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SG Gaming software is one of the companies that have been in the market for a few decades now. SG Gaming casinos started its operations in 1973 in the land-based casinos. They are mostly known for their lottery games. Their lottery was included into one of the famous jackpots in the USA including Mega Millions and Powerball Drawings. In 2006 they jumped into the online casino world with their strong foundation in the land-based gambling industry.

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Since then it has gathered millions of users across the globe who love its products, and it has created various subsidiaries which are engaged in producing creative slots on a regular basis. It was the year 2012 when the company’s revenue reached a whopping $260 Billion. In the year 2011, it acquired Barcrest from IGT and later in 2013 it also grabbed WMS which was another famous slot producer. It continued its expansion as a company and was able to buy Bally Technologies in 2014. Its multi-billion dollar presence in the market has certainly given it a lot of worth and reach all around the globe. From the United Kingdom to Europe to South America to Asia you would find its produced slots everywhere. People love to play these pieces because there is a certain sense of creativity in all of them.

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We have already mentioned that how the company became and iGaming giant with acquiring a number of other companies and reaching out to slot lovers all around the globe but now we would talk about these subsidiaries in detail. Each of these companies is responsible for creating a fair amount of famous slots. The regular slot production keeps SG Gaming Games platform always in business, and the players have a lot of options when it comes to the types of games the casino software developer is producing. You can enjoy anything from lottery pieces to table games and roulettes. Let’s talk about all the subsidiaries of one of the best casino software developer in detail.


Barcrest is one of the oldest land-based casinos developers in the UK market as it was founded in 1968. After its arrival in the market as online casino software provider, it worked under the ownership of IGT until it was acquired by SG Gaming. As a subsidiary, it flourished under the ownership of SG Gaming way better when you compare it with the time when it was under the influence of IGT. There are numerous famous slots under the name of this particular casino software provider, and it produces various pieces every few weeks. The best part of the Barcrest products is the awesome payout system. We have selected a few of the best ones from their collection according to our experts’ review, and we would like to share them with you below.

  1. Emperors Gold
  2. Boulder Bucks
  3. Merry Money
  4. Cash Stax
  5. Action Bank
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Bally Technologies

With its arrival in the land-based casino market as Advanced Patent Technology in 1968 and it took the name of Bally Technologies later in 2006. Since 1979 it has a strong influence in the land-based slot industry but, and after the 2000s the company entered the online world. Bally Technologies itself has acquired a number of companies to increase its collection as well as to expand its reach all around the globe. The slots developed by Belly Technologies contain a number of interesting features. Let’s have a look at few of these features:

  • U Spin: It is a feature which is only available in Bally slots and allows a 3-dimensional wheel. It is like a real one, and you can even touch to spin it. The 3D effect involved in this feature makes it even more interesting for the players.
  • Command Center: It is an exciting feature because with the help of it the casino is able to configure the game through a central platform. It also includes multiple features that increase the casino’s control over the slot. Two such features are iView and iDeck.
  • DM Tournaments: It is a valuable feature for the casinos because it gives them the power to change the iView display manager immediately. In addition, it is also possible to change the terminated tournaments. The players get to know about more tournaments and events with the help of a window on their screen. If any player wants to take part in the event, he/she can easily click on the notification and be a part of it.
  • iView Technology: This feature helps the casinos to deliver messages to selected players on various terminals. It is easier to control where the messages will appear and what would be their content.


It is also a subsidiary of the SG Gaming platform, and it also has a really rich history in the casino slot industry. It has contributed a lot to changing trends in the standard land based casino slots in the 19th century. The games produced by WMS are known for the creativity and innovation. These games are really popular in the American region although the company enjoys a global reach. There is a huge collection of magic slots, poker games, video slots, and even few games like Lucky Cruise for the Facebook users. The online production of the company is easily accessible through your mobile phone, and you can play any game anywhere if you have your smartphone and an active internet connection.

SG Gaming Casino Options

No matter how big of a casino slot collection you have as a company it is necessary for the business that the players from all around the globe can access it. SG Gaming platform has taken exceptional care of it, and there are hundreds of websites that provide you with the slots produced by SG Gaming. We have selected the top casinos for you after a detailed review of all the available options. Let’s have a look at the list:
Betfair Casino: It is presented in the list of our top casinos as it provides you with quite a few substantial bonuses. Even if you don’t deposit anything, you can avail a bonus of 10$. With a deposit up to 2,500$, you can avail a 100% bonus on your deposit.
Bingorella Casino: The players can get a signup bonus of 5 pounds the moment you sign up on this casino. You can also avail a deposit bonus of 100% on first 5 deposits.
Casumo Casino: In this casino, you can avail a welcome bonus of 100% on your deposit up to 300 pounds. In addition, you can also avail different percentages of bonuses ranging from 25% to 50% on first 4 deposits.
Chomp Casino: This venue provides the players with attractive bonuses especially the deposit bonuses. You can avail 100% deposit bonus on the first deposit of 100 pounds. On second deposit up to 100 pounds, you can get another deposit bonus of 100%. On 3rd deposit up to 200 pounds, you can get a 50% bonus.

In Brief

There is a number of attractive qualities in the reviewed development company. It has an impressive collection of different types of slots as the company owns many subsidiaries engaged in this niche and maintains the large scale of operations. There is a number of bonuses involved in most of the slots giving every player a fair chance to win.

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