Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

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Live dealer blackjack is a variation of casino games that are played online with videos streaming to gamblers wherever they are on their devices that must be connected to the internet.

The main aim of live dealer blackjack online is to give punters an immersive gaming experience that mirrors that available in brick and mortar casinos.

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Players are allowed to place their stakes after they choose a table to sit at. The tables available accommodate a number of gamblers. The figure varies from one live casino to the next making it hard to state a specific number.

Camera angles are exploited to give an all-around view of the table gamblers are sitting at and the gaming establishment that they are playing in.

In some cases, the videos are recorded in a studio location that has been designed for the purpose. In other instances, players are exposed to actual land-based casinos and the videos streamed may cover the entire establishment depending on the size or only the section where the live blackjack tables are placed.

The standard camera angles that must be streamed to gamers include the wide angle or establishment shot. This framing is used to give players a view of the gaming site. It is general and may shift positions from time to time to cover different sections. Medium shots are used to cover the table and dealer but without too many details. They give gamblers a closer look at the table they are sitting at. Close up shots are those that cover the more delicate aspects of the table and gameplay. Gamers can see the cards that have been dealt and the progression of gameplay through the close-up shots.

Gameplay for Live Dealer Blackjack

There are many variants of blackjack available in some of the best live dealer casinos. Gamblers should go for alternatives that they are conversant with since live gaming is fast-paced. Players must consider their bankroll when they are choosing an option to play. It is advisable for newbies to start out with the low wager games as they understand how live casinos work than progress to the high roller tables.

The inspiration for all variants that punters will come across is drawn from the classic alternative of blackjack. Slight changes made to the gameplay rules birth new variations. For the traditional form of this game, gamers are expected to achieve a hand with twenty-one for them to have won the game. Most live casinos online allow between five to seven players per table. Gamblers can place bets behind some of the participants if they lack a seat in an ongoing session.

The cards are distributed from left to right. Each player is dealt two cards facing up. The dealer receives two cards one face up the other front down. Players are required to make decisions for the advancement of gameplay from this point. Important to mention is that gamers play against the live dealer and not against themselves. It is allowed to employ strategies to help gamers achieve winning combinations. Some of the approaches that gamers need to know include:

  • Gamers must know when to split their cards against those of a dealer. It is also recommended to divide aces and eight while fives and tens should not be split
  • It may be necessary for players to double in some instances
  • Players may have to surrender in some cases
  • Taking insurance is among the actions that are not recommended
  • Gamers also need to know when to hit or stand, among other tactics.

Advantages of Live Dealer Blackjack

Playing the best live blackjack online has some merits for everyone to enjoy. Some of these pros are:

  • Players can play their favorite sets without going into a brick and mortar casino
  • Gamers have multiple tables with different staking limits that they can choose from. This factor makes it possible for gamblers of all budget ranges to play in real time and remain within their bankrolls
  • Various alternatives of the game are provided online giving gamers variety relating to gameplay and the rules that they have to know
  • Amateur players can use the side bets where they can stake behind players sitting at the table to help them learn
  • Gamers can employ strategy such as card counting to help them reach decisions faster and also elevate their chances of landing a winning hand.

Blackjack in online casinos have almost the same advantages as those presented by online casino live roulette.

Disadvantages of Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack must be played virtually which means that players will come across various cons of playing this game. Some of the demerits are:

  • A loss in internet connection or power supply means that players are cut off from their gaming sessions as well
  • If gamblers are not familiar with the gameplay rules, they may encounter losses
  • It is possible to miss a blackjack table in most live online casinos because blackjack is among the most sought-after live casino game.

In Brief

Players must consider other casino functions before they pick a site to play live dealer blackjack.

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