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Located on the Isle of Man, Multislot software is a casino software company that provides both mobile and land-based software to casinos. It takes into account the players’ and operators’ needs to come up with impressive software.

There are a number of Multislot games on the market to make for an interesting gaming experience for many users.

Multislot takes on an analytical approach in creating software. It considers customers’ requests in addition to paying attention to the industry to come up with impressive products.

Past players’ analytics are taken into consideration to come up with great solutions. As such, considering that freshness is important to this company, it is no wonder that products and services on offer are some of the most sought after in the market.

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Originally, Multislot solely offered games to its operators. However, over the years, it has ventured into other fields. It not only makes use of traditional mobile platforms but also incorporates social platforms such as Facebook to tap into social gaming fanatics.

Multislot understands that without freshly unique products, it will collapse under the multitude of other providers. This is why the company prides itself on providing fresh products. To prove this point, every year, Multislot produces upwards of 10 new games.

And no, not just any games are produced but rather games with a focus on ensuring that the user’s experience is not compromised.

The company is licensed under the UK Gambling Commission. It has a number of partners such as Azul, Ocho,, OpenBet, and Parlay Games Inc among others.

What Sets Multislot Software Apart from Other Providers?

Multislot understands the need for introducing new products to the market. It also understands the need for ensuring said products are not of low standard.

This is why even though it may produce upwards of 10 games annually, the user’s experience is very rarely compromised. Multislot casinos are home to an impressive collection of games geared at ensuring users enjoy themselves to the fullest!

Unlike most other online casino software providers, Multislot embraces to the social platform by ensuring the social gambling is embraced to its full. It is able to achieve this by ensuring that interactive games are available on social platforms such as Facebook.

With players being interested in the social platform, there is a high chance that they make their way to the provider site when all is said and done thus upping revenue streams.

Player engagement on social platforms such as Facebook is crucial if the good interaction is to be attained. With good interaction, there is a possibility of unlocking good revenue. This is why there are a number of activities in place.

For example, there are a number of leaderboards and tournaments in place to ensure player engagement. There are also unlockable levels in place to help bring potential participants into its folds.

The Bonus Rollover Indicator is another important feature that sets Multislot apart from the rest of the developers. This feature helps participants have a clear view of the amount of additional rollover is necessary to access a bonus.

It takes into account the betting handle or time to arrive at the value. With this feature in place, participants are able to up their expertise levels. In addition, it takes away the necessity for such information to be provided by the customer service on the operator’s end.

Such features are what make Multislot one of the best casino software developers on the market.

Available Multislot Software Platforms

Multislot can be accessed on a number of platforms. The software can be accessed on a desktop in addition to a number of mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, it can also be enjoyed on social platforms such as Facebook.

Embracing Changing Technologies

Gone are the days when land-based casinos had to operate with physical cash. Multislot understands that with changes in technology, in order for land-based casinos to be at the top of their game, they have to embrace such changes.

This is why Multislot offers a number of casino software solutions to its operators. In addition, it does also provide hardware solutions should the need arise.

With such solutions in place, operators are able to proceed with their operations seamlessly.

Available Slots

Multislot majorly focuses on slots although it does provide a wealth of other games.

Examples of available slots include:

  • Goblins Hideout,
  • Diamond Digin,
  • Classic Cinema,
  • Lucky Mermaid slots,
  • Lost Ruins Treasure,
  • Vintage Tom Room,
  • 5-Reel Fire,
  • Jackbots.

Table games include:

  • Craps,
  • Blackjack,
  • Baccarat,
  • Pai Gow.

Video poker games include:

  • Deuces Wild,
  • Jacks or Better,
  • Jokers Wild,
  • Aces and Eights,
  • 25 Line Jacks or Better.

A huge number of games on offer can be enjoyed in different languages and played using diverse currencies.

Other Interesting Aspects

As if coming up with an impressive collection of games is not enough, Multislot also has in place a number of products to help ensure that operators have a seamless journey when dealing with participants.

For example, the company offers a number of server-based solutions such as cage systems, cashless systems and loyalty programs to help ensure operators get the most of the products.

With the loyalty program, for example, operators are able to track player information in one go in order to help ease making marketing strategies.

With this program in place, operators are able to come up with personal programs to tag at participants’ heartstrings. They are also able to target particular profiles in order to have better ROI values.

With cashless systems in place, physical cash is done away with. This helps up the amount of time used to play in addition to increasing customer retention.

A cashless system also helps improve security since no physical cash is involved, but rather, things such as tickets, cards or other solutions based on the player’s account are used.

With cage systems, on the other hand, better accountability and more control can be enjoyed. Such systems make it possible to join hands with other cashless systems already in place.

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They make it possible to make use of different languages and currencies. In addition, actual balances are arrived at for the various cages as the system can be tracked. Last but not least, with such systems in place, operators get to enjoy more detailed reporting and better audit values.

Given all that it has to offer, Multislot is one of those one-stop shopping points that many an operator will appreciate.

Not only does this company produce impressive Multislot games but it also strives to come up with impressive products geared at keeping both players and operators happy. For example, it provides solutions such as cashless systems, cage systems and loyalty programs.

It also makes use of different platforms such as desktop and mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows to help ensure that varied participants are not left out. In short, it does all it can to help ensure that great user experience is realized! The above are what make it one of the best in the market.

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