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While casinos cannot provide the jackpots valued at tens of millions of dollars which state and national lotteries at times produce, they certainly have something that comes close; a lottery game known as Keno.

To date, online Keno permits bettors to delight in new drawings anytime they wish, with the possibility of walking away with substantial amounts of cash every time the drawing of a new set of numbers occurs.

Top UK Casino Sites for 2019

Lottery drawings have immense popularity globally, as they give players the opportunity to bear dreams of winning millions by selecting the ideal numbers, and even if only a coterie of lucky gamblers attain life-changing sums, the chance to get their hands on life-changing wins is indeed sufficient to lift the spirits of any participant as they anticipate the results.

Play at the Best Online Keno Sites

While it is not difficult to pin down a place to relish in Keno online, selecting a website which you know you will be satisfied with can be a daunting task. There are various factors which come to play when choosing a great web-based casino and not every gaming platform provides impressive Keno alternatives for their punters.

Obviously, if this is the game which you choose to play, then you still want to ensure that the casino of your choice offers Internet Keno. Additionally, it is recommended that you select gambling sites which feature phenomenal first deposit bonuses that permit you to clear your bonus while delighting in Keno. The top-notch online Keno casinos also have an exceptional track record of incredible customer service, a broad range of other games from the top of the range gaming software developers.

How to Play Keno


As you play Keno online, you will notice that it is a simple game, more so if you have participated in a lottery before, as participants require choosing numbers (also called spots) that they hope will be selected in the next drawing. Participants usually make from one up to fifteen picks, with varying rewards available based on the number of spots they decide to play.

When an Internet Keno drawing occurs, twenty numbers will be selected in a range between 1 and 80. Upon being chosen, the outcome boils down to making a comparison of the numbers which match the ones that feature on the player’s ticket. If enough numbers become a match, then the participant wins a prize. Nevertheless, the numbers that have become a match alongside the corresponding prizes are dependent on the type of ticket which the participant has chosen. If you settle for a single number, for example, and the particular number is selected, your odds of winning stand at 3:1. Bear in mind that cashouts in this game are not inclusive of the profit of your initial wager. For instance, on a ticket worth $1, this would imply that you receive $3 for a profit of $2. Betting 10 spots and hitting at least 5 could lead to you emerging as a winner. Hence, the more frequently you hit, then the greater the prize, with possibly the availability of substantial payout like the jackpot, if you successfully match all ten. Based on the online casino in which you choose to relish Keno, the odds and options are different.

The Variants of Keno


  1. Red-White-Blue – It begins with a red ball containing a white star that emerges from a spiral ramp, after which the ball is launched by a flipper that is located towards the number grid. There, it will appear on a number, after which players begin the entire gameplay process again.
  2. Keno Poker – It is a combination of the best parts of both options. The drawing of the Keno numbers stems from a sporadic card value. Twenty out of 52 numbers are drawn in one instance. Punters can also bet on the poker hand which may result after the numbers have been drawn.
  3. Instant BingoIn this variation, players can shuffle the numbers given on the card, in addition to shuffling the patterns that they are playing for. They become winners of the bingo draw after the successful completion of the pattern on their respective cards.
  4. Venetian – It entices participants to a round of Keno with this chic Venetian carnival background. The character in a costume vibrantly dances around the screen as he unveils the winning draw numbers.
  5. Basebal l – It will indeed be a Home Run with baseball lovers. A fastball flies across the screen as it selected the initial number, after which the batter hits it, and the selection of another number is chosen. Hence, it is ideal for sports bars.
  6. Hot Zone – In this variation you will be a part in four Keno games simultaneously. Each number you receive will be assigned sporadically among four weighted zones, with each having its unique odds alongside payouts.
  7. RoulettePlace your wagers and get the wheel in motion. Four groups of five balls will be launched on the Roulette wheel to draw your numbers. The engine keeps everything quite realistic; the rolls and balls bounce and roll appropriately.

Free vs. Real Money Keno Games

Before attempting to play Internet Keno for real money, you may want to give the free version a try. There is a myriad of reasons for doing this. For starters, if you have never participated in Keno before, then you may want to get acquainted with the game to make sure that you understand the ground rules alongside cashouts before putting your hard-earned money on the line. Moreover, you get a means of trying out the specific casino’s software before making the decision of whether not you wish to commit yourself in terms of time and financially. At times gameplay for fun can be a delightful way of unwinding for a few minutes.

Once you fully know and understand what is at, then you will probably want to play Keno online for money. The game becomes more thrilling when there is something that is riding on each drawing, hence increasing the suspense since you see every number that crops up on the screen. Delighting for some actual cash increases your chances of winning a substantial monetary gift if you are lucky enough to select right spots at the most appropriate time.

Online Keno Strategy


  • All online Keno games incorporate a Random Number Generator (RNG) for selecting the numbers. Therefore, there are no means of predicting the spots that will be selected and no way of manipulating the outcomes. You can safely choose the seemingly vital or lucky numbers which you wish to play without hurting or helping your chances.
  • Concerning online Keno gameplay, one of the most essential strategies is to significantly lower the pace of play. Upon filling out a card in a live casino, you will require being patient for a few minutes for each drawing to take place. However, online, you make these games happen nearly immediately, which is a luring feature that may result in your spending more money than you initially anticipated.
  • You should refrain from playing the greatest number of spots, specifically in games in which there is the alternative to play at least 10 spots. The odds of getting a match in all ten numbers are approximately 8.9 million. Meanwhile scoring a hit of 8 out of 8 is also unlikely but far more reasonable (1:230000). Hence, the less attachment you have to score the jackpot, then the better for you.
  • It is worth looking into Internet Keno games which have unique bonus rounds or other twists which have the possibility to earn you more cash than a regular version of this game. This is quite common at web-based casinos where the Keno variations offer the opportunity of multiplying your earnings, acquire free plays or attain some extra rewards. However, you will also require taking a look at the pay tables to ensure that you are getting an amazing deal.
  • Avoid worrying about the numbers you choose. All Keno games available at trustworthy casinos draw numbers sporadically, which means that you can securely play your preferred lucky numbers, a sequence of 10 in a row, or something which makes a great pattern on the card. Hence, regardless of what you select, your odds of winning will be constant.

Keno Money Management

As is the case with a plethora of games that requires you to place bets to play, the management crops up as a critical factor in whether or not you will have the ability to seal the deal and bag a lucrative win. As a casino game, Keno permits participants to acquire riches through wagering a small number of their funds on an assortment of digits.

As you may have noticed, this online game has the same functionality as that of a lottery whereby participants choose a coterie of numbers with the hope that these respective numbers will be chosen. Nonetheless, the key variation between Lottery and Keno is the amount of cash that gamblers usually decide to spend. More often, a lottery ticket will incur an astronomically low amount of funds. Therefore, in hindsight, you will not be compromising the lion’s share of your monthly income. In Keno, on the other hand, you are needed to place wagers on every game you have decided to participate in. Hence, if you have opted to gamble $5 on four different spots and decide to delight in five games through clicking on ‘Play 5’ then this means that you will be betting $25 in one instance.

If you are unfamiliar with Keno and are thereby new at it, it is relatively easy to get carried away with your real money bets. Nevertheless, this is no reason to be afraid of being a participant.

Keno Online Games

Due to the high demand for Keno, an abundance of gaming sites have been left with no option except adapting this classic game and have thereby established an epic encounter for players. While partaking in the conveniently accessible version of this lottery-based gameplay option, you will have the ability to select your digits through using your device as an alternative to crayons.

Online Keno is quite captivating, and you are thereby guaranteed a memorable experience, provided that you stick to the websites which provide features that you and veteran gamblers enjoy. Therefore, below are some of the things you ought to keep an eye out for.

  1. Keep an eye out for High Payout Rates – The payout percentage refers to what a casino cashes out in earnings as a proportion of the monetary bet. For example, a rate of 98% indicates that the gambling site has a payout of 98% for every $100 that a player wagers, for instance. Therefore, the casino’s profit stems from the difference of $2. You ought to keep in mind that the given 98% is not what you receive back on each particular bet since it is an overall figure for the casino that is retrieved from thousands of players and across a multitude of months. As a rule of thumb, it is a great idea to select a gaming site that offers a high rate. In most cases, a trustworthy Keno casino will have a general cashout which runs the gamut from 95% to 98%.
  2. Additional features which you ought to look out for are: a multitude of currency and payment alternatives, top-notch customer support, swift withdrawal times alongside high limits, the e-COGRA stamp of approval among other reputable third-party auditors, up-to-date gambling software.
  3. Conduct an assessment of the Safety precautions – Pertaining to real money keno online, security should be a top priority. Even the most minor hint of something which looks off should be enough to steer you off a site. Upon successfully logging in, you ought to look out for a green bar of trust at the top of the webpage that should never disappear. Safe banking options are equally as necessary.

The History of Keno

Regardless of the fact that Keno’s origins are a tad bit mysterious, the prestigious gameplay option dates back thousands of years ago. The game of chance that was previously referred to as the ‘White Pigeon’ is rumoured to have been initially spotted in China, having cropped up during the regime of Cheng Leung at the Han Dynasty, roughly 3000 years ago. The original game implemented a set of 120 symbols as opposed to digits, and a profusion of Chinese citizens delighted in it.

Keno’s Journey to the USA

It is not until the 19th century that Keno reached the American shores, which was fueled by the large immigration of Chinese workers that were hired to create railroads in America. Upon its production in the 1930s, the renaming of the game went from White Pigeon to Keno which has Latin or French origin. Furthermore, the Chinese icons in the gameplay alternative were substituted by numbers to lure in a new market of participants, mostly American. However, due to the fact that an anti-gaming law has been enacted in Nevada which restricted all types of betting except Lottery, Keno’s name was converted to ‘Horse Race Keno’ since horse racing maintained legality. This occurred to keep the much-preferred game alive. Upon lotteries were legalized, the name of the game was converted to Keno.

Modern Keno

Modern-KenoKeno eventually moved to other regions of the globe. Currently, this game is played by a multitude of people from various nationalities that have a knack for lottery-based gameplay options in Europe, East Asia, America, Australia, and South America. In addition to brick and mortar gambling platforms, Keno bettors usually mark their assortment of numbers via a Crayon. A ‘bubble’ which is a circular glass enclosure and contains eighty balls, is used for the drawing of numbers.

Comprehending the Payout Ratios

While each real money keno site has a greater payout upon catching a higher percentage rate of numbers, the payout amount of casinos differs. Prior to locking in your numbers, you should play around and evaluate how the payouts are for the various scenarios. For instance, observe and analyze the cashout differences between making a catch of 7 out of 12 numbers from 7 out of 15 digits. Based on the online Keno casino, it may be more fruitful to select more numbers if the cashout ratio happens to be lower.

Quick Keno Tips

  • Playing a regular set of numbers– It is simpler to monitor the numbers that crop up frequently. Trying out a combination of low and high numbers boosts your opportunity of emerging as a winner.
  • Read the cashout chart before you begin playing- You will require hitting a minimum amount if numbers to score a win. Therefore, you should revise the chart to understand what is expected.
  • Recall that is purely a game of chance – Selecting fewer numbers as opposed to more will certainly offer a better chance of winning. However, it is solely a case of betting sensibly and keenly watching the game.

Why Relish in Online Keno?

Regardless of whether you are sitting in the comfort of your home or in a queue, the frill-free regulations in Keno certainly make it thrilling to play on the Internet. The game of luck that has a striking resemblance to lottery games in which the drawing of numbers occurs sporadically merely entails the selection of numbers and waiting for their pop up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Keno? – It is a lottery game containing eighty balls labelled from one to 80. Punters select up to 20 numbers and make a bet on the ones that will be drawn randomly on the next game. Cashouts are dependent on the numbers that the participant selects and are regarded as the number of matches from those selected, and the bet. The greater the numbers which are guessed accurately, the more real cash the participant can win.
  • Do Internet games exude fairness? – Yes! As is the case with other online games, at the heart of the Keno gaming software is a Random Number Generator (RNG). Thus, this indicates that every number called is sporadic by chance. To ease your mind it may assist in recommending Keno Internet casinos which undergo thorough auditing by third parties.
  • Where is the most ideal place to delight in web-based Keno? – There is an abundance of gaming websites to delight in online Keno, for example, Betway Casino.
  • Is there a strategy which will boost my chances of scoring some earnings? – Being a game of chance, Keno can indeed boost your chances of winning. With various strategies implemented by Keno gamblers to regulate their wagering, one essential strategy is to wager more when you are coring more in than incurring losses.
  • What are the chances of scoring wins in Keno? – The chances of winning are a reflection of the numbers you select and catch. The odds of hitting the single digit you select are 1:4, whereas pinning down four numbers and hitting all of them carries a 1:327 chance of attaining a win. However, when you hit two of the 4 digits selected bears the odds of 1: 13. It is advisable to review an odds table to boost to acquire a better knowledge of the entire range of odds.
  • What is the minimum required age for playing online Keno? – It is dependent on the country in which you are a legal citizen or resident and may vary from 18 to 21 years in age. Legal sites and government can be consulted for verification purposes of the minimum allowed betting age to play Keno.
  • Can I delight in Internet Keno on my tablet or mobile phone? – You can partake in Keno on Windows, Apple, Android or Blackberry gadgets. Hence, this allows you to utilize this opportunity to have fun anywhere and anytime.
  • Can I delight in free gameplay before betting with real funds? – Yes! The most ideal gaming sites will provide the ability to play Keno for free before committing with a real money deposit.
  • What is the comparison of Keno with other casino games? – The most ideal games have a house advantage of approximately 25% which is quite significant when compared to other games. In online blackjack the house edge lies at 0.28%, in Pai Gow Poker it is 1.5% and in Single Zero Roulette it is a steady 2.7%. The house edge in comparison to Keno is quite substantial and the amount of money you acquire or lose based on this advantage. Nevertheless, the nature of the gameplay option is in such a way that you can easily play with little to no input necessary, upon selecting the numbers that you wish to play with. Hence, it is for this reason that the house edge is quite vast. Moreover, Keno provides the possibility of a greater payout for a small bet, which is quite appealing to participants due to the similarity to lotteries.
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