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The Second Strike is an online slot machine developed by Quickspin. This company has a good portfolio consisting of a number of very popular and visually stunning games and Second Strike fits right in.

Second Strike!
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This is their first 10-line slot machine, and by the look and feel of the game they were going for the old school fruit machine look, and they were spot on.

The game’s theme and graphics have a retro vibe that we bet a lot of players will find refreshing in today’s market that’s oversaturated with games that feel more focused on the visuals than on the gameplay and player experience.


As mentioned earlier this game is a volatile 10-line slot and for those that aren’t sure what it means for a slot to be volatile and are already concerned here’s the quick take.

Volatility, sometimes also called variance refers to how often does a slot payout and how high or low are those winnings.

So for example, a low volatility slot will give the player a steady flow of winnings, but unless you really hit the jackpot, you won’t see a lot of big numbers.

On the other hand, when playing a high variance slot the player will expectedly sit through a higher number of spins that won’t yield any payout. But when the symbols do align on that payline, you can expect some serious winnings that will luckily be more than make up for the coins spent.


Second Strike

Before we go into the special feature that this game has, lets first start with the symbols. Lower paying symbols are:

  • Red Cherries
  • A Plum
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon

The higher tier of symbols include:

  • Blue Bell
  • Golden Star
  • A number Seven
  • Diamonds

And of course, the Wild symbol that substitutes for all other standard symbols in the game.

Now, this is where it gets interesting, the game has a simple yet very rewarding feature aptly named Second Strike.

This is a bonus round of sorts that you activate every time you land a winning combination of symbols on any of the paylines. The focus turns to the outer edge of the reels where the symbols are placed in a random order.

The game then turns into a mini roulette wheel, or in this case square, where you hope to land on the symbols that formed the winning payline on your main reels.

If you manage to land there, you’ll be awarded from 6 to 10 extra symbols from your winning payline depending on the number of icons you managed to land in the original spin.

This is where the real payout happens, as this can turn all five reels into winning paylines and give out an enormous jackpot.


The Second Strike has both a very slick modern look and a retro feel to it. This 10-line slot is ideal for those that prefer crazy high winnings over the standard penny slot machines. If you’re not sure that you’ll like the high volatility you can always play it for free first, so give it a shot!

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