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Igrosoft games may not be a powerhouse in the casino slot industry, but the developer has enjoyed considerable success along with a steady fanbase following. With a distinctive brand image and a plethora of unique slots under its belt, Igrosoft still stands tall among other casino slot providers in the market. The casino software provider is among one of the few Russian developers in the business producing casino software and games. Even though the slot provider has a small collection of games in its arsenal, the gameplay and quality have certainly been a factor for their popularity amongst gamblers.

Igrosoft was formed in the year 1999 as a result of the demand and influx of land-based casino games. After land-based casinos started enjoying considerable success in the USA, it saw increasing demand in other parts of the world including Europe and post-soviet Russia. This led to the beginning of Igrosoft, a Moscow based manufacturer with a sole focus on building software for slot machines. The company did face some unpleasant vibes while starting out as there came into effect an official ban on gambling in Russia. However, this did not deter the developer, and its online casinos still remain quite popular and in vogue across the neighbouring nations around Russia.

The manufacturer made quite a successful transition from providing software to casino slots to online titles which made the organization survive the competition. Even when the majority of casino developers were going out of business, it still managed to salvage itself effectively putting its best games out there for gamblers. The progress has undoubtedly been quite slow for the gaming manufacturer, and since its formation, the company has had only around 20 games out there in the market. This roughly puts an average of 1 game per year. One of the last slots came in the year 2010 with the release of Crazy Monkey. However, this has been made up with quality offerings from the provider that to date still installs confidence amongst the gambling community.

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In addition to online slots, Igrosoft online casino software also has some additional offerings on its platform in the form of arcade games and poker games. The poker games include Double Poker, Bingo Poker as well as Win Poker. The arcade game collection includes Death Road which is more like a Mad Max kind game wherein you are supposed to knock your opponents out of the road. Ant War is a game where you have to take on beetles trying to take away your juicy strawberries.

The crux of Igrosoft Gaming naturally is slot machines. As mentioned earlier, there aren’t that many titles by the provider to boast but all their offerings until now has managed to rake up quite a fan following. Below is a list of the provider’s entire collection to date:

  1. Lucky Drink
  2. Keks
  3. Junky Box
  4. Pirate
  5. Pirate 2
  6. Sweet Life
  7. Juicy Fruits
  8. Lucky Haunter
  9. Resident
  10. Gnome
  11. Fairy Land
  12. Garage
  13. Fruit Cocktail
  14. Fruit Cocktail 2
  15. Island 2
  16. Rock Climber
  17. Crazy Monkey 1
  18. Crazy Monkey 2

We will review a few of their hit slots that are still popular to date:

  • Crazy Monkey:
    Crazy Monkey has been one of the most popular games in Igrosoft casinos. This 5 reel and 9 paylines slot that has become one of the top gambling titles. The game has its own comical side as well as plenty of action from the goofy main protagonist of the game. The production also came with a gamble bonus feature wherein the monkey had to pull down the strings that either revealed a bunch of delicious bananas or some mouth souring anvil that definitely leaves a taste in the mouth.
  • Keks:
    The name may sound a little offbeat for people pronouncing it elsewhere other than Russia. However, Keks is a small cupcake that remains quite in vogue in Russia. The production is sort of an ode to this tasty treat where you are in charge of making Keks with all the ingredients in hand. The gameplay takes place in a wooden kitchen like setting and includes a number of daily household items. The stove seems to be the bonus feature which allowed big wins for players indulging in making the sweet treat.
  • Gnome:
    If you are fond of this make-believe character from comics, storybooks, and movies, then you will thoroughly enjoy playing the title. This time around, rather than looking around for sweet treats, the gnome is in the middle of a mining cave where he has to make his way out with riches or risk having mud piled all over him that sinks him back in the cave.
    The one thing that made this stood out apart from other items was the incorporating of 3D animated computer visuals. This concept of using 3D animated visuals took the game a notch further than other slots in the market which were still using 2D cartoon illustrations. These were a common scene in the slot gaming scene at the time.
  • Garage:
    This is perhaps one of the more eccentric offerings from the developer. The slot takes you to what looks like an open garage of sorts. The aim of this 5 reels and 9 paylines slot is to take you on a virtual tour of the place where you have to assist the garage man in his endeavours since he seems to be enjoying his time drinking beer and smoking cigarettes.
    The garage resembles a real one as it is filled with different things like car keys, gasoline canisters, locks, engine oil, fire extinguisher in case of emergencies and basic repair parts. The gamble bonus feature seems to have two risky games, and one even includes getting caught by a policeman. However, the win with the gamble feature is a definite highlight for gamblers.
  • Resident:
    Resident takes you in a cover and dangerous world of spies, assassins and danger lurking around in every corner. The game promises to take you on an adventure where you are supposed to unveil secrets while being as intrusive as possible. You will find yourself surrounded by different symbols like a gas mask, a Soviet-era coin, a pistol, a locked vault, Soviet star medal. Players are offered more than a fair chance of getting big wins.
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Igrosoft online casino software has made it a point to design all its slots using Random Number Generation or RNG. This has made them popular outside of their own country. Being one of the top developers in Russia, Igrosoft has also made the distinction of being one of the best casino software providers worldwide. Due to its offshore capabilities, most of its productions tend to be licensed out of Curacao. This is also one of the reasons why many online casinos don’t offer the slots by Igrosoft, and their titles remain scare on online platforms. While Igrosoft isn’t a household name in the industry, it still has managed to make its mark providing enjoyable gambling action to players with its unique slots. There may not be big takers across the globe for the games provided by this software supplier, but it definitely seems to be enjoying the fanfare in the Russian casino market. The coming years would surely be an indicator of how well the company manages itself in the growing competitive environment faring with newcomers and big casino houses.

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