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Multi-Hand Blackjack video game works in the same way as all other blackjacks. The difference is that you get more than one hand. You can bet on different hands as if you are a different player on each hand. It has no bonus or free games.

Multi-hand Blackjack
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Developed by Microgaming, Multi-Hand Blackjack is available in online casinos that run on the game developer’s platform. This is best played by those who do not want to play on live dealer games and yet easily get bored in single-hand blackjack variants.

How to Play

As an overview, the goal of the game is to hit the number 21, also called blackjack. At first, you will be dealt two cards. You need to add the value of these and the dealer will do the same to his hand. The hand that has the higher value wins.

If your hand’s total is above 21, you are bust and you automatically lose.

  • Aces – an ace has a value of 11
  • Faces – all cards with a face are valued at 10
  • All others – all numbers are valued at their face value

To start gambling, select the size of your chips at the bottom. Next, click on a bet area. You can click on one area or select all five areas. Each area that has a bet will be dealt two cards for starters.

Tips to Win

The dealer will also get two cards initially but only one will be revealed. Once you’ve got your cards, you need to decide if you want to Stand, Hit or Double.

  • Stand – it means you are ready to battle your set of cards
  • Hit – this means you will ask for another card to supplement your first two cards.
  • Double – if you are dealt two initial cards of the same symbol, you can choose to split these cards into two separate hands. Each card will be given another partner card and you can proceed with the game.

Once you have decided if you want to hit, stand, or double, the dealer will reveal his card and will also take his turn to hit, stand, or double. If the dealer goes bust, he loses.

During your turn, any hand that goes bust automatically results to a lost bet for that hand.

Bonuses and Features

The game has several buttons to make betting easier. These are:

  • Plus/Minus – this allows you to change the size of your chips.
  • Clear Bets – this button will clear all the bets on the table before the game starts. It is useful if you have made a mistake in betting.
  • Repeat – this button repeats the bet you placed in the last round.

There are no bonus rounds or other ways to win in the game.

Tips to Win

In blackjack, your goal is to have a high card value but not go bust. Try to hit 17 if you can. If your card totals to 15, you might significantly consider not hitting.

Another trick here is to bet similar amounts on the different betting areas. This should help you offset your loses, considering that there is no such thing as a jackpot in blackjack. Lastly, you should bet in all areas if your funds will allow. More hands mean more chances to beat the dealer.

To strategize better, test the game for free in casino review websites before gambling with real money. You can play without download or without registration.

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