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Casino Hold’em is arguably one of the most popular live poker variants in casinos worldwide.

It is a close competitor of Texas Hold’em which was for a long time, the most played game.

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But, the online poker action was nothing close to the classical game experience until the invention of live dealer poker online. These live games have revolutionized online poker making it spectacular.

This is an online Hold’em poker game that is broadcast live from professional studios across the globe. It enables you to play against dealers just like in the real land-based casinos. The game is made using futuristic graphics, and multiple camera angles thus delivering the ultimate gambling entertainment to the comfort of your home.

The gameplay and rules are exactly similar to the virtual games. Hence, the only difference is their real and interactive nature. Most live casinos will enable you to have active communication with the dealers through chat. You can also communicate with other players and even watch other seasoned gamers in action in some top casinos.

Live Hold’em poker is provided by renowned software developers like Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming among others. These are the leading providers in the industry; therefore, you are assured of high-quality. Moreover, their games are availed by virtually all the top casinos. Hence, you will be able to enjoy them on your preferred online site.

You can play online casino live Hold’em poker through PC and Mac computers straight from your browser or through casino apps. The gambling experience will be seamless for as long you have good Internet connectivity. These games are also optimized for mobile phones and tablets. They are compatible with Android and iOS hence enabling punters to play on the move with ease.

The secret to the best live poker online is choosing a reputable casino. These casinos have valuable bonuses and promotions for new and existing customers, as well as amazing gambling services. You will find a variety of games, 24-hour customer support, amazing payment and banking options, and a guarantee of fairness and security in these casinos. This is exactly what you need if you are searching for an unforgettable gambling time.

Why Play Live Dealer Poker Instead of Real Poker?

Live dealer poker is an exciting game that all gamblers must try out. The fun and entertainment it delivers are even more than the real poker for various reasons. They include the following:


Playing live dealer Hold’em offers the ultimate gambling entertainment from the comfort of your house, office or car. You simply access your online casino, get to the game, and play. There is no need of moving miles away to get to the nearest casino, tolerate the activities of other gamblers, and stick to a dress code.

These are the troubles that the game saves you from. It enables you to choose your preferred dress code, music, company, and gambling location.

Realistic just like the real game

These games are just as real as those in land casinos. You will play against a live dealer and have an interactive experience through live chat. Live dealer games use sophisticated technology with multiple camera angles thus enabling you to enjoy the gaming atmosphere and participate in the action. Moreover, you will have a number of dealers to choose from.

Live dealer poker also has more seats available. Online casinos usually have several tables which makes it possible for you to get space and play your favourite games. Real poker, on the other hand, is not as convenient. You will often find all the seats occupied especially during the peak hours forcing you to wait or move to other games.

Ideal for penny players and beginners

Live dealer Hold’em poker tables are suitable for both the penny players and high rollers. They accommodate all kinds of gamers by allowing a wide range of betting limits. The beginners can also have an enjoyable time playing these games. There are no distractions from other players and annoying glares when they make mistakes. This gives them the confidence to play and learn by making mistakes.

Real poker, on the contrary, does not fully accommodate the penny players. The minimum stakes are usually higher. They are also unsuitable for beginners because of the judgment of other experienced players.

Lastly, it is cheaper to play live dealer poker compared to real poker. First, there are no additional costs such as transport, food & drinks, and others. Online live dealer casinos also have higher odds because they have lower costs of operation. Hence, they are more cost effective to play compared to real poker.

Live dealer Hold’em is a game worth playing. It is interactive and realistic and can be played with ease at your own convenience. Try it out on a renowned casino and have a marvellous experience.

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