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Octavian Gaming Software Company has a good reputation in the iGaming market. Its head office is located in Verona. It creates and promotes its games all over the globe. The company has 10 years of programming experience, and it can easily compete with the best casino software providers. It basically utilizes the latest technologies and tools to create diverse items. It does not only provide a desktop version but a mobile version as well.

This company works proficiently in association with the best online casinos. The banking procedures are quite rapid. It does not matter whether the players deposit money or make withdrawals, both procedures do not take much time. In just a couple of days, the players can take out their winnings and deposit as much cash as they want. Octavian Gaming Software is reliable and dependable. The punters do not have to worry about the security as the team of Octavian handles all things properly. Read out this full review of this online casino software.

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The majority of the companies pay benefits to the qualities they say to uphold, Octavian shows up to be a genuine deal. This casino software company is resolute that quality must be at the cutting edge of all that it does, and this fastidiousness saturates Octavian’s tasks, from the planning stage to customer support service. Octavian Gaming spends a lot of time on the research and invests a lot of money in the development of items. All the items have exceptional designs and layouts.

Octavian Gaming Software was created in an incomparable way. The casino’s developers have worked nicely on it. After a lot of research, the developers and designers created it. This company holds a lot of certifications in accordance with the performance and maintenance of the slots. It is an Italian company which has the certificate of TUV INTERCERT. This certificate guarantees that this software meets all quality control standards of Italy. It also meets the rules and regulations of CE and ROHS.

Octavian Gaming Games

Octavian Gaming Games are of top quality. This company is best known for its games collection. All the games including video slots, poker or scratch cards, all provide diverse opportunities to the gamblers and punters. The main objective of the company is to use advanced technological innovation to create such slot machines that can fulfil the desires of the gamblers and gamers. When you check out any of the slots of Octavian Gaming, then you will be able to locate rich content in it. All games are good at interactivity. The graphical representation and the animations of these games are outstanding. However, each provides a different bonus.

  • Dream Set Black slot: One of the newest game introduced by this casino software provider is known as Dream Set Black. It is actually a video slot in which you will locate bold icons and characters. The RTP rate is 70%. The players can set the bet from 25 to 200. The matrix of the game is 5×3, and the interface of the game is clean. There are numerous features of this slot that will definitely astonish the players.
  • Rodeo Girls slot: Another top rated slot provided by Octavian Gaming Casinos is Rodeo Girls. You will be able to see cowgirls in it. The stylish cowgirls will surely amaze the male gamblers. There are diverse characters which the players need to land onto the five reels to get the bonuses and prizes.
  • Pirates & Treasures slot: The next awesome game by Octavian is Pirates & Treasures. You will be able to find matchless icons in it that you have to target. For the gamblers, it is imperative to target the highest paying icons as they are linked with numerous bonuses and rewards.
  • Sahara slot is also an exceptional game in which you will find diverse colours of Arabian Nights. The gamblers and gamers will check out icons including Persian palaces and camels. The unique theme makes it stand apart from the rest.

Octavian is known as the best online casino provider because it does not only create and market its own games but manages a range of titles offered by Octavian Italy Srl. All these slots are shared utilizing the same channels as those afforded to its internal creations. The platform was basically designed for the market of Italy. So, all games present on the platform are perfect for the Italian players. These games incorporate Road Kings, Wild Witches, King Neptune and Slot Club Gold. The graphics of these games will make you feel like you are actually present in the games. The slots created by Octavian are instigated by classic movies and famous cultures.

Perfect Hardware

When it comes to the hardware, then Octavian surely provides an advanced one. The hardware division of the creators is quite strong. The premier items of this company include MAX-2. It can easily possess an ARM-based 1MX6 quad-core processor. The G820 hardware makes use of the Intel Atom N270.16 Giga Hertz single core chip. All imperative parts that are used are finished with the help of PC01 module as well as Max 1. To power up a slot machine, many other things like circuitry are important.

There is no doubt that the hardware created by Octavian is perfect yet it can have some problems. Gamblers are quite enthusiastic when it comes to the slot machines. Whenever the technical issues occur, then the gamblers can contact the customer service representatives. They will handle each and every problem proficiently. Octavian utilizes a GLS Handling System to track hardware properly. This casino software provider is not only responsible for the software but for the hardware as well. It takes care of all the important things related to both.

The majority of the gamblers appreciate the work of this company. They can easily play the games devoid of having an issue. All the Italian-made slots are able to fulfil the demands of the gamers. They have engaging background music. In addition, the games could be played on particular devices. Designers have selected beautiful shades in each game to make it appealing and admirable.

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Octavian Gaming Software is considered to be one of the pioneering companies when it comes to layout and completion of the gaming software for the gaming market. This casino software company utilizes its personal global staff of creation that has 10 years of experience with advanced technological innovation. The games created by Octavian Gaming are delivered across the globe. It is an Italian licensed company that has a good reputation in the Italian market when it comes to online casino slots.

All the slot machines present on the platform are developed for the Italian gamblers. The methods to deposit and withdraw money are fast and trouble-free. A good collection of games is present on the platform so that the gamblers can pick the one they like. The company also provides technical support service 24 hours a day for the feasibility of its clients. In short, this software provider is recommendable and impressive.

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