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World Match
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Mobile Platform iOS, Android

World Match is among the best casino software developing firms. The company has been operating for over a decade having been established in 2003. In the years that they have been operational, this firm has been able to develop casino games using the latest innovations and technology. World Match software has been able to grow and appeal to a good number of casino operators because their games and software are tailor-made to fit within and fulfil the needs of a specific target audience. The software used to design the game features high definition graphics that are clear-cut. The presentation of games from this software developer has been rated by multiple reviews to be among the best.

The World Match (WM), Casino Games Suite, is among their timely and relevant innovations. The suite was developed based on research conducted on player habits, needs, and requests. The WM suite is a comprehensive provision that contains a variety of casino game titles. They are among those that are regulated and audited in different regions. This aspect has made the distribution of the same across borders more straightforward. Gamers from different jurisdictions can access the games provided by World Match given that their gambling laws allow gaming on the internet.

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World Match Games

World Match avails games in online casinos. They have multiple benefits for the gamblers and casino operators too. The integration of social media platforms is among the factors that have helped games from this provider stand out from the rest. Gamers are given a function where they can link their social media platforms with the title they are playing. This feature allows them to share their highlights, post pictures, and share links among other functions without leaving the game. The games provided are designed to fit within certain specificities appealing to a particular group of players. Some of the casino game families that gamers will find from World Match are:

  • Table games

    Table games are among the most played in the virtual gaming realm. World Match is known to have about thirty titles that fall in this category. The table games they develop have received recognition for being among the best. Classic variations of roulette, blackjack, and roulette among others are used to design new modifications. They require players to have a certain level of skill and understanding of gameplay for them to enjoy their gaming experience. The strategy can also be used by gamers to enhance their chances of attaining winning combinations. Gamblers must be keen when picking a variation because table games that feature contemporary gameplay rules have been slightly tweaked and specific rules are different from what they are used to.

  • Video Poker

    Video poker titles are designed by this provider to cater to the needs of gamers who have an interest in such a category. There are over ten titles that players will find in online casinos that source software from this developing firm. The games are designed with technology that allows them to be played on a range of devices such as mobile, desktop, and tablets. The titles that fall under this category draw in jackpots: progressive and non-progressive ones. Players who are after making a colossal amount of money on the internet at once can go for titles that draw in prizes. Knowing the rules of gameplay is a must for players. The demo modes availed can be used by players for practice purposes.

  • Slots

    Slots are among casino games that feature straightforward modes of gameplay. This casino software provider firm has over one hundred titles that fall in this collection. Slots are supposed to be favourite among gamblers. The reasons why slot machines are favourite among virtual gamers are numerous. The factors that have fuelled the games in this category to popularity include easy to understand and grasp gameplay, low wager limits, and bonus provision in-play among others. Some of the titles that gamers will find from World Match are:

    • Touch Down
    • The Last Crusade
    • Superbike
    • Robotika
    • Sugarush, among others.

These slots and numerous others from this provider have been rated to be among the best regarding the quality of graphics, and themes explored.

World Match Casinos

World Match has over thirty casinos that have enlisted their services regarding game and online casino software provision. Players must consider several factors before they settle on a World Match casino to play in. The factors that must be considered include:

  • Security

    Security is an essential characteristic that gamblers should not bypass when they are choosing a World Match casino to play in. The details players submit during registration and verification are sensitive and must be kept away from public domains. Unauthorized third parties are blocked from accessing client databases using SSL encryption technology.

  • Licensing

    The legal credentials of an online casino are essential for gamers. Playing in a regulated casino has numerous pluses for the gamer. Regulations put in place by regulatory bodies embrace aspects of player protection and give them a platform to express their concerns and launch their complaints.

  • Customer support

    Players may experience challenges when playing in any of the World Match casinos and may require the intervention of the establishment’s personnel. Most of the online casinos that host titles from this casinos developer are among those that have customer service teams that are among the most efficient and professional. Communication channels such as email, telephone, and live chat are also availed to allow the gamers to contact the support team. The Frequently Answered Questions segment is also a function through which players can get help regarding the essential features of a gaming site.

  • Banking options

    Most if not all World Match casinos allow players to place real money stakes. Online casinos seek the services of banking institutions to facilitate monetary transactions between gamblers and the site. The common cashier options that players will find in an online casino include credit and debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, and cheques. Some online casinos are adapting to new forms of payment such as cryptocurrencies too. When selecting a payment method to use, players should check for the withdrawal and pending times as well as the withdrawal limit set for each system.

  • Platforms

    Gamblers from different demographics have access to diverse ranges of gadgets. The devices compatible with a particular gaming site are among the factors that players take into consideration. Some World Match casinos are available for instant play only while others can be downloaded. Desktop and TV are among the compact devices that can be used to access World Match games while mobile and tablets are among the portable systems that players can use. Android, Windows, and iOS are among the operating systems that games from this provider are created to have a high affinity for.

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Some of the top gambling destinations on the internet that host games from World Match are:

  • Casino Lunch
  • Alibaba Casino
  • Bonanza Game Casino
  • Bet It All Casino, among others.

Information about the gaming sites listed and others available online that source casino software from World Match can be found on the World Wide Web. Gamblers can rely on the various reviews available online alongside player testimonials to establish if the site they are interested in is good or if they have to find other alternatives.


Gamers should ensure that the casino they play in is regulated and offer numerous benefits to them.

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