Responsible Gambling

Gambling can be an exciting pastime. While it is a harmless hobby for most people, disproportionate gambling can become a serious problem for certain individuals. Gambling addiction is a serious condition that can destroy lives.
We’ll explain what gambling addiction is all about, what signs there are for pathological gaming, and what steps you can take to limit your game passion to a healthy level.
What is responsible gambling? How do I detect a problem or how do I know that my gambling behaviour has evolved into addiction? On this page, there is more information on this topic. We explain how to recognise gambling problem behaviour, how to prevent it, and more tips and advice for responsible gambling.

How to Recognise Gambling Problems?

Although gambling addiction is officially classified as “compulsive disorder” in many ways, it is comparable to an addiction to other “substances”. That’s why it’s crucial to identify a (potential) problem as early as possible, to be able to offer help and to prevent worse.

Signs of problematic games may include:

  • The Player is constantly engaged in gambling or the next possibility of gambling;
  • The Player spends more and more time gambling and spends more and more money on gambling;
  • The Player neglects work or study, social ties with friends and family;
  • The Player does everything to get money to play with, including borrowing, cheating and stealing;
  • The Player is often late to appointments, is unexplained absent for longer periods, more sick days than average and withholds with details of his activities and whereabouts;
  • The Player experiences changes in personality; has mood swings; seems troubled, agitated or irritated, depressed; behaves manipulatively, controlling;
  • The Player’s finances are no longer manageable.

Many websites offer their never to playlist of clues suggesting a potential problem. Some of these websites, of which the links are listed with a brief description below, also provide a self-test. With this, a player can find out if a game problem has developed, is developing now, or could develop in the future.

How Do You Prevent Gambling Addiction and How Do You Deal with It?

The ultimate way to completely prevent a gambling problem, of course, is to stop playing or betting completely. But having fun regularly while playing for real money at an online or land-based casino doesn’t mean a risk right away. The vast majority of casino visitors and real money players are able to control their gambling habits very well. Thus, a casino game remains exactly what it should be – an exciting and fascinating entertainment.

One way of “prevention” could be started by taking one of the self-tests available on the internet. In addition, you can read about possible signs of a game problem on many pages. These precautions alert a player or their environment of the potential dangers of playing. At the same time, you become aware of what to consider to identify a possible problem.

Even if gambling addiction is a rare phenomenon, you should take this advice to heart. So make sure your gambling time is always just fun.

Set a Strict Time Limit

Get up from the game table when the time limit runs out, and close the online casino no matter how much you’ve won or lost. Avoid playing longer than you actually intended.

In some online casinos, you can even set how long you want to play per day. Ideal if you just want to relax briefly and don’t want to risk overlooking time.

Don’t Chase the Losses

On some days you can do whatever you want, you just get haunted by bad luck. Therefore, there is no point chasing the losses. Losing is never fun, but anyone convulsively trying to make up for the losses tends to take bigger risks and often ends up standing there with even bigger damage.

Sometimes it’s best to just get up, accept the loss and take a break.

Never Play with Borrowed Money

Always play with money that you are not afraid to lose. With gambling, a win is never guaranteed, and sometimes you just have a bad streak. For this reason, you should never play with money that you have had to borrow or that is intended for other purposes.

Once the money is tight, you should either play with lower betting limits or just for demo-money. You can also have your account paused or closed.

Professional Help for Players with Gambling Addiction

There are several websites and organisations that provide more information about problem gambling and/or professional help to players with a gambling problem and their surroundings. The counselling centres are usually available 24 hours a day.

GamCare: GamCare is probably one of the best and most prestigious organisations dedicated to responsible gambling and its solution, helping problematic players and their environment. This independent charity company is based in the UK.
Gambling Therapy: The online division of Britain’s Gordon Moody Association is aimed at problematic players outside the UK and with a website in 29 languages.
NCPG: The website of the National Council for Problem Gambling (NCPG) of the United States of America. The site offers various self-assessment tests.
Australian National Problem Gambling Portal: Australian Government’s Official National Portal to Problem gambling issues with risk assessment tests, online self-help tools, live chat, forums and so on.
Gamblers Anonymous: The website of the Support Group Gamblers Anonymous with all the information about this organisation and anonymous help.
Gam-Anon: The site of Gam-Anon, the support group for families and friends of problematic players, in conjunction with gamblers anonymous.


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