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Mazooma Interactive Games (MIG) software came into play in 1997 with a spirit to produce splendid games for an exciting gaming experience. Originally a land-based casino video slot provider, it has over the years ventured into online gaming.

In recent times, GreenTube, a part of the Novomatic interactive division picked the interest in MIG and set about to bring it into its folds. With the deal comes an opportunity for Mazooma’a customers to gain access to the rich Novomatic Group collection. There are so many interesting games in the portfolio.

Although originally a land-based casino, MIG has great taken strides to join the digital scene. With the great strides, it took to develop digital content for internet users as well as a number of mobile markets not only in the UK but around the world, it is no wonder that it is a household name in the UK.

Over the years, it has garnered interest from other companies such as Sky Vegas Unibet and 888 thus forging partnerships. It partnered with Sky Vegas in 2009 to get a taste of the online gaming world. Since then, it has taken great effort to ensure that it provides players with an interactive, interesting and exciting platform.

MIG is licensed in the United Kingdom and Alderney. It is regulated by Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

There is a healthy blend of nostalgic infusion and modern slots in store. Whether you are looking for an old-fashioned slot with 3 reels and one line of payment or a modern one with 5 reels and as many as 243 lines of payment, you are covered.

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Brief History of Mazooma Interactive Games Software

Before it gained popularity in the UK market, MIG casino software developer was a small part of its parent Bell Fruit Games Ltd. It came into play in 1963 but without its own identity as it was always overshadowed by its parent company.

In 1997, it grew wings and became a solo entity. It was later incorporated into the Novomatic Group of companies as an important entity of the Astra group the UK. The merger simply spelt great gaming opportunities for players as they would look forward to great quality gaming components and wonderful user experience.

The company’s portfolio does not only include exciting local Mazooma Interactive Games, but it also incorporates a number of international games as well.

Special Mazooma Interactive Games Software Features

In light of changing trends, MIG is not left out as it strives to ensure that it remains at the top of its game. This can be seen from the ‘community gaming’ portion that sees many players being able to chat with one another effortlessly. This feature is commonplace on a few sites such as Sky Vegas.

With this feature, it is possible for about 40 players to participate in a given game from different Mazooma Interactive games casinos. With the participation of different players for the progressive jackpot, there will be a possibility in each sharing a piece of the prize when one member hits it.

Other features common to a number of available slots include free spins, bonus rounds, Wild symbols as well as Scatters. Forget about branded names and complicated video slots, MIG is in the business of providing interactive slots that are easy to play. One of the ways players are rewarded is through free spins.

What Is on Offer?

MIG is one of the best casino software developers for a reason. It has plenty on offer, from exciting slots to bingo tournaments. There are a number of mobile games to be enjoyed in addition to bingo and roulette tournaments.

Examples of available slots include:

  • Cops and Robbers,
  • Spinderella,
  • Trident’s Powers,
  • Wild West,
  • Happy Fruits,
  • Wizard of Odds,
  • Toss the Monkey among others.

Players get to enjoy progressive slots in Wizard of Odds with decent payouts. Most of the mentioned slots can be enjoyed in the community pool thus adding to their exciting potential!

Currently, the casinos’ developer has a little over 20 slots in its fold. It touches of numerous genres to ensure that not many players are left out of the excitement!

Of the available slots, Cops N Robbers is perhaps one of the most popular. This slot is what catapulted MIG into many a player’s radars and transitioned its platform from land-based slots to online or mobile based ones.

Cops N Robbers is classic in nature, and it incorporates 20 lines of pay in addition to 5 reels. Although the graphics may leave a lot to be desired, the gameplay itself and bonus rounds more than makeup for this shortcoming!

Judging by the different titles in the company’s portfolio, the impressive names are sure to catch many a player’s attention. That in addition to the simple graphics used on vibrant themes.

The main focus is on slots, however, other games such as bingo and table games such as roulette are also available.

The number of available games may not a huge one, however, considering that MIG strives to be one of the go-to casinos developer on the market, Mazooma Interactive games are of impressive quality.

MIG offers classic 3-reel slots, a number of single line games, classic fruit machines as well as a number of multi-line video slots.

Special Edition

MIG looks to providing users with exciting games. As such, it is no surprise that it partnered with Ronnie O’Sullivan to create an exciting snooker-themed slot known as Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Big Break. The slot provides not only exciting graphics but also includes exciting spinning rounds and great winning potential.

The sky’s the limit for MIG as in 2014 it also saw fit to develop and bring into play Bell-Fruit Casino. The casino utilizes the HTML5 technology in addition to a number of modern aspects in order to ensure that gamers enjoy the latest in technology and multimedia gadgets.

Desktop or Mobile

MIG does offer more mobile games than desktop ones. This is in light with the change in trend that sees many a player preferring to play on the go. Games are available on a number of platforms from Android to iOS and Windows.

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Graphics and Design

Unfortunately, the graphical aspect of MIG leaves a lot to be desired. Quite a big number of available slots are old-fashioned and need a new life-line in terms of graphical design! This, however, doesn’t take away from the vibrant themes and intriguing titles on offer.

Although the number of games on offer is limited, this doesn’t take away from the fact that they are beautifully designed and bond to keep many a player interested. It embraces both old-fashioned and modern slots in addition to throwing in a few table games to keep players excited!

MIG doesn’t leave any stones unintentionally unturned when it comes to producing quality games. In addition, it doesn’t skimp on proving a wonderful user experience which is no wonder it is one of the most promising online casino software developers on the market.

Top online slots

This brand is one of the most famous in the virtual gaming markets in Europe and around the world. The company has developed a huge number of game slot models that can touch the hearts of even the most fastidious players. Personally, as an experienced player, I have come across the fact that at least in the top ten leading and popular virtual online casinos there are slots of this brand. Thanks to the unique design style and unique game mechanics, the sophisticated player will be able to distinguish the mazooma slots interactive games from other similar models.
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