How to Win Online Slots
How to Win Online Slots

How to Win Online Slots

Since the 90’s, slot games are electronic games and actually a software.

When you pull the lever, cogs do not start to turn. Instead of cogs, a software known as random number generator (RNG) starts to run and generate numbers.

You do not see this: All you see at this point are spinning reels.

How Do Online Slots Work?

If you are wondering how to win at online slots, you must learn how do they work first. Despite the popular belief, these machines do not have “cogs and wheels”.
The symbols in slots have numerical counterparts. The results of the RNG software determines which of these symbols will appear on your screen. (Take a look at “what is an RNG?” section to learn more about how this happens.) In the end, the reels stop and display a random number of symbols, depending on how many reels and sections in the game. (Usually, 15 symbols for each spin.) If some of these symbols are placed side by side on a pay line, you are qualified for a prize according to the paytable.

Usually, placing 3 symbols is enough to score a win. Sometimes you may need less or more symbols, but 3 is the overall value. Pay lines are real lines that connect both sides of the reels. They are not visible on the screen unless you want to. Think of them as uneven lines: They look like zig zags that pass over each reel. The amount of the lines is different in each slots machine. Usually, they are in between 10 and 20, but it is possible to see even 1.024 lines.

The importance of these lines is that they define your chances of winning. As a general rule, the more lines you have, the higher your chances of winning. This is because the likelihood of a winning combination is increasing or decreasing according to the number of lines. For example, you are much more likely to win in a slots game with 1.024 lines. However, there is a “catch”: As the number of lines increases so does the amount of money you need to deposit. This is because the betting range of slots games is determined by per line, not per spin. You are actually betting on lines, and each line costs more money.

Here is an example:

  • The minimum bet amount for a slots game is 0.10 coin
  • That game has 20 pay lines
  • The actual minimum bet amount for that game is 2.00 coins per spin (0.10 x 20 = 2.00)

Now imagine there are 1.024 lines: The minimum bet amount will be much higher. In fact, it can be higher than the payout values of the game.

Now, start re-reading all of the paragraphs above. We actually told you all the things you need to know about slot machines and provide you more than one strategy. Keep on reading to see the details, but it is crucial to understand how do online slot machines work before continuing.

RNG is short for “random number generator”. It is a software that generates random numbers and used by all online casinos. To explain it simply, each probability in a slots game has a numerical counterpart. For example, the Wild symbol is equal to “1238827”. If the numbers generated by the RNG software matches with the numerical counterpart of the Wild sign, the symbol appears on the screen. This is a very simple explanation, but it is enough to give you an idea of how the system works. RNG software generates really random numbers, and nobody (even the programmer who coded the software) can predict them. As a result, it is impossible to develop a strategy or a tactic against RNG since predicting the outcome is impossible. This is what we mean by saying “slot games are based on pure luck and you cannot use a slot machine strategy”.

Slot Machines Secrets

We are pretty sure that you are expecting to see tips that say “Of course there is a secret. Press this button 42 times, spin around yourself until you feel dizzy, and sing the national anthem of your country. This is the secret. You will win the jackpot if you do all of these. Don’t tell anyone else.” Well, we are sorry to disappoint you: Slot machines have no secrets. In fact, we just explained all of the things you need to know about slots. However, if you insist, here are the “secrets” we can share:

  • You Cannot Use a Strategy. Do not trust people who say “they have a working system”. There are strategies that work for card and table games but none for slot machines. Nobody can predict the results of the RNG software.
  • Slot Machines Do Not Get “Hot”. They also do not get cold or lose. These are urban myths. In the old days, when the slots used cogs and wheels, you can touch the machine and see if it was “hot”, literally. Gamblers believed that if the machine was hot, it was ready to pay. This belief was nonsense back in those days, and it is nonsense now.
  • You Can Still Win After a Jackpot is Paid. People think that if a slot machine recently paid, it won’t pay before a certain period of time has passed. This is a gambler’s fallacy. Let’s say we are playing a game of head/tails and the result was head for the last 10 throws. The possibility of getting tails at the eleventh throw is increased, right? Well, no. It is still the same (50%). The possibilities are re-calculated from scratch each time the coin gets flipped. This applies to slot machines too: You still have the same winning chance even with a machine that has recently paid.
RTP is short for “return to player”. It is a numerical value that is shown as a percentage. RTP values define how much you will recover an investment in the long run. In a way, they also show how much you will lose. Here is a simple example: Let’s say you have invested 100 USD to a lots machine with an RTP rate of 98%. In the long run, you will be able to recover 98 USD from that machine. So, your loss will be maximum 2 USD. However, by saying long run, we mean at least 1.000 spins. The players must prefer higher RTP rates to success. Actually, this is the most important online slots strategy: Only play games that offer at least 95% RTP rate and higher. These rates do not define your winning chances. Although, slots with higher RTP rates also pay more frequently.

Slot Machine Tips to Win

There may be no strategies for slot machines, but this does not mean that we cannot give tips. Every bit of info helps while spinning the reels. We are not saying that it is possible to increase your chances of winning, but it is certainly possible to get more frequent payouts if you follow our tips.

  1. Professionals Prefer Fruit Slots. By saying fruit slots, we mean those old games which are usually neglected. They have no bonus rounds and no special symbols. In fact, they usually offer only 3 pay lines and a couple of fruit symbols. It is true that more pay lines offer a higher chance of winning, but this does not mean that you cannot win at fruit slot machines. Why? Because they will cost less. Remember our explanation about how line numbers affect the cost of spins? Fruit slots have a maximum of 5 lines, so each spin costs less. For example, with a budget of 100 USD, you can spin the reels of a video slot machine for 20 times. With the same budget, however, you can spin a fruit slot 100 times. (Figures here are just an example.) Your game time will be much longer. And the more you spin, the chance of getting a prize increases. Professional gamblers prefer fruit slots to get a small but constant income.
  2. RTP Rates Are Important. We have explained what RTP is and how it affects you. Without repeating the same things, always prefer slot machines with higher rates. The higher, the better. You can see these rates at the paytable screens of the games.
  3. Progressive Jackpots Are Not That Good. “Progressive” means that the prize is constantly increasing. It can even reach millions of coins. However, this also means a lot of players are already lost. Progressive slots accumulate every bet placed in a pool. With each game played, the amount in the pool increases. So a grand prize of 1.000.000 coins, for example, means that a lot of players were unlucky. These games offer a much lower RTP rate than other categories. This means your chances are not that good too. Professional gamblers see progressive jackpot games as “tourist traps” and prefer to stay away. Unless you are feeling particularly lucky, we advise you do the same.
  4. It Is Time to Leave. Like all casino games, slot machines can be addictive too. If you have played for a long time and still did not score a winning, it is time to leave. Do not keep on playing thinking that your chance will turn. It won’t. You will just keep losing money. Know when to leave the table and ask for help if you think your hobby has turned into an addiction. Insisting on playing won’t make you rich or cover your losses. People seem to think that they can “beat” casinos if they insist enough. Here is a pro tip: You cannot beat the casino. The rules of games are mathematically against you. In the long run, you will always lose.
  5. Find a Slot That Suits You. Playing with slot machines is not a job. You should see it as a fun hobby. And for this hobby to be fun, the slot you play must suit your likings. Are you a fan of pirates? Or, maybe you prefer having adventures in Ancient Egypt? Whatever your expectations are, you can be sure that there is a slot machine out there that appeals you. Do not play a game you don’t like just because it offers a higher prize.
This is the opposite of RTP. House edge defines how much the online casino will win from your bets. Take a look at the example we used in the RTP section. A slot machine with a 98% RTP rate also has a house edge of 2%. This means the online casino will win 2 USD from every 100 USD you invest. The overall house edge rates of online casinos change between 5% and 7%. This value shows their profit rate. For example, if 10.000.000 EUR is deposited to a casino in the UK, it will pay back approximately 93.000.000 EUR to the players. The remaining 7.000.000 EUR will be the profit of the casino. In this example, the house edge is 7%.

Practice Makes Perfect

And here is our last (and the most important) tip: You need to practice a slot game before investing real money in it. In other words, play lots of slot games for free until you fully understand the rules and see that game suits your needs. Spend real money only after you have found the “perfect” slot. You can use our website for this purpose: Thousands of slot games are available for free to our visitors.

No download is needed, just pick a one and hit the “play” button. Our games are not “demo” versions: They have the same rules and the same winning chance. Their features are also not limited. Play as long as you want and switch to the “real” version when you think it is time to try your luck with real money. We help you in that regard too: Read our online casino reviews to find the best place that offers the games you love.


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