Windows Mobile Casinos 2018

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Windows Mobile casinos are an interactive, browser-based casino designed to offer users an incredible gaming experience on the go. Windows mobile casino is powered by Playtech software.

As such, the platform offers a wide array of video slots and gaming elements. These include variants of blackjack, the Caribbean Stud poker, and the famous roulette.
List of Top Windows Mobile Casino sites:

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Top UK Casino Sites for 2019

Windows may not be the most popular mobile operating system today. But Windows casino enthusiasts, the Microsoft-powered OS delivers that rare true-to-life casino action. It is stable, secure, and offer a gorgeous display ideal for high-speed gaming.

The steps below should guide through the simple process of signing up for your favourite casino, and wager on various games.

  1. Open Windows store and analyze the different online casinos on offer. User reviews are a handy tool when evaluating the performance, compatibility, and the quality of each game.
  2. Once you have settled a given casino game, check out the developer’s guidelines on how to register or play the game. If your game of choice is based on HTML5, you will only need to sign up and play online.
  3. If the particular game isn’t designed for in-browser play, you will have to download the casino’s app before you can proceed. A simple search on the store will show you the particular app you need to play a specific game.
  4. Follow the instructions on the app to register an account, deposit the minimum amount required and enjoy your game. Some casinos offer users bonuses that they can use to wager on a game.

Can I Play Windows Casino Games for Free?

Majority of the casino games offered on Windows store have a ‘free to play’ version. The version allows you to test the given game before you can start wagering real money on it.

Top 3 Casino Games for Windows Phone


From seamless integration to themed games, Windows casinos slots offer a thrilling selection to keep you hinged for hours. First is the wild Slotomania that features tens of slot machines. Simons slots offer a unique twist with its rhythm slots, super-fast patterns, and tile marching.


Your Windows smartphone gives you unfettered access to the addictive Roulette game. The smooth 3D graphics, realistic gameplay, and ability to vary table backgrounds make a user feel in psych with the game. You do not need to download the app to play roulette.

Scratch cards

If you find games of chance enticing, scratch cards offer the thrill that you are after. To play scratch cards, you will need to sign up with the casino. On depositing the minimum amount required, proceed to search for scratch cards. You can wager a minimum of €1 on each game.

Merits of Playing on Windows

  • Usability of login credentials – Windows casinos offer two versions of any given online casino: one for PC desktop and the other for the Windows phone. You can use the credentials you signed up on one platform to access your favorite casino game on the other platform.
  • Sheer Convenience – Most of the casinos for Windows phones are designed for in-browser play. As a gamer, you only need the internet to access your favourite game online. This saves you time and your phone’s memory.
  • Security – Before the start of any game, you will need to login to your accounts and deposit the necessary required to wag. To safeguard your login credentials, the Windows casino is detached from other applications on your phone. As such, other apps cannot read any information or transactions registered in time of play.
  • High-quality graphics – Online casinos for Windows phone are designed to offer unrivalled graphics quality matched with classy visuals and sound effects. As a gamer, you will not strain to view gaming elements, as they are easily and readily visible on the screen.
  • Compatibility – Any Windows Phone casinos that are designed on HTML5 platform do not need an app to function. You simply search for the particular casino game on your device’s browser without necessarily downloading an app. You can then sign up and wager at your pressure.

Windows casinos offer an enviable user interface, a wide array of casino genres to choose from, and numerous opportunities to earn generous amounts of cash. Besides, they are governed by strict regulations, and each casino game on offer is tested by independent agencies for efficiency and compatibility to the Windows device. In a word, Windows Casinos are a gateway to a rewarding gaming experience.

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