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Mr. Slotty
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Mobile Platform iOS, Android

Mr. Slotty is one of the most respected names in casino software in the business. Despite its quirky name, Mr. Slotty casinos provide a great mix of free to play and paid online casino experiences for a wide variety of players with varying levels of gambling experience.

Whilst this online casino software provider from the wilds of Eastern Europe produces reams of quality content, the thing they’re most well-known for is online slot machines. As the name might suggest, table games and the live casino experience are not priorities for them.


Mr. Slotty’s head office is situated in Vilnius, Latvia, and they have been in existence for the last five years. From the outset, it has been one of the companies known for a propensity to produce online slot machines bursting with top of the line high definition graphics, but that are designed to work seamlessly on pc, smart TV or mobile device. Their mission statement is providing players with the freedom to play some of the best online slot machines around, wherever and whenever the mood strikes them. No loading time. No downloads. No constrictions.

Over the last five years of existence, Mr. Slotty casinos have built up a loyal fan base of some 3000 active users, many of who play from the UK. This user base ensures that all of Mr. Slotty games’ newest and best casino software is field tested for bugs and glitches rigorously, ensuring that every time you log in, you will enjoy a user-approved, smooth, problem free experience, where the high-quality graphics and game features work hand in hand.

Mr. Slotty – Breaking All the Moulds

Given the market saturation, gamers today are forced to choose between thousands of different video slot titles that all look exactly the same. In many ways, this is par for the course, in an industry where there are hundreds if not thousands of casino developers; there are only so many ways of expressing a digitized version of a slot machine. Additionally, many game developers can be accused if churning out titles without much imagination. If you’ve been feeling like this for a while, perhaps even a little jaded by the online slot machine industry, Mr. Slotty slots and its quirky, unusual offerings will feel like a breath of fresh air.

From East (Ern Europe) to West

In what is something of a great tradition for game developers from the Eastern bloc, Mr. Slotty is known for producing content with themes and objective that are a little left-field. The games themselves, technically speaking, have a traditional feel. Five game reels are combined with, on average, 25 paylines and a wonderful array of bonus, scatter and wild symbols to spice up the conventional video slot gameplay and make a win that much more profitable. This is something you will find in most video slot experiences. However, where Mr. Slotty differentiates from its competitors is with graphics and themes.

Most Popular Mr. Slotty Titles

  • Emoji Slot is a new adult-themed slot machine from Slotty that takes the ever-popular world of emojis – the subject of a plethora of memes, novelty items and a movie – is now the subject of an online casino game. The emojis are mostly those to which you’ll be accustomed, along with some newcomers, but the way they’re used will surprise and titivate you.
  • Super Dragons Fire – combines the world of fantastic beasts with beautifully rendered graphics to create an online slot that can only be described with one word – legendary.
  • She/He Club – don’t let the name fool you. This slot machine is set in a trendy adult watering hole, complete with DJ spinning alluring tunes for you to while away the hours as you play this addictive slot experience.
  • Meme Faces – This is a slot machine experience that perfectly encapsulates the internet age. Children of the web will feel at home with this experience with symbols and background overloaded with inside jokes, rage comics and other Internet tropes that will make a millennial feel right at home.
  • HotHoney 22 VIP – a distinctly adult-themed offering from Mr. Slotty, this title celebrates the female form in a way that can only be described as wonderfully European. Visually superb, with a gameplay to match.
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  • Welcome bonus on sign up in the form of free cash, free spins or a combination of the two
  • Match bonus on first deposit of up to 100%
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Reload bonuses

A Sense of Humor

If you hadn’t already guessed from the title HotHoney 22 VIP, Mr. Slotty is a game developer that is known for not taking itself too seriously, with many of its titles and themes intended to bring a smile to the face of gamers and reviewers. No More Fruits, for example, is a title replacing the apples and cherries that constitute traditional slot machine symbol fare with vegetables. However, in the midst of the greenery comes a tomato – a fruit! Staying true to their troll roots is what’s ensured Mr. Slotty’s games stand out from the crowd.

Stick with What You Know

Mr. Slotty games have, to date, avoided the temptation that has befallen so many other gaming developers – diversification. Mr. Slotty has stuck to what it’s known for, what has made it famous, and that is online slot machines. It has avoided live casino games and table games in favor of broadening its stable of quirky, funny online slot machine games.

This has helped the games thematically – which are routinely funnier and more well-thought out than their contemporaries – but also ensures that the games graphically, musically and gameplay wise are a cut above.

This is of course not to say that Mr. Slotty, despite its name, won’t move into developing other online casino software in the future. But in the meantime, it’s focused on dank memes and funny Internet content!

Brilliantly Engineered

Like most of the best online casino game developers, Mr. Slotty games have done with flash in favor of the far more streamlined and accessible HTML 5. This means that Mr. Slotty titles can be accessed on whatever machine takes your fancy, with no downloads or updates, no buffering lag, to ensure optimum convenience.

Mr. Slotty’s titles are heavy in HD content yet, despite this, the games all come in at a miniscule +-3mb per title. They are specifically engineered to be accessed and enjoyed via browser, and this intentionality shows in a big way, whatever device you use.

Mr. Slotty – a Great Experience for Those Looking for Something Different

Mr Slotty provides everything you’d expect from an online slot machine experience – welcome and deposit bonuses, solid graphics and a lag-free gaming experience – with something different: heart and a sense of humour. Not every one of its slot titles can be a considered an unqualified success – like every developer, there are some less desirable games. However, for the most part, Mr. Slotty’s intentionality and skillful design make it a developer worth checking out.

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