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Konami Gaming
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Konami Gaming software is a name that almost every one of us has heard or seen in tabloids, news or TV at least once in our lifetime. The reason? Well, the name Konami software has been synonymous with video games since four decades, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping any time soon. Such has been the popularity of the brand that there is a good chance that every second or third video game you played definitely has the brand name of Konami games one way or the other. While making video games has certainly been the company’s forte, it hasn’t stopped it from pursuing new avenues. This can be seen by the expansion in the casino universe. Just like video games, every gambling enthusiast has surely played and come across Konami’s slot machine without even realizing it. This is more or less the impact of this global brand today. The company also recently won the award of the “Best Slot Product” for its game “Beat Square” in the 2018 Gaming and Technology Awards that took place in Las Vegas, the USA.

Konami Gaming online casino software was found in the year 1969 by Kagamasa Kouzuki. One may even find it hard to believe but this small venture of that time was involved in a jukebox rental and repairs business. The name of the firm was derived from the last names of the three partners of the business, namely Kagamasa Kouzuki, Yoshinobu Nakama and Tatuso Miyasako. The name collectively put together meant “Little Waves.” The partners enjoyed success in their venture and within a span of four years were already designing arcade games for the Japanese audience. Their initial offering of the game “Scramble” and “Super Cobra” turned out to be a huge hit in their native country. Computers were already a talked about thing of those times and a potentially lucrative venture for anyone who tried their hand in the business. The partners decided to venture into this segment, and by the year 1982, it was already supplying computer software. The trio then decided to make a move again in the console front.

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The company enjoyed astounding success in the video game industry and in 2005 after almost three decades, Konami casinos decided to relocate its headquarters in the United States. The decision for the new headquarters was taken after careful consideration, and Vegas, America’s newest hub for gambling, was decided upon. Soon afterwards, the developer made a move towards producing slot machines as it was another lucrative opportunity at the time. The provider has since then made massive strides in the slot industry. As of the date, the original curator of the organization, Mr. Kagemasa Kozuki still serves as the chairman of the board and also as its Chief Executive Officer.  The game provider since 2015 is known under a new name of Konami Holdings Corporation. The brand still pushes itself to the limits of innovation and its tagline, Born from Fun, more or less tells about the company’s ways of creating engaging games and platform for gaming enthusiasts around the world.

Portfolio and Casino Titles on Offer

Konami has deeply rooted itself in the gambling industry. As of the date, the developer makes not only video games but also gambling equipment. It manufactures arcade cabinets, games, cards for casinos worldwide. Their other ad hoc venture includes operating fitness and health clubs across the globe. Konami casino software as of the date ships between 10 to 14 percent of slot machines. Its penetration rate in North America alone stands at 7 to 20% of an entire casino floor. The company currently has two primary offices, one based in Las Vegas that caters to clientele in North and South America, Europe, Macau, and Singapore. The other office located in New South Wales caters to the clients in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa and South Korea.

Let’s review some of the popular online casino slots by Konami include:

  • China Shores:
    China Shores is a high volatile slot wherein a player can bet up to almost 1500 coins on each spin. Every credit wagered within the title can win you up to 15 free games per pay line. There is also an added bonus feature wherein all the free spins play on the max number of lines giving you a chance to double your winnings.
  • Rocky:
    Rocky happens to be one of the very first slots produced by the developer. Konami as of the date has the full rights to the Rocky film series. This remains one of the top most popular of the titles amongst gamblers. The gameplay is sleek and straightforward offering a chance for players to win big.
  • Pirate’s loot:
    This is a four-level linked production that takes you to hidden and buried treasures that you have to unveil. The graphics and the gameplay are particularly interesting, and the bonus feature includes choosing between twelve ships and picking one to reveal the hidden prize. The title does offer a more than a steady chance of winning big payouts.
  • Dungeons and Dragons:
    If you have tried this role-playing game, you would definitely want to invest your time checking out this production. The game has up to four different jackpots along with 20 to 30 paylines. The Dungeon feature here allows you to win credits for yourself as you explore new territories. There is also a Monster Battle round same as the original game where a player is allowed a 20 sided die while you fight villainous creatures.
  • Norse Warrior:
    Take on the role of combat-hardened Viking as you fight and make your way through the great expanse of ancient Norway. This is a medium to high volatility title where you get options from different paylines ranging from 10 to 30 and depending on the casino you are playing. Every time you spin the reel in the production, you get a chance to win free games. All the bonuses that you win here come with the option of doubling it.
  • Mayan Carnival:
    Latin America is known for their party carnivals that take place all year round in all major countries. Konami has tried recreating that magic in their slot by making the Mayan Carnival and giving a chance for gamblers to enjoy a fiesta. The slot, currently available in Canada and the USA, offers a 50 and 100 paylines version depending on the casino offering it. Players stand a chance to win up to eight free games with every spin. The title boasts of three extra bonus features that can be unlocked by gamblers.
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Website konami.com
Year Established 1969
Casino Type Video Slots

Konami Gaming Final Word

Konami as of the date is certainly one of the best casino software providers anywhere. The casinos developer has certainly proved it is worth its salt over time whichever venture it has undertaken. The game provider even has its own slot division whose target is to provide gambler with new slots and machines every year and most of these slots are unique and happen to be an original creation that remains unparalleled by any other slot provider in the business. Konami still seems to be venturing into new gaming arenas, but whatever the case might be, one thing is for sure. Gambling and gaming enthusiasts will never tire themselves of playing virtual games as long as Konami casino software provider is in the picture.

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