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MX Digital software is a company that was founded in 2011 in Santa Monica, California and has risen to the top of the casino software providers throughout the United States.

While MX Digital games usually online, they have permeated into physical casinos where they continue to provide the best gaming experience for their clients.

This thorough review of the company will ultimately show that the experience of the company’s workers led to a variety of well-known and exclusive games and platforms that gamblers enjoy around the globe.

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Who Is Behind MX Digital’s Success?

MX Digital casinos games were the brainchild of Eric Bischoff and Ike McFadden, two people with a combined 35 years of gaming experience.

Their minds were set to the task of becoming the best casino software providers to come out of the United States, and they had to take risks to do so.

Types of Games MX Digital Produces

The present library of games was developed with one thing in mind: breaking into an industry that is already rife with software providers for casinos.

The company could not focus on creating new styles of games, they needed to go with the essentials, like slots, to generate the best outcomes for the company.

Here is a basic list of the game types that one can see from the casinos’ developer from MX Digital:

  • Slots,
  • Social Media Casino Slots,
  • Digital Roulette.

Readers may notice that the game types do not count for a great deal. However, this was all part of the plan created at MX Digital.

Instead of creating software for every single casino game that they could manage, they decided to go a different route and focus on one or two small things. Namely, they have chosen slots and roulette.

While the roulette is mainly based on a partnership that this software company has made with another, the slots are all original designs from MX Digital.

They have become such experts in developing the various slot machines that they have been sought out by video game companies, celebrities, and other producers to create fun slot games.

The best part about MX Digital casino games is their creativity in the slots. Every time they develop a new set, they inject the personality of the theme directly into it.

The slot pictures, animations, and jackpot schemes are typically based around some aspect of the overall slot’s theme.

For example, one of the more famous slot games by this provider is based on Chuck Norris, the famed martial artist. His slot features items from his Missing in Action film set including tanks, helicopters, knives, grenades, Hummers, and machine guns.

These developers take the theme and make it the centerpiece, eventually creating fun, great-looking slot games.

How MX Digital Succeeded as a Startup

Unlike other casino software providers who merely make their games and hope that they are bought by a casino, the founders of MX Digital decided to take a different approach: they sought out investors.

With prototypes of their most successful game models, mainly slots, they pressed investors to make a wise choice and work with them.

Eventually, MX Digital software won several large bids and had partnered with celebrities to create entertaining themed products which are used all around the world.

Now, they have millions in investments from Los Angeles-based companies who want to help the company share their vision around the world. Currently, they are poised to become a top software developer in the U.S.

MX Digital Celebrity Connections

If there is one thing that this developer is known for in the casino industry, it is being capable of drawing in big names from Hollywood.

While the company’s proximity to LA definitely helped find some star power for their slots, MX Digital’s reputation for creating exciting games that are faithful to their subject material motivated their success with movie stars.

One of the latest deals that the provider was able to strike for a new slots game was with the ever-elusive Blue Brothers. Although the original pair is now a memory for most, the slot game takes on elements from the Blue Brothers film, which achieved a cult following.

The slot game incorporates SNL logos, their famous car, and outfits into the slot game, making the player fondly remember their contributions to comedy.

Other stars have followed suit and sought to work with this developer to immortalize their works in slot machine form. For example, James Dean, Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff, and Dennis Rodman each have a slot that is dedicated to their specific lives.

All in all, MX Digital has an amazing ability to attract stars to support their product development.

Mobile Platforms

The major differences between the slots and the social media slots are that the latter version was developed to be a part of an app.

You can enjoy the most part of MX Digital’s most famous slots, the ones based on movie stars, in person at many casinos throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Caribbean.

However, the MX Digital software company has made a Facebook-based app on which you can play their casino games. The benefit of this setup is that you can play their games on the go, whether it is on a tablet or phone.

Their electronic games are optimized for mobile performance and provide a chance to see the latest games the company has developed.

How Does the Provider Stack Up Against Competitors?

While this casino provider is a high-quality company, the fact is that they are rather small compared to software giants like Microgaming.

The company does not focus on all casino games, removing the potential to make a lot more money like others. Still, the developer company works hard at what they do best, slots, and that should be more than enough to keep the company moving forward.

However, it is worth mentioning that the company is continually receiving new investments, and is important to watch because they could become a large company in the future.


The games that are developed through the company are licensed in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

This means customers are able to access their games in a variety of counties, so do not be surprised to see a Blues Brothers slot machine in Europe.

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Final Thoughts

Overall MX Digital is the little guy that was given a chance to prove themselves and was excellent. The company’s founders have dedicated themselves to finding a new way to perfect slots in the digital world and public realm.

They have met their goal by finding interesting subject matter and striking partnerships with big names to have access to unique content.

While the company is not as big as some of the other software developers that are renowned throughout the world, the fact remains that they are still growing.

Their emphasis on specialty works for slots and some roulette does not make it likely that they will be the biggest slot producer for casinos. However, they will always be noteworthy for having consistently entertaining games.

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