet spin.
  • The number pad – and + keys allow you to adjust your bet.
  • Pressing 0 brings up the game’s menu.
  • You can turn sound off and on with the M key.

Slot Symbols and Design

The birds look nice and are quite lively. There are some animations featured in this slot when you match winning combinations. There are the usual card deck icons: 10, J, Q, K and A. The wild symbol is a colourful parrot, and the free spins symbol are achieved through a hoop.


The game has fun music while you spin the reels. When the reels are not in play, the slot has outdoors ambience sound playing. For sure, this music will bring you some relaxation.

Bonus Features

There is one bonus round in the slot title under review. You shoot birds out of a slingshot at targets. You get a multiplier based on the target you hit. The higher a multiplier you earn, the more you win. The bonus round is awarded when you land at least three balloon bonus symbols.

This slot has free spins feature too. When two hoops appear this triggers this mode. Birds fly through the hoops, and it shows you how many free spins you earn. In free spins mode, the wild symbol appears more often.

Final Thoughts

Happy Birds is a colourful and fun slot. It has all the things that make these sorts of games fun, particularly the bonus in-game and free spins feature. This casino title looks and sounds great.

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