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Rabcat is a relatively small software provider for online casinos. Nevertheless, it has partnered with the top casino operators in the industry but never as a sole provider. Rabcat works together with some of the best casino software developers to supply games and other products. The Austrian software company was founded in 2001 and is physically based in Vienna, Austria.

Top Rabcat online casinos

Despite its minority status among online casino software developers, the company has managed to outdo competitors by winning awards. In 2011, the Rabcat was lauded by the Austrian lottery for producing the best game of the year, Legend of Olympus. This was followed by a similar nomination when they released Castle Builders in 2013.

Rabcat software primarily develops video games. It has worked with some big names in the entertainment industry like:

  • Rockstar
  • Disney
  • Ubisoft
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Microsoft
  • Atari
  • Crytek

Working with giants of the video game industry has exposed Rabcat employees to a wealth of experience in designing console video games. Some of the titles that Rabcat has contributed to include Grand Theft Auto, Payday 2, Forza Horizon, Silent Hill Origins, Overwatch, and the Crew.

The casino developer has extensive experience in the creation of 2D and 3D graphics, animations, and cinematics. However, it is most famous for its expertise in the creation of online slot machines. Rabcat slots are reputed for their brilliant graphics and innovative approach to a full slot machines supply. They digress from traditional slot offerings by incorporating video game components to the casino classic. The result is an outstanding genre of games often unmatched by competing software developers.

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Software and Interface

The casino software provider uses HTML5 technology to ensure that all games are playable across all platforms. Slots can, therefore, transition seamlessly from PC to mobile and tablet. Each game can run well on all recognized operating systems like Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS.

Rabcat games can also be launched using flash technology. This means that the player does not need to download the game software to start playing. Apart from the already highlighted featured, you will also find that games come in several local languages and can also support many payment options.

Product Range

Slot Machines

As a casino games developer, Rabcat has continuously produced some of the most popular slots to ever grace online casino menus. It has excelled beyond its reach and has given the larger software developers like Microgaming and Net Entertainment a run for their money. Albeit a small number, Rabcat products do well among other games by offering a unique approach to gaming. Slot machines especially, take the definition of online casino games to a whole new level.

To begin with, Rabcat’s game graphics are so excellent that they can only compare to console game graphics such as PlayStation and Xbox. The software developer gives keen attention to detail and impeccable finishes to animations, images, and even themes. Most games enjoy high definition displays, seamless animations, and quality finishes. These characteristics are what set Rabcat apart from conveyor belt games and gives them the edge to compete with the best casino developers in the industry.

Secondly, Rabcat slots have original and creative plots. Castle Builders, for instance, follows the progress of a builder when you progress through different levels of castle building as you spin the reels. The ultimate achievement is building ten castles in each kingdom. The slot game rewards the player each time the level-up. The games great content is quite impressive with special features that include details such an in-game job ladder.

Controls integrate seamlessly into the world of that game. For example, in the Forsaken Kingdom, the gaming controls are put on rocks that form part of the background of the slot game. The entire background is made up of several components including clouds, trees, and an animated knight who responds differently to various situations. The controls merely complete a bigger design picture.

Another concept borrowed from their experience in video games is the provision of trailers for their slots. Most of their games have short 1-minute clips that give a sneak peek of the action that might be anticipated in the game. One such thrilling animation is the Dragon Myth animation. The games can be previewed on the casino developer’s official website or in the alternatively in the real money versions of the game before gameplay.

The RTP of all their games is also amazing. Each of the slot games has a Return To Player rate of above 95% with the lowest being 95.47%. Dragon’s Myth, mentioned above, holds the mantle with an incredible 96.6%.

Of course, with such a review preceding the developer, you would expect all the slot games to have fantastic bonus features. Slots have various bonus features, most of which are free spins and some modified to fit into the theme of the slot.

Currently, Rabcat has ten slot titles to its name. These are:

  • Dragon’s Myth
  • Frozen Diamonds
  • Dragon’s Cave
  • Penguin Splash
  • Panda Cash
  • River of Riches
  • Scary Friends
  • The Legend of Olympus
  • Forsaken Kingdom: The Path of Valor, and
  • Castle Builder

A player will notice that all slot titles have five reels. However, Classic 243 is a modern adaptation of the classic fruit machines with three reels and the typical slot symbols. Paylines vary from 15 to 50.

Video Poker

Rabcat also develops some video poker games. The most popular of its video poker titles is Joker Wanted. The card game manifests the better qualities of Rabcat gaming like high-quality graphics, excellent playability, and fun-filled experience. Joker Wanted also enjoys an adequately executed Wild West theme and is played with five decks. It can be played for free while the player enjoys wild cards and excellent payouts.

Rabcat Online Casinos

Through its partnership with Microgaming’s distribution branch Quickfire, Rabcat games have seen success in the some of the most reputable gambling establishments in the world. What’s more, Rabcat games can be played using real money or as a demo. However, it is difficult to find an establishment that host the full portfolio. This makes Rabcat games even more unique and a step out of the regular slot comfort zone.

Below is a list of some of Rabcat casinos that provides players with huge bonuses upon signing up.

providers info
Year Established 2001
Casino Type Video Slots , Video Poker

The Advantages of Rabcat Software Provider

  1. The company is licensed by the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man. A license from this regulator ensures that the games adhere to a strict code of fair play. Rabcat also extends its license to Microgaming’s Quickfire. In addition, the games will be vetted further by casino operators and international entities like eCOGRA to ensure compliance with the prescribed guidelines.
  2. Rabcat offer customer support on their website. In case of any issues, a client may contact help desk by telephone, email, or live chat.
  3. Game trailers offer an opportunity for the players to preview what the game is all about without investing their money in the enterprise. This saves time and spares gamblers of unnecessary losses of blindly playing new games that they are unfamiliar with.

It is evident, from the above, that Rabcat casino software developer focuses more on quality rather than quantity. All titles released by the small provider hold a high standard of quality. Rabcat games can, consequently, be described as premium. Players can access their games on the above listed online casinos.

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When I play slots developed by this casino game developer, I immediately see a significant difference in favor of Rabcat. Truly visually, the slots are simply gorgeous. They want to come back again and again! Some unique component of these slots can be seen with the naked eye. I confirm the high creativity of slots. If you say about the game in these slots, they do not all give a lot of money! WTF ??! Why should all slots give? It’s still a casino and even money-giving slots for some people don’t play at all .. Not every developer is suitable with such pertinent imagination when creating slots !!
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