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Live casinos have adapted this game and brought it online for gamers who do not have time to visit brick and mortar establishments.

Roulette is among casino games that have been in the gambling realm for a very long time.

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Live roulette is an online casino game where gameplay is controlled by a live croupier in a studio location. The videos from the site are then broadcast to gamblers in real time. Gamers are allowed to place their stakes then the gameplay is started by the dealer. The tables availed in live casinos for this gamers caters to multiple players. There are many variations of the game and punters need to know the gameplay rules. The staking limits set per table should also guide gamblers on which one to sit at.

Apart from the basic rules of gameplay, punters need to have a strategy that they can employ to increase their chances of winning. The various plans available for players are available online. Gamers need to have a robust internet connection, hardware, and software to facilitate the streaming of the live videos to access roulette games in casino. Players should ensure that the gadgets they are within the specifications provided by the site they are playing in. Reading through the disconnection policy document is a way gamblers can know what is at stake if their internet has issues.

Types of live casino roulette

There are two types of live casino roulette that players will find online. In some settings, the game table is set in a studio location. These are premises that are put up with the single purpose of streaming videos to players. On the other hand, some casinos work with brick and mortar establishments and set their tables in an actual land-based casino to provide gamblers with a complete package when talking about the brick and mortar casino ambiance. Some online casinos allow gamblers to play in multiple tables at once while others don’t.

Multiple software providers develop and supply some of the best live roulette online games. Gamblers can find online casinos that offer software from a particular company, or they can opt to play in those that offer games from different developers. Some of the software providers that have been recognized for their roulette titles include:

From these software providers, gamers will come across online casino live roulette variants that feature both modern and classic rules of gameplay. Some of the game alternatives available online that are among the best include Immersive Roulette, French, European, American Roulette, Speed Roulette, among others.

When choosing a variant to play, gamers must have two things in mind: their gaming budget and skill set level.

Advantages of Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette offers players many pluses when compared to the other forms of the game available in online casinos. The live croupiers who start and control the game bring on board the human element that other types of roulette do not have. Some of the other benefits are:

  • Through the real-time videos being transmitted to players, they can see the action right in front of them. This aspect goes a long way in proving the live dealer roulette games have minimal chances of being rigged
  • Players get to experience the brick and mortar casino experience without living the comfort of their homes. The sounds available in the studio locations work hand in hand with the visuals to ensure that gamblers get the land-based casino ambiance virtually
  • Live dealer roulette online games have a live chat option that allows players to interact with the dealer and other players sitting at the same table as them. This provides the social aspect that some gamblers look for.

Disadvantages of Live Dealer Roulette

When playing live dealer roulette, the biggest minus that gamers will encounter are the technical components. It is possible to be disconnected from the session in a number of ways. For instance:

  • Players could lose their internet connection
  • Hardware being used to access the site may power off
  • Software used by players may malfunction, among other technicalities.

Some of the mishaps that players will come across may cost them their game and the money they would have placed as a stake. Some casinos have measures in place to solve such cases amicably while others don’t.

Playability of Live Dealer Roulette

To start off, players are supposed to place their bets. After this has been done, the live dealer initiates gameplay by setting the ball in motion. The position of the ball when it stops determines the winner depending on the bets gamblers would have staked. Many other interruptions may come about during gameplay due to the cards that gamers hold. To complement the outside and inside bets, players are allowed to place other stakes on the side.

Final Comments

Live dealer roulette offers players a chance to play against a real life croupier as opposed to gaming against RNGs.

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