How to Play Slots Online
How to Play Slots Online

How to Play Slots Online

Slot games are among the most played games in virtual gaming establishments. Before a player understands how to play slots online, several other factors come to play. In most cases, players can find a free variation of a slot game they are interested in and use it to familiarize with the gameplay.

Some of the factors that players should consider before they learn to play slots on the internet include:

Choice of casino

To play slot games, players have to sign up to be members of an online casino of their choice. Before settling on a particular gaming establishment, players have to transverse the internet reading multiple reviews and player testimonials for them to make an informed decision. Some of the critical factors that players should be on the lookout are:


License provision not only lends credence to the legitimacy of a virtual gaming site but also assures players that their rights when playing online are given a priority. Online casinos being regulated by reputable control bodies are the best pick for players. When playing in online casinos registered in other jurisdictions, players can dig deeper into the history of the regulatory agency to ascertain if it is permitted.

Cashier options

Payment methods availed by an online casino are among factors that players should consider before choosing a casino. Some payment systems allowed by virtual gaming sites are available in particular regions only while some are global. Gamers should confirm that the payment methods given in a casino they are interested in is available in their nation of residence.

Mobile compatibility

This factor is essential for gamers who do not want to be confined in one space when they are playing their favorite slot games on the internet. Players who are interested in incorporating gaming into their schedules may also want to consider this element. Most slot games being developed currently have a high affinity for mobile, and so do the casinos they are available in.

Game selections

Slots available in an online casino is a characteristic that gamers who want to learn how to play slots online must consider. The number of slot titles available in an online establishment gives players the chance to explore and find a game they are interested in regarding theme and playability.


Gaming online requires that players submit their personal and financial data. A casino with adequate measures put in place to safeguard client information is to be given priority. Most virtual gaming sites use SSL encryption technology which protects their databases and the casino as a whole entity.

Customer support

Players should have in mind that when playing online, they may encounter challenges that will need the guidance of the casino’s personnel. It is intricate, therefore, that when scouting for gambling destinations to learn and play slot games, gamers should also look at the response time of the customer service team as well as the channels of communication made available.

Software provision

Online casinos source their games from software developing companies. Some sites use one provider while others provide games from multiple companies. Gamers who are after diversity regarding gameplay and type of slot games should go for casinos that source from numerous software provider companies.

All these factors have significant roles to play once a gambler becomes a member of a virtual gaming site. Apart from reviews, players can take their time to visit websites they may be interested in and read through their terms and conditions, privacy policy and responsible gambling sections to weigh if the casino is a perfect fit for them or not.

Gambling laws in their jurisdiction

Players should be conversant with the rules governing online gambling in their areas of residence. Some countries may have laws banning online gaming in the state but have no regulations against offshore-based casinos. Being familiar with the rules in place thus informs players on what choices they have for learning and playing slots online for real money or for free.

Once players have settled on an online establishment to play slots, the process of understanding slots and their features comes next. There are many types of online slots, and how they are played may differ due to the elements each category has. Some slot machines are classic and imitate those in brick and mortar casinos while others are contemporary alternatives that have been developed in recent times.

Some of the types of slots available in online casinos include:

  • Fruit machine slots
  • Classic Slots
  • Three-dimensional slots
  • i-Slots
  • Video slots, etc.

There are many other variations of slot games that are categorized using various parameters such as the number of bet ways and reels they have.

How to Play Slots Online

Slot machine games procedure is constant for almost all titles available on the internet. Once a player has identified a slot game they want to play, they can then proceed to set their stakes before they spin the reels. Controls to govern gameplay are available on the interface of almost all slot games. Gamers are provided with a feature to help them set their bets. Bet values are different for the many titles available on the wide web. After placing their stake, gamers can then proceed to initiate gameplay by clicking on the spin or play button as dictated by the variation they are playing. There’s an autoplay feature available in most titles that players can use to preset the number of times the reels will spin before they come to an end.

Slots rely on Random Number Generators for their outcomes, and they are dependent on luck. There is little that gamers can do to influence the results but tips to play slots have been brought forth to help gamers enjoy their time. Players can use the free games to learn how to increase their chances of winning substantial amounts of money when placing their stakes. On the reels, gamers will encounter various features that enhance gameplay and reward players at the same time. Common gameplay features on the reels are determined by the theme being explored. The other features likely to be on the reels of a slot machine are bonus features. Some of the standard bonus features that players will interact with playing slot games include:

Free Spins

Certain winning combinations trigger a bonus that awards gamers with free spins. Gamers can extend their time playing while increasing their chances of achieving more winning combos without having to spend a dime of their money using these freebies. In most slots, the features on the reels are given a particular number of spins that gamers can receive when they win using those specific symbols. In some cases, the free spins feature is made available when players win a specified number of games consecutively. The number of free spins varies from one slot to the next. Gamers interested on how to play slots and win should consider free spins offered by an establishment and the in-play freebies available too.

Multiplier symbols

Multiplier symbols may be available on the reels or may be triggered by players getting winning streaks involving features that attract this bonus feature. Player wins are multiplied a specific number of times. This feature comes in to help gamers increase the number of coins they will receive as payouts from playing a particular game. Games that have this type of bonus provision are among those that have a considerable following.

Bonus games

Bonus games are unlocked during gameplay when players hit certain combinations. These games are seamlessly incorporated into slot games because storylines from multiple sources are used to develop slot machine games. Triggering the bonus game is entirely random, and players have no control over when they land this feature.

Gamble feature

The gamble feature is present in most, if not all casino games. It presents gamers with a chance to double or quadruple their wins when they select the correct suit or color of the playing cards presented face down. Player wins are increased two times when they get the color right and quadrupled when they get the suit right. Players should also know that picking the wrong choice of either suit or color leads to the loss of all their wins. This feature is mostly optional in a majority of slots. It presents a chance for gamers to cash out significant amounts but the risk involved is also huge.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols work the same way in most slot games. There are different types of wilds, each with a unique way to reward players. Wild symbols work by substituting a specific feature on the reels to increase a player’s chance of hitting more winning streaks. Some of the wilds available in online slots include:

  • Sticky wilds – These wilds are among the most lucrative for slot enthusiasts. Sticky wilds hold their position on the reels for a specific number of spins allowing gamers to land more winning combinations.
  • Expanding Wilds – Expanding wilds are those that fall on one position on the reel, then extend to cover the other symbols on the entire reel. This leads to the formation of more similar combinations that allows gamers to increase their chances of receiving a significant payout.
  • Stacked wilds – These bonus features come in stacks to cover a part of a reel or the entire reel. These symbols reward gamers in different ways in the various slots that have this feature.
  • Walking wilds – Gamers stand a chance to receive free spins when they land walking wild symbols in the variation they are playing. As dictated by the title gamers are enjoying, walking wilds move from left to right on the reels. In some slots, they walk in both directions.
  • Shifting wilds – Shifting wilds work in almost the same way as sticky wilds. The difference between the two is that shifting wilds move from one point of the reel to the next for each spin while the sticky wilds remain fixed at one consistent position.

There are many other bonus features and symbols that players can land when playing slots online. Apart from the features on the reels, they are other factors that influence a gamer’s choice of a slot game to play. These factors include:


Gamers have different interests. Numerous slots on the internet cater to the needs of players from diverse backgrounds. When choosing an online slot to play, most players pay attention to the subject matter explored. Slots draw their inspiration from multiple sources including historical happenings, memoirs of prominent individuals, mythologies from diverse cultures, fairy tales, and famous motion pictures. Gamers can always find a slot exploring an idea they are familiar with. Alternatively, players can choose to explore new areas they are green about.

Staking limits

Generally, slots are known to have low staking limits. This factor is among those that have made the games in this category famous. Looking at the staking limits is an essential guide for players since some slots offer gamers a chance to stake more, increasing their chances of receiving significant payouts while others limit them to the low stakes which in most cases takes time to accumulate a substantial amount of cash. When choosing a title to play, gamers should have their gambling budget and time allocated to play in mind. Newbie players can start with the low deposit games then gradually find those that allow higher stakes if they wish.

Return To Player percentage

The theoretical Return to Player percentages is made public for most online slots. Players should go for slots that have high RTPs to place themselves at a point of advantage to win their money back and maybe even walk away with a profit.


Specific slots draw in jackpots, both progressive and non-progressive. Players should be keen to know if the slot they are playing has a jackpot provision or not. Players can earn a considerable amount of money when they land a jackpot payout. Winning any of the jackpots is not guaranteed. Players would be lucky to win one.

When interested in learning how play slots work, gamers must pay keen attention to the other factors that come into play to facilitate the entire process.


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